ken and ryu

Is there any point of going they are my best characters but everyone knows there moves and their combos so they proably can block them?

This should be good…:evil:

…:lol: Sorry, I don’t like to flame new people, but your post didn’t even make any sense what-so-ever.a

Dude, EVERY knows about shoshosho and paint but do you see people stop using it… NO!!!

Its all about how you play and what you bring to the match that sets you aside from other lol. Ive asked some pretty noob questions myself on this forum. Best thing to do is sit down in Training mode and start practicing.

they may not be the best characters in the game, but they’re consistent. good all around players with a ton of tricks up their sleeves. why not play them?

They are great perfect for beginners and relaly good in the hnad of experts…did i mention kens crossup is CRAZY GO NUTS!!!

hehe i dunno i prefer being a shoto kilelr then a shoto player

actually i feel that ryu’s and akuma’s crossup game is much better

heheh coo coo, maybe i be thinking about 3s ken more so :).

Gota go for those crossups, especially with them Shotos

crouching lk connects into just about anything with the shotos. and i love not having to worry about charge.

psychic dp. gotta love it. :cool:

Nah, Ken’s is better. Crossup, close, dp mp crazy damage AND mixups. Ryu’s=Meh Akuma’s=ok I guess.

Ryu has the advantage of connecting a lvl 1 shinkuu hadoken off a c. mk as long as it connects.
Ken can only guarantee the same thing with his QCBx2 k(lvl 3 only).

Shinkuu sucks ass for damage, ken ownz ryu anyday.

Ken’s combo does the the same or more damage with no meter usage, AND leads to damaging mixups. Ryu just doesn’t have as many options of a crossup.

i think c-ken and n-akuma are on pretty even ground. n akuma is soooo nasty. rushdown forever and counter roll. c ken is better, but the match up can go either way if akuma gets going. we’ve all seen or had it happen. akuma goes crazy sometimes.

Yeah, go ahead and use them, but you should try other characters too, you’ll be surprised to who you are actually good at in cvs2.

C Ken Best shoto hands down, N Ryu is pretty good imo.

one word…NO

just my humble opinion… and i actually mean the crossup jumping middle kick. not the actual crossup game… like eg… ken after a sweep… short hurricane x 2 = crossup that kinda thing…
anyone can see ken’s jumping middle kick as a crossup… but a deep ryu or akuma middle kick is more unpredictable
my opinion anyway…

I disagree. I think C Ryu is a better shoto then Ken. Akuma is best though (when you consider level 2 cancels I mean)

Ken gets the Shoryureppa (which is a pretty good cancel move) and so does Akuma and Evil Ryu. Ken has better RC’s, but I believe he’s stronger in A groove then C.

Ryu on the other hand, can cancel his fireball, Hurricane Kicks. I feel that any character with a fireball super has great potential in C groove.

To be fair though, the shotos are such an easy style to learn you can play any groove really.

Although I’d say that Ryu has many more anti airs then Ken. In fact, Ryu’s standing HP is a lot better then Akuma’s or Kens as far as pokes an anti air is concerned.

I think that’s all in your head… It’s true Ken’s j.MK animation isn’t the same as his j.HK animation (unlike Akuma and Ryu). But just because Ken sticks out a j.MK doesn’t always mean it’s going to be an overhead cross-up. When properly setup after a knockdown, Ken can attack you from four different directions using his j.MK (hit overhead or whiff, go low; cross-up or not).

I’ve been playing C-Ken for less than a month, and already I’ve been told twice that the gay little setups I do are hard to block.

Play any halfway decent Ken player and hopefully you’ll see what I mean yourself. All the shotos are the same as far as I’m concerned. You just need to play them each differently that’s all. C-Akuma is for expert players only for example.