Kazunoko Hate...?

From the start, I’ll say this: This will probably be a stupid thread.

I am simply curious about this. Why do many people hate and or show a lack of respect for Kazunoko’s gameplay? Even though he’s used all top tiers (Yun…Seth…), he’s still been doing considerably well in Japan. Heck, he’s even my favourite to win Evo this year. So despite all these results, why do people dislike him and refuse to often acknowledge his skills as one of the top japanese players…?

he comes off as random, and he plays top tier

i dont mind, but you know how it goes

Success breeds hate.

People hate Kaz?
Where are you getting this from? :rofl:

im guessing either youtube comments or eventhubs

Didn’t know they hated on him either, but now that i think about it i kinda hate the dude as well…you don’t go about stealing a dude’s color like that.

Are you talking about the fact that both Daigo and Kazunoko play as a “red yun”? lol.

I pray that he plays Seth for EVO and yun as a second. He’s a monster in rushdown…

This hate is news 2 me as well. Personally I don’t hate Kazunoko at all I respect any player who can win high level tournaments, if they hate him simply because he mains top tiers they r stupid if anything he is smart 4 giving himself the best possible chances of winning matches, but like Mike said that’s just how it goes in the FGC sometimes.

Doesn’t he still play Yun tho he aint top tier anymore?

He is a “Tierwhore” and does nothing to hide it, He plays random and shit…So Y’know. Hatred.

Exactly, can’t trust a guy who steals other people’s color. I have dibs on mango chef alt yang and bee prison uniform cody.

I get mega pissed when all the good rogs like pr rog use my colour (original costume, col 1). Been using that shit since 08

Shit. People are going hate me now that I used to play as a Red Yun and as “Shin Akuma”.

I’m still really curious about this. Poongko gets so much love for his rushdown, so it should also apply to Kazunoko LOL. They are both random as fuck and awesome players.

I personally despise poongko’s and jiyobin’s playstyle, can’t deny the guy is a crowd pleaser though. I don’t put kazunoko in the same “do random shit” category though, dude just makes some psychic reads and might come off as random sometimes.

they had a grudge match right at the end of AE where Daigo lost and wasn’t allowed to pick the colour ever again

apparently Daigo hated using blue Yun so much that it’s why he switched mains again for 2012

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I love the term “random”

I don’t get why Kaz is coined as random?! The dude has a very calculated playstyle toppled with psychic reads - that’s a load closer to Umehara than to Poongko.
Kaz knows when you’re trying to block, when you’re going to reversal, whether you expect a throw or not, … Poongko doesn’t give a fuck and just does SRK FADC SRK FADC SRK.

Random to me basically means “oh hey I didn’t expect you to do that so instead of giving you credit I am going to call it random”. I always find it funny when someone does a wake up DP and it automatically gets deemed random… even if they other player has been doing continuous shit on wake up. It is a dumb diluted word now.

His defense is terrible and he openly admits that he picks Yun because he’s a guilty gear player who doesn’t want to learn how to play footsies. No one relied on the derpness of Yun as much as he did in AE. He’s still not a bad player in AE2012 but he’s nowhere near as dominant and I will be surprise if he ends up top 32 in EVO.

Kaz just gets it. The game is random and you just need to pick a top tier. Still don’t see how people can ‘hate’ him. He’s probably my favorite AE player, for a game I rarely follow, and my pick for EVO.

So Poongko is like a better version of jyobin?