Kara Throw Setups

Blanka’s kara throw is performed with far lp~lk. You plink lp with lk and that covers both the jab input and the throw input. DO NOT ASK ME HOW TO DO IT IN THIS THREAD.

I was reading old Josh P posts and he was saying kara throw had potential. I was initially dismissive because I had little success using it myself. However I was trying to figure out some stuff to do with it recently because I’m basically out of ideas for Blanka atm. The biggest issue with this stuff is that it is character specific and I’m still trying to figure out who everything works on.

Depending on character this stuff works on block/hit, it’s pretty variable, some characters can walk out if they have good walk speed, though it is risky for them.

Note I haven’t started character specific training mode testing at a large scale yet, most of my testing has been done in matches.

deep jumpins minimize pushback and allow you to hit the normal at a much closer distance.

any jumpin, cl.mk, kara throw <- this is the least character specific setup that is actually good
deep j.mk/hk, cl.mp, kara throw
deep j.mk/hk, cr.mk, kara throw
deep j.mk/hk, cr.lk, cr.lk, kara throw

hop crossup
Two ways to go about this.

This can be done in the normal flow of a standing hop mixup, where you cancel normals into hop. The spacing on these is much more loose, but it is way more risky to go for because you are at frame disadvantage.

****Another way is to do crossup hops as your opponent is rising from a knockdown. you have to crossup hop as your opponent is physically rising to negate their wakeup pushback. Whats good however is that due to the meaty you are at good frame advantage, so against characters you can safe meaty you do some cool stuff vs.

(meaty) st.mp, kara throw <- walking forward a frame or two after the meaty is good here
(meaty) cr.mk, kara throw <- walking forward a frame or two after the meaty is good here
(meaty) cr.lk, cr.lp, kara throw <- does slightly less pushback than two cr.lk’s, but much harder to combo after
(meaty) cr.lk, cr.lk, kara throw <- this is way more inconsistent than I thought, but it seems to be easier if you stagger the shorts a frame or two. Probably his most useful setup because you can hit confirm to st.lp and get a combo in the event of a short landing.

Blocked lvl2 focus
Pretty much any 2 blocked light attacks, cr.mk, st.mp, st.mk or st.hk(this is dumb don’t do this) can lead to a kara throw on block. Dashing forward off of a level 2 focus is risky due to blanka’s lack of a 3 frame close normal, and hop not being throw immune all the way through. This is one of the easier ways to set up a kara throw though.

Air Reset
If you go for a hop mixup(cr.mk xx hop, or a jumpin into hop) after a crumple, you can do a hop under/through mixup into all of the options listed under the “hop crossup” section.

You can also go for this if you go air to air with someone. You can setup a meaty/two cr.lk’s off of the air reset then go for a kara throw.

st.lp xx lp elec, walk forward kara hop, kara throw
This is a humongous gimmick but it looks like you know how to play. possibly worth doing against a character you can unblockable who also has throwable reversals(VIPER)

Anyways working on a chart with who what works on. Pretty much everything works in the mirror, which is cool.

If you find something interesting or want to lay out that setups work on a character please let me know. If a setup does not work on a character according to someone I will probably retest it simply because very slight timing differences can make a huge difference. Knowing what works on jumpins and what works when you cross someone up with hop on a knockdown are the two most important things to worry about.

Reserve and shoutouts to Josh P being godlike.

Also training mode has some issues with some of the setups because the computer does not block like a real person. 2 player training mode or in matches is the best way to test this stuff.

Ves yer amazing:

Im not as systamatic as you, but basically, I seek the kara throw with blanka as with any other character, to give u that extra little bit of distance to snag a throw when others least expect it bc of distance.

While im sure there are setups for this, I think the main issue here is to just understand the extra length the kara throw gives u, and learn to abuse that length at all possible opportunities.
Ex: After a blocked fp elec, being at the right distance to just barely land the kara throw
After certain wake up situations, etc.

So Ves, if u really plan on listing a bunch of canned setups, thats really cool, but I think, and please correct me if u disagree, the bigger picture is to just learn the extended range and abuse the fuk outta it

PS: After reading yer stuff, I really gotta work on that kara hop shinanigan. Isnt it all the kicks plinked with rh? something like that.
I’ve been trying to practice with having the second row, fourth button all to the right as my 3xkicks button, so that if I try to hop with a charge, I never get the ex rainbow, but actually hop. Shit bugs the hell outta me. So kara hop would b 3xkicks button, plinked with rh? Im old and stupid, so remind me again please! :smiley:

it’s cr.rh plinked with KKK or just mk/lk.

Also yeah just getting used to the extended range is useful, but minimizing whiffed throws is good. When things are character specific it’s easier to just make a table and say well I can do this reasonably against this character/etc. At least it is for me. I learn the best when I organize data and just try to work off of it. Minimizing gaps is also essential and every character you don’t have to walk forward to kara throw is just a big advantage for you because it means you aren’t getting beasted by jabs.

Doing it after blocked elec is actually really good, it’s best against characters who get less pushback than others obviously, but I don’t even know who those characters are offhand.

My goal as a Blanka player is to make offense not only more dynamic, but also safer which is another reason I use canned setups. They are generally designed for maximum safety.

And more power to ya ves, bc im so lax, sometimes in tournaments i get surprised when I remember some small character specific tidbit that i previously knew, but then forgot. Hell, I didnt even know elec pushback was difft for different characters, but that makes some wacky sense I guess.

thanks fer all your time and help!

I don’t know if it’s a true pushback thing or just hurtbox extension combined with pushboxes being small when you get inside, but it seems like it. I don’t really feel like counting tiles.

In the mirror you can do j.hk, st.lp xx lp electricity, st.lp xx hp electricity as a block string without walking for instance.

How much range his Kara throw give him ?

Dude go to training mode and try it, seriously.

You people are freaking lazy. Real talk.


but maybe he is talking about s.th like this:

like having real numbers. this list seems to be not 100% correct (I remember dic’s range as HUGE) and kara throws are missing!
I also think it would be interesting, how much range are added when using kara throw! Kens reach is huge for example!

would be nice to have a way to calculate pushblock too!

Who cares about numbers? It’s good range.

  1. do it in training mode
  2. try to land a string to kara throw

Like it’s something you just have to practice. I mean seriously, I work harder in training mode than 99% of you, and it gets frustrating when people want answers for the most asinine stuff that they themselves could solve in 5 minutes.

I remember trying kara throw the first time and couldn’t do it so I didn’t try again for the longest time. It’s not that hard and helps when I hop into throw and people walk backwards to prevent it or walk foward kara throw after blocked electricity. Also, useful on certain moves that have to be punished by throw online but have just enough pushback to be out of his normal throw range. Almost forgot, it puts the opponent on the ground for Blanka’s awesome mixup gimmicks.

I just want to know the real number, and compare to other characters in the game, what is the problem ? Where i’m lazy ? O_o

And yes, i care about numbers.

Anyway, i should ask that in another forum.

It gives him 2 small blocks, now go practice.

Finally I found what I was looking

[details=Spoiler]Ken : 6MK ~ LP+LK - 4
Claw : HK ~ LP+LK - 3
Gen (mantis) : MK ~ LP+LK - 2.75
Blanka : LP ~ LP+LK - 2
Gouken : HK ~ LP+LK - 2
Gouki : HP ~ LP+LK - 2
Zangief : HK ~ LP+LK - 2
Abel : [LK] ~ LP - 1
Fei Long : HK ~ LP+LK - 1
Guile : s.lp+s.lk - 1
Ryu : HK ~ LP+LK - 1
Sagat : HK ~ LP+LK - 1
Seth : LK ~ LP+LK - 1
Cammy : MK ~ LP+LK - 0.75
Chun : 6MK ~ LP+LK - 0.5
Dan : Coup Normal ~ LP+LK - 0.5
Sakura : HK ~ LP+LK - 0.5
Dhalsim: Ø
Dictator : Ø
Rose : Ø
Viper : Ø
Honda : Ø
Boxer : Ø

Gen (mantis) : HP ~ LP+LK - 2
Gen (crane) : MP ~ LP+LK - 1
Guile : HK ~ LP+LK - 0.25
Gouki : HK ~ LP+LK

Rufus : HP ~ LP+LK - (- 0.25)
El Fuerte : HP ~ LP+LK - (- 0.25)
Rufus : HK ~ LP+LK - (- 0.5)[/details]

you could have gone to training mode and counted the 2 blocks.

Yeah but i’m too lazy do to that, and i don’t know what is the training mode.

so Kara throw is basically the normal throw with slightly longer range?


I don’t get why I even try, you’ve been here for 6 freaking years, jesus.

comon man, I only go on here from time to time. With so many new games coming out and new versions of existing game, I do admitt that Im out of touch. Can someone just tell me?