Kara Raging Demon (if you discover shortcuts post them here)

Hey guys,
How is everyone cancelling overhead into raging demon?
What are the exact inputs necessary to perform a kara demon (cancelling demon from a normal attack)?

I’m trying to do it like SF4 where I could double tap F+LP+MP twice into LK+HP, but it doesn’t seem to be working.
For some reason it seems like I have to end with the stick in the up+forward direction and** then it seems to work**.

Also I’ve noticed you do the old SF4 raging demon anti-air by cancelling cr.MK (to low profile a jump-in attack) into Raging Demon.

EDIT: Thanks Kuwabara. It looks like I was letting my stick come to neutral without realizing it.

If anyone else learns of any shortcuts for buffering demon please share them here :sunglasses:


Another easy input I saw nightmare2450 do was f.mp+lp xx back mp+lp xx forward piano press lk+hp.

Ok this is more of a troubleshooting question since I didn’t want to make an unnecessary thread.

Does a prior hit cause the demon to whiff?

I’ve missed a demon so many times this way where they are basically crouch blocking and I either hit them with a jab right before the demon or something else and the Demon completely whiffs. It’s not the range because it also happens when I try within throw range. Please help.

how the fuck do you do the inescapable one from st.lk?

i’m having trouble with the demon in general in this game. why is it so much harder to use than sf4?

Yeah having some trouble adjusting to demon in this game too, I try to use V trigger as a reaction to a jump in and then demon as a deep anti air and a lot of times the opponent will end up behind me… but hey its only day 3 right

It takes some adjusting for sure. So far for me the easiest way to demon someone is really to just vtrigger when you see a fireball and do it.

There is also one that I like which is with j.lp that seem to work well in training with the dummy set to jumping after guard. I haven’t pulled it off against people yet.

The kara input is definitly a bit harder than in SFIV tho.

I am having a lot of success with lk tatsu, reset with cr mp xx mk demon flip (or lk if they are in the corner), double tap jab to make palm whiff, forward, lk, hp as soon as you land

It also works as a semi option select because if they expect the demon and try to jump after being resetted, they get hit by the palm

Oh this one is dirty.

Yup. Doing it as well. 6+LP+MP (F+LP+MP) is a bit of a pickle on pad, so decided to not use that technique.

Dash > Shun Goku Satsu is extremely effective as well as the dash is so fast, there is almost no chance to react to it.

6(F), 6+LP (F+LP) (dashing), LP (while dashing), 5 (Neutral) (requires less physical aerobics than 4 (Back)), 6(F)+LK+HP


Also you can punish most vreversal on a blocked cr.hp (I need to try other buttons) by doing vtrigger activation > raging demon. Doable on reaction for most.

Like the Ken one I can’t do it so far because it’s so fast but for Laura for example I set up random block and either jab or vreversal after a block and I can confirm on hit and vtrigger > demon if I see the vreversal on block.

Just in case anyone missed this, a few days ago this was posted on Eventhubs.

It basically lets you do an instant raging demon by plinking PPP with MK and (which has two LP nested within the double PPP input) into F+LK+HP.

Basically gives Akuma the best anti-air in the game (even shutting down Nash’s moonsaults) as long as they decide to press a button in the air.

I’ve also found that buffering a raging demon can blow up people using the jump-back / throw tech option select. I’ll post a video soon demonstrating this in action, and then perhaps at a later date I can put up a tutorial in case anyone is interested.

Update: if you reset with st mp (instead of cr mp) xx lk demon flip, only vega and cammy will be able to walk out of the setup

This isn’t really about kara demon but more of a late cancel demon. You can cancel recovery frames of unsafe moves into demon.


I like doing it of of a whiffed Sthk if they crouch for example

What would this input look like ? PPP + MK xx F+LK+HP ? I’m a little confused on that one

It’s a plink ppp+mk (the ppp is the one you need to have twice) and then you do forward and lk > hp either as fast as you can or you can just plink it too.

If you don’t use macros, plinking LP+MP into MK works fine. It’s easier and removes the chance of accidentally taunting when you plink MK.

I normally do F+MPLP xx LP xx F+HP+LK (Cancel the throw so I can do it up close) Is this a better method than that? I have trouble the second forward sometime so it would be nice to find a better method

The one you’re doing is the shortcut for the empty cancel on the overhead right?

That is not the same use as the one in the video. The one on the video is about the vskill canceling into demon. You cannot do the overhead one with this.

I think your command is the best one for kara canceling the overhead.

I do it like that : F+mplp > back + mplp (could just do lp as well but I find it easier) > f > plink lk+hp

I find that going back for the second part makes it easier for some reason but it’s not needed.

You might have trouble because you don’t want your second forward to be at the same time as your lk input, you want it before. In USFIV you could do it at the same time but here you can’t for some reason.