KARA CLAPS (new hugo strats)

I created a new strat for hugo…

KARA-CLAPS… kara with s.mk to claps… whenever u get close start kara clapping the shit outta em… like after a knockdown or something or a jumpin, it doesn’t have far push block so u can repeat claps… main use is just to keep em grouned

locks em down, prevents them from jumping back (cuz thats what alot of peeps do to hugo when he’s close) prevents them from poking back (they get popped by the clap), the screen shacking scares them :badboy: , puts tons of pressure on them, chips the shit outta em, leads to alot of openings(dashin gigas after any clap hehe), stun (ive stunned more opponents doing claps), builds meter fast, keeps them grouned

can be dp’ed or super out of it, thats it! but if u know what ur doing u can bait em… but if they don’t have a dp… well u get the picture hehe…

if ur doing claps so they cant poke u back or jump away do all of the claps in the same strength, kara over and over

to mistime parry just mix up strengths, if they parry just block ur safe hehe :badboy: /mix this up with 360 kick grab, i see the main purpose of this move now, it looks like a clap on startup, its a fake clap hehe/lots of damage potential

when u corner them u can kara clap 5-6 times in row depending on he character ur fighting… when u don’t kara u get 4, maybe 5 on a large character… the best claps to do is the fp one cuz of the long block stun and block damage,plus its hard to parry cuz of start up time… ive cleaned house using this cuz they get popped by claps trying to jump then u can juggle with mp then start again when they land, u can throw in some s.hp’s when their crouching/blocking ur claps hehe

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Why is it that sometimes they can punish Hugo after parrying a clap and sometimes not?

When you do the kara clap, does it move Hugo farther forward with his clap, or simply increase the hitbox of the clap? Cause if its the latter Ive seen it used before.

mk advances hugo forward before the clap comes out giving it more reach, it already has a far hit box… mk is also used for his kara throw

attacking after parrying the clap, its hard too. put urself in the situation, somebody is trying to clap u to death mixing up the timings… ur trying to parry them then finally u parry one, ur attack has to be instant cuz the claps recovery is very small and if ur looking for the parry it will be harder to react vs hitting forward then attack just incase a parry comes out but then ull be pounded by claps if u miss the parry. I rarely have my claps parried anyways

does ex-clap applies to the kara clap? i rarely seen one using ex-clap except in cheesy mode.

claps are hugo’s rushdown…

yes u can kara the ex clap… it will throw ur opponent off and u can continue clapping with the jab clap after the ex… only downfall is that u HAVE to use the jab cuz ur opponent can hit u with a jab or something if u go for a fp clap… AND if the ex clap is parried the recovery is enough for them to hit u back if they parry the ex clap… heres a example thats hard to parry

cornered/FPC, FPC, EXC, LPC, LPC… THATS 7 BLOCKED TOTAL HITS. The fpclap takes off 3 points when blocked, the lp clap takes off 2 points of blocked damage and the ex takes off 3 each which totals the damage to 19 points of damage after BLOCKED claps… so thats free damage… imagine the damage when ur opponent tries to jump or parry or hit u back and they start getting popped by claps… :badboy:

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ex claps come out in 23 frames, thats like half a second, and anyone not mentally distorded can react pretty fast.

Kara claps seem great, but dont think anyone is going to block 4-5 claps =/ especially when you see it coming, its just parry, jump and immediately a move or whatever to hit hugo should he do a s.mp. EX tatsumaki is great too to get out.

Kara claps are good and all I guess, but I hate those strategies like: “You just have to wait and parry chun s.hp and then just punish” Like it applies to every match you play. Same is with the karaclaps; you cant use karaclaps all the time, and when you do you’re not even at some uber-advantage, coz hugo has like 2 mixups with it now:

1: clap, kara-clap
2: whiff clap, 360 when they are getting up

I’ve never been able to get the kara clap down. I might have done it I really dunno since Hugos claps already move him forward a little. What would be the command for this, is it qcb mk followd by pushing any p real quick, cause I’ve tried that method with minimal success, I usually throw out an ultra throw.

kara or not kara, ex or not ex, claps have a slow start-up. use it only sparingly. most players can parry claps on reaction.

what if you press the mk and the p together ?

see thats why the claps worked for me cuz my opponent “IS NOT GONNA JUST SIT THERE AND LET ME CLAP EM 5 TIMES”… they try to jump or hit me or parry… and got owned for that… hehe

after u block one clap there is a long block stun and hugo recovers fast enough to even combo after a clap so hugo can do another clap… by the time u recover from block stun another clap comes out if u jump then clap will hit u at the beginnin of the jump putting u in a juggle state… if u try to retaliate with a move u will get popped… the ONLY WAY u can retaliate with a normal hit is if im going from a jab clap to a fp clap cuz the jap claps block stun is not as long so u have time but if im doing jab clap, jab clap u can’t do nothing but take it unless u super or ex dp out of it…but i have the option of switching up the clap strengh… hugo can even go from fp clap to fp clap cuz of the block stun and the timings for each clap is different so u can mix it up… do a ex clap after a fp clap or mp clap… u don’t even have to do another clap after the 1st clap sometimes ill throw in a s.fp…

u just don’t walk up to somebody and do a clap, yes it has start up so u have to find ways to get the 1st clap started, u can easily start a clap pressure from a c.lk to a clap, u don’t get 5-6 claps in but it will hit em low if there looking to parry a clap, if u jump or anything after the c.lk, it will hit u… why would somebody jump u say? after a c.lk hugo can lp/360 ur ass if u sit there thats why!! So u mix this up and ull have em scared… ive been playing hugo since i was in high school i know my hugo shit… and if im doing claps and u think imma do another i have the option of going low or just dash 360… the claps are a mean to keep u on ur toes… i don’t rely on claps to win me a match i use claps to open my opponent up and force mistakes… in a real game situation its different than u saying OH ALL U HAVE TO DO IS PARRY THEM ON REACTION, when i came up with this i tried it on my sparring partner he plays a crazy ass ken and all he said was WTF THAT IS SOME CRAZY SHIT… ur not gonna be doing this the whole match vs a zoning ken either but when i did get in or cornered ken i started my mind games with the claps if i see him stand i just c.mk cuz i know he’s going for a parry… or after i did like 2 claps i stopped to see what he was gonna do and he did do an exdp and whiffed lol…gigas the match was over

if that was true that claps are not that great then i would have never made this thread


I believe what eddieW says.

think about it this way… you’re ryu and your opp is hugo… he starts clapping you… what do you do?

just sit there and block! especially since you’re out of 360 range most of the time after a clap… the clap would only push you backward and not closer to hugo… good players know their range well…

i think if you concentrate too much on doing that 10 points or so chip damage then you’ll start losing your mind games… hugo is much scarier when he mixes it up after a clap… i can see the reason to do 2 claps in a row sometimes but doing 5?

ur in 360 range after one clap… the 5 claps is the purpose to keep em grounded… so far everytime i do 5 claps half the time ill hit em with one cuz they have the reflex to hit c.lp or something when under pressure… i do the 5 claps like once in a match just to pin em down

ok so they definately can’t hit hugo btwn a light to light clap? excluding supers of course…

another problem is hugo is not always safe after a clap… a lot of times i can’t block after my clap gets parried

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ok this is how it works lets say ur TRYING to parry the clap and u FINALLY parry the clap(cuz peeps will hit forward and straight to back to be safe)… from my exp my opponent will hesitate just for a few frames because their so use to hitting forward then straight to back to block if the parry is missed, the only way they can retailiate is if they parry and hit u as soon as they parry… and if they go for a slower start up move like a c.mk from a shoto u’ll have a better chance to block it than if they did a c.lk super(from ken)

claps can be dp’ed or supered out of it… claps will sometimes trade with dp

the best one to do is fp claps… locks em down due to long block stun…

standing light kick/light punch, lp clap into mix up is all that is necessary for hugo. I aggree with what people have been saying that 5 claps is use and u just basically bait ureself out after the 3 rd one. People aren’t just gonna stand their and block that shit while smoking a cigarette

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unfortunately i was in a tourney today (some casual games before/after) and against good players, everytime they parried my clap i get punished with a mk super… and no i couldn’t block…

sorry but claping ppl 5 times for chip damage just won’t work…

ur not learning how to use it. u read this thread and automatically think its easy to use and get bad results from it and come down on my post…this shit aint no new link for a super… this is a new pressure tactic… im an “expert hugo” son if u got love for hugo but don’t push urself how u expect to be better with hugo… UNPREDECTABLILITY is hugos main game… not like other character w/ hit confirm shit…im better with hugo than i am with any other character in the game and i use to be a KEN player and my ken was really good…

don’t rely on it!! ur being predictable with it… u have to really read ur opponent and mix up the clap strengths… how did ur opponent know what strengh clap u were gonna do or even if u were gonna do a clap? did u mix it up with 360K?? or just 360 them as soon as they get up… or do an early clap and make it whiff on their wakeup then 360… u have to be unpredictable.I don’t do it for chip damage!! do it as a pressure technique… u don’t always see yun do a palm in ur face and u automatically parry do u? I didnt say do 5 claps everytime u get the chance… I said u can do UP to 5 claps by kara cancelling it meaning after u know u have ur opponent scared of ur mixups u can pull 5 claps off every now and then… its just to pressure em into trying to get out and to keep em grounded cuz alot players like to jump from hugo…

if u don’t like to new tactic don’t use it… my style with hugo is different from alot of hugos ive seen in tourney scene’s… i know how to use his mixups so well i barely get parried on any of hugos moves…

sorry if i offended you a bit, my bad
let’s focus on strategies instead