KARA CLAPS (new hugo strats)

na u didn’t offend me… ur lack of confidence…i had to say something cuz we suppose to be representing hugo here … one thing that people never mention on srk is that confidence is another key to winning… when ur playing one of the top tiers… the word “top tier” and the tools that gives them that top tier reputation gives them the confidence the need to win… when im playing hugo I look at their character and say imma woop that ass!! i have more confidence playing with hugo than i do any other character but Q… thats why those japs be owning up with all sorts of character… remy, necro, Q, and even hugo… cuz they also have confidence… :karate: :karate:

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talking about q… i don’t know why ppl say q is so bad… i mean at least he’s better than hugo i think

i’ve been using q for a bit this past month and q’s got some nice mind games. he’s actually got combos and a command throw that takes off major damage… rush punch owns and he’s also got IMO decent jumping attacks and he can always taunt…

hehe… only problem is q is not nearly as fun to play w/

ahh yes Q is another story… hugo and Q is my team… I usually use Q vs ken and hugo vs chun and yun… Q can handle ken easily… Q isn’t better than hugo cuz vs chun, Q is really out match cuz she can duck his dash punch and out poke him… vs yun Q gets owned too… so i rotate with hugo and Q depending on who im fighting… oh yea dudley too… my universal fighter hehe

Q is probably the most underestimated characters in the game… he doesn’t fit MOST peoples styles so he’s automatically super low tier due to unpopularity… Q beats down some of the popular characters better than alot of other characters… his dash punch is too good… probably one of the best specials in the game… people dont like him cuz hes a super turtle character… and people don’t have patients, his normals are for turtle purposes, he has no rushdown or zoning normal… except s.rh which u can’t really abuse… his dash punch is his only rush down tool and it lets Q get close to the opponent whenever he wants

try this: after a random spd, if they don’t roll you can dash in and cross-up splash (jumping down+fierce) and do crossup mixes. or you can just dash in and get a clap for wakeup.
or even after a normal towards/back throw (neutral tosses too far), you can dash in splash/clap. after lariats/ex lariats (doesn’t matter if they roll this), after airgrabs, or even the buttpress (crouching RH).

now you have your first clap out, don’t just toss out the fierce… you can use a jab if they are ready to parry your fierce one… or vice versa :stuck_out_tongue:
and finally…

any clap/karaclap =>

  1. uoh->
    1a. tick for spd/wall throw/gigas
    1b. another uoh
    1c. low short>ex lariat/lariat/hammer mountain->
    1c_I. wakeup game (if it hits)
    1c_II. tick the blocked lariat into gigas/wall throw/spd/uoh/repeat
    1d. another clap (mix it up)
  2. more claps (mix ups)
    3a. dash in spd/gigas/wall throw
    3b. dash in airgrab/megaton
    3c. dash in standing fierce/hammer mountain/more claps
  3. buttpress (crouch RH)
  4. running wall grab
  5. the stuff you already mentioned
  6. more stuff, but i’m not a clap expert…

i play around with claps, but i never thought about the kara. i’d vouch for tossing a ton of claps at random (but i never got 5 since i didn’t kara)… and if they mess up, you do get more options to get damage. it’s just how much you can randomize the claps.
my friend does something similar with makoto’s air axe kick. he just goes through the strengths to make that move’s parry timing awkward, then he gets mixups on grab ticks, etc… even though that move would get him airgrab/megaton’d for free

i’mma stealing that, eddie :wink:

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Fun thing is if you run Hugo with gigas breaker (super 1) and they parry your clap, you can buffer in a super grab on their parry befor they can punish you with anything