Kansas City, pick some mains or quit already

Hookups full of people who don’t care about getting better are a waste of time.

Mash out

DeeJay says…



What a funny fellow.

Ben- why so bitter? i missed the hookup because of work.

also- nothing going on at my place this weekend dues to work/easter
looking forward to hookup’in next weeking

yeah yall better have some mains ready when PLAYER comes to town…

Ben - I agree. That’s why I practice my ass off. I know Le does too.

Just because I can’t do shit in SF yet, doesn’t mean I won’t work a MF in a game I can play. Time will tell on SF.

See everyone tonight. (Those of you who haven’t confirmed attendance, you are welcome to come out. Just let me know, or get directions from Drew)

I’m sure he’ll beast everyone if he shows up.

I got a main baby Sakura!!!

Why so free?

i will be back again soon. my ps3 is being shipped. just got the joystick and sfIV

GGs everyone at John’s last night. The Kong is unleashed. If Ben hadn’t made the thread already, he would have won the right to, which means we wouldn’t have a thread for awhile…

Also, TE sticks turn pad dudes out.

My thoughts exactly… I’m sensing a bit if hostility here. I’m showing up to hookups to learn to get better too, but making friends here and enjoying the camaraderie are just as important to me. All 3 together make for a really enjoyable time I tend to always have when I come to the hookups.

If I’m incorrect sensing things, then my apologies. And yeah, despite how low tier Guile and Claw are, they are both my mains. I am determined to practice my ass off to the point I overcome their low tier-ed-ness. Besides I like a challenge. :slight_smile:

I’m not too sure what you mean by this but tbh, I wasn’t totally convinced about sticks until I got to try out Jspot’s X-arcade sticks. I guess I’m a sucker for Happ competition parts… ^.^; Sanwa octagonal gates are just plain awkward to my big-ol’ American hands and I prefer the concave ‘scoop’ feeling of the buttons.

But as some have mentioned, it’s all a matter of preference. :slight_smile:

I remember I was like that in marvel
I was like, "i’ll be the guy who makes low tier characters awesome"
Hell even my goddamm s/n was a cry of defiance to people who insisted I play top tier

Then I got tired of being wiped all over the floor by mediocre players

Now I tried the same thing in SFIV, got tired of having to play at 110% to just barely beat someone playing at 60% with a good character

Switched to Rog

I have more fun now


My loss will be somebody’s gain.

Good shit friday at John’s. I felt like my Chun lvled up some that night lol. Keep it up guys.

You’re not incorrect. I’ll elaborate on things a bit:

No one in KC, currently is good enough at SF4 to compete with anyone from out of town, some of us are ok and getting better but we’re about to host a tourney in our own city where none of us will take top 3 (assuming the out of towners that are supposed to come, do).

The reason some of us do not come to Axiom’s hookups or Jspot’s hookups is because while their might be some players their who have potential (Chachi, Twilight, Benra, Axiom?) the rest of the hookup is a social event with lots of people who suck and there is no point to playing them, it’s a waste of time. This is fine if that is what you are looking for, but this is SRK not a social networking site so don’t be put off when some people take the game seriously.

To add to that, there is nothing wrong with people playing purely for fun, who don’t care about improving. That’s just not what we’re looking for. I realize some of the people holding hookups have a circle of friends who fall into this category, it’s not as if you’re going to ban them from showing up. Unfortunately, those who are really trying to improve have a lot of their time wasted against people who are combo practice at best.

I am all for helping players improve and bringing new people into the scene, absolutely. That said, those new players have to help themselves by really trying to improve. Pick a main, read your character’s forums, ask questions here or in person, spend time in training mode on combos. If you’re doing all that, you will get better.

On the topic of low tier characters: the balance in sf4 is not as bad as say mvc2, all characters can win. However, it is a serious uphill battle for some, especially when you’re just learning the game. You simply have to play that much better to get the same results.

taste like chicken!

Ok, well that clears things up a bit. I think I understand where you guys are coming from. It’s like when I use to play against my little brother in SF2T. I barely had to even try to get wins against him and it got old quick. Of course, back then I always had the arcade to go to to find my comp. Not so much these days.

Ever since Fun Factory closed down ~6 or so years ago, I’ve had a considerable amount of difficulty finding competition that’s on par or even better than my skill level aside from computer Ai settings. So yeah, I get it.

I’m very pleased that I’ve finally found that competition here. Somebody posted in the previous thread that, “17 yrs of exp in playing fighting games < 6 months of play against ppl who make you work for a win.” That statement holds very true. In the short time since I’ve joined, not only have I noticed improvement, but my friends have said so as well. Asa told me the other day that it has been even harder for him to get a win on me since I’ve started here at Srk.

I do realize that despite what friends and family say about my skill level in SF and KoF, I’m nowhere near the giant/god-like levels I consider many of you guys to be. In short, I still feel like I have much to learn, but I digress. I guess I was reading into things way too much in your previous post, Ben. And for that I apologize.

About the whole tier thing. You’ve told me that before, Ben. Tier lists don’t really matter in SF4 like they did in MvC2. And Jspot others have said similar things to that effect.

My fear is that I’m gonna be watching some SF4 tournament vid in the future and there’ll be nothing but Sagat players… Kinda like how most MvC2 tourney vids these days have some sort of Magneto/Storm/Blakheart variation. I hope that it won’t be the case for SF4.

Anyhow, no hard feelings. :slight_smile:

P.S.: “The answer lies in the heart of battle.”

One thing you guys can start doing is pick up a character that gives you trouble when you play your main. I tool around with Blanka and Rog once in awhile because good Blanka/Boxer players give me fits.

To take down a killer, you must think like one. Or some shit like that.