Kansas City Gaming: Hype for No Reason

Spicy Thursdays

Host: Jspot
5508 NW 93rd St
Kansas City, MO
Notes: Casuals. Street Fighter centric.

Friday’s at Axiom and Count Smakula’s

Hosts: Axiom and Count Smakula
10241 Connell Dr
Overland Park, Kansas
Notes: Casuals. Large variety of games.

Sundays at Next Door Pizza in Lee’s Summit

Host: Lycann
Next Door Pizza (NDP)
3385 SW Fascination Dr
Lee’s Summit, Missouri
Notes: Casuals. Kick ass food and beer. If you love pizza and beer you have to get out here atleast once. Off the wall selection of both.

All hookups are tentative. Please check both this thread and the facebook group to see if hookups are happening. Otherwise one day you’re going to
show up at an empty room and be very disappointed.

KC SRK Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/172042259490643/


Ryan Juliano - snipermav7
Malcolm Strickland - B1ack Phantom
Nick De Maria - biargh
Raith Vincent - adhdsoad
Kyah Hicks “BobSmack” - EMSBobSmack
Alex McWhirt - conicalmushroom
Nick Sharko - GetThere1Time
Sam Webb - CatgirlFanatic
Clint Corman - PanzerZeit
Dan Maldonado - Lycann
Markis Davis - papermarkis
Andrew Stevens- Chachi SRK
D’Wayne Hopkins- stormin fiasco
Nealand Rattanasamay - Boostah Monkey
Ted Zimmerlee - I Rubedo I

Ryan Juliano - snipermav7
Chadwick Waldrup- KCsNOTORIOUS
Nick De Maria - biargh
Alex Savage - Focra
Chris Cunningham - nFuLLBeeD
Sam Webb - SFCatg1rlFanat1c
Clint Corman - Selkies86
JSPOT - jspot0311
Darius P - dapvip
Dan Maldonado - Lycann666
Brandon Bullock - B13APeX
Spencer Pressly - Torchwood4sp
Deron James - lceBlitz (Both lower case L)
Vincent Watkins - Luigi182
Nealand Rattanasamay - Boostah_Monkey
Derek Battiest - RyuShouryuuken
Ted Zimmerlee - BurningRubedo

Ryan Juliano - snipermav7
Malcolm Strickland - Th3LaughingMan2
Nick De Maria - biargh
Chris Cunningham - nqFuLLBLeeD
Sean Guteriez - arkivezero
Derek Battiest - MGFanatic

Steam ID (remember to post your username you sign in with, not your nickname)
Sean Guteriez - arkivezero
Nick De Maria - Dunge0nman
Raith Vincent - sh499y3
Ryan Juliano - snipermav@hotmail.com
Chris Cunningham - nosxinsanity OR http://steamcommunity.com/id/fullbleed
Spencer Pressly - Torchwood4sp
Ted Zimmerlee - Rubedo2k12


Yo Nick you should post the current ranking list and update it on the first post. It’ll be alot easier to refer back to here rather than repost it over and over. And maybe some space to let everyone know each others handle, real name, and PSN/Xbox live ID. Anyhow hope to see everyone tonight.

Ahhh that new tread smell…I miss the old one already.

Can do.

Also I was reading through the early posts of the old thread and it was pretty amusing. RealSean was so hype for KoFXII. People talkin up Blaz. Some pretty entertaining stuff in there.

best thread title ever

Haha, we do get pretty hyped up for no reason sometimes.

I like it.

subscribed, lets go kc!

Good shit tonight fellas.

I was out at P and L for a while, and that was fun, but I’d probably have had more fun just staying home. :lol:

My FT5 results
5-0 over Focra
5-0 over SFCatgirlFanatic
5-3 over Boxbrosg
4-5 under Prodigy in BlazBlue (Hate that game. Damn you, Deron. Buy yourself something nice with Sams money.)

Nick and I postponed our #1 rank match till next time we play on account of being too drunk for a serious match. If I lose to Nick in an FT5 that’d certainly be interesting… Boxy > Nick > Axiom > Boxy … Hmm… Good thing I WON’T LOSE. :badboy:

Who’s going to EVO? Jspot, Eugene and I for sure, who else? JSpot, I need some info from you as well, sir.

Man… no respect. I’m a little disappointed to see you think both you and Boxy should DEFINITELY be above me. I mean, Boxy did beat me in the half drunk shot match where I played Blanka for 3 rounds but I don’t sweat it. We’ll do FT5s this Tuesday. I’ll be sure to bring the heat.

Edit: I’m probably just reading too much into shit. I’m still a little drunk. That being said I don’t think Boxy would be able to beat me if he brought the same Cammy from 3 weeks ago but from what I saw last night he’s playing a lot tighter with her and has some new shit so it should be a good match. I’m playin him straight up next time. No excuses. As for me and you, John, I know it’ll be close. It always is. I guess I’m not truly entitled to this spot unless I prove I can hold onto it for a bit but I plan on it. I got some for Kong when he gets back too!

To Robert and anyone else thinking of playing Dudley


BTW Good shit last night from everyone. I think I file under the Boxy way of fighting, better when I get a beer in me. Gotta level up with Cody to stop the smack talk. Some rocks and a jackpot oughta quiet the crowd. Oh and Focra, I have to beat up that Zangief more, too much fun fighting grapplers.

Good shit last night guys. Sorry I left early, I had something I had to do. I’ll stay longer next week. I actually want to get on the ranking list.

It was a blast. See you guys next week!

By the way, what day is Max Out happening this month?

Good shit last night, I had a blast…and way too much to drink, haha.

John I would like to redo our FT5 next week as well. I was not in the best playing shape when we played.

Nick, don’t you dare lose your #1 spot before I take it from you!

Good times last night fellas, nick and sean were mad goofy.

Got some good cnc last night from my SFU professors, got a nice buzz and used that $10 money match on some shrimp fried rice. All is good with the kid :tup:

Good shit last night from everyone; got some matches in with quite a few people, including the “Throw $10 away” money match lol

I kind of used yesterday as a way to test my Makoto out; I think I’m doing alright…I managed to go about 50% w/l ratio.

@Prod1gy What you know 'bout custom combos in Blazblue?? :3 Good shit in GG too…that was way too much fun.

GG fellas. I don’t think I played nearly enough as much as I drank but GGs nonetheless.

Nick - Glad to see you sticking with Blanka. We really needed one but we both know its still a work in progress. Can’t wait to see it to be your second in command.

PRO-d1gy - What you know bout my 10th string character son!? 5-0 com’on I thought you were a PRO. You can’t be a pro if you don’t have basics down yet so remember what me and Nick taught you. Glad to see you took Johns money though cause shrimp fried rice is the shit.

Good luck to the fellas going to EVO this week. Hope the world doesn’t have to see you guys rep KC.

Coolness, love the new thread title. :slight_smile:

Also, hope everyone’s 4th is full of great justice! Have a tall cold one for America tonight! Happy 4th of July. ^_^;

Happy 4th, guys. I updated the OP with ranking and mains. If you want to be on the list and aren’t then challenge someone or just show up to the next RR or Max Out.

Deron - Yeah, I was feeling it. I haven’t drank that much in a long time but it felt good just to get blitzed for a change

FakeSean - I’ll do what I can, of course, but I’m gonna have to fend off John which’ll be no easy task.

Le - He’s comin along. I have to say it’s been a lot of fun learning to use other characters at an actual competent level and I think it’s helping me be a better Rufus player and a better SF player in general. Fullbleed is a Blanka/Honda player too. I didn’t have a chance to see him play too much but regardless we can talk shop and help each other step it up with the green man.

fuck the green man, i refuse.

happy blow up the homeland day my dudes


Sorry it took so long. The date is tentative, but it should be the best I can do this month. EVO is this weekend, the next weekend is free, then San Diego Comic Con is the week after that. I think I’d rather have a Maxout in July, than to wait till August, so this is the best it’ll be.

I got my Tuesday closes back at my job, so I will not be in attendance for games on Tuesday.

Nick, looks like you get to hang onto that #1 till I get back from Vegas. I’ll be sure to come back with some juice.

Believe me, I’d rather be going to EVO instead of holding on to my spot. I’m incredibly jealous. I expect big things out of you, especially in T6. Show em the real Eddie of America.

Boxy - You coming Tue?

Hey, just checking in with the KC crew. I’ll be at EVO this year, my cell # is 417 505 0774. Gimme a call when you guys get there, or PM me your number. Midwest has to stick together, let’s show the coasts how un-free we are!