Kando's umm, thread

Yo, whattup. Been lurkin around quite a bit. I’m gonna try and stay on srk as much as possible. I miss you guys!

some weird junk.



feel free to c&c as usual.

Love your colors, pretty unique too! :slight_smile: Don’t be so modest, and put a thumbs up icon, or Ill ask the mod to do it :wink:

I always hated your stuff on Deviantart. Simply bc its the best SF artwork out there, even more than those Udon guys

lol. there’s nothing to crit anymore. you’re too good. the angle on the first pic is awesometastic btw.

i love the angle on that first pic. really cool chun by the way:tup:

That’s my favorite angle to draw characters in. Simply because to me it takes that skill to make everything not-lopsided. I didnt post any pics but I asked about it in the advice thread and everyone told me"Thats so boring of an angle."

Glad to see someone else knows whats up.

great colors! watch your gesture on the chunli painting thou, she is off balance!

Always loved your art man! COuld you try your hand at Necro? You never did him for the CSFAC challenge.

Good stuff Kando, only crit I noticed was watch Chun’s neck; it’s crazy long at the moment.

long time no see Kandoken, good to see yr stuff again – it’s been too long :wink:
I’m gonna abuse my mod powers and turn that “thumbs down” icon into a “thumbs up”…

cool shit man. I dig the face on the last girl. Since you like brush strokes so much, have you tried messing with custom brushes? I will send you some brushes. Leave your email!

awesome work as always.
i know you’re supposed to draw female necks longer than males, but i think chun’s neck is just a little too long.
or maybe it’s just me

Hott damn! Ive always been of the opinion that you posses one of the most dynamic and interesting styles ive seen on the internetz. Hope you stick around for long and keep posting! :smiley:

Pc1x1 - Nah, trust me. I mess up on alot of the basics. It’s embarrassing actually.

Fistoftheryustar - No way. Everybody on Udon would demolish me! Thanks for the compliment, man. Really appreciate it. Angles aren’t boring if you manipulate your environment to appeal to the viewer. That’s what I think.

Bland Wolf - ? Don’t be afraid man, crit like crzy! Thanks though.

pootnannies - Thx a ton! :confused:

Woof - Yeah, the arm was short too. I should did some thumbnails prior. I’m garbij.

Scissorman - Sure thing man, I’ll come up with a sketch and color next time I get on.

Grapple - Yeah, that neck was a bit over the top. I’ll stay away from that next time around.

Rook - Ahh Rook, you didn’t have to but thanks man. It’s definitely been a long time, what’s up man? You gotta update your DA man, I’ve been waitin long as hell. You’re probably mad busy I imagine.

DF - What’s good dude! Yeah man, you know ever since MC brought those about eerybody was on textures’ jock like crazy. Send me your brushes! I think I still have yor email. mine’s is japimpact@yahoo.com

Tokoyama - Nah you’re right man. I reffed Ikeno’s chun li from 3rd strike. I always thought his chun li seemed a bit more elegant because of it. I’ll leave it to the pros and tone it down next time around, belieeeve me.

Mkus - Thx alot dude, gimme your da account I gotta add you.

Umm, nothing really special on this post just practicing with greys and sats:

that is fucking badass, man. almost no complaints here. the gesture, the anatomy, facial expression, all amazing. the ONLY thing that bugs me a little are the hands and feet. i know it’s a quick sketch, but the hands and feet look a little too undefined.
your method of coloring is always inspiring.

Sweet, can’t wait!

You can find me on DA too:

i agree with Tokoyama. the right hand especially looks funny. i’m preeeetty sure they don’t turn up that much. in fact, the way the arm’s drawn, the hand would prbly be better facing down. other than that everything looks fantastic. love the color choices.

Well I think that was just a practice shot. Im scared to put up artwork on here since I think people will critique when I didnt ask ha ha.

What I like about the art style is that it looks like Capcom’s. EGM and Udon and many other DA’ers tend to have a similar style for SF.

^^; didn’t mean to come off so harsh. but in all seriousness. kando’s the SHEEEEIT!!! XD too much good stuff here.


It’s 50mbs for both sets of brushes man, haha.

Just meet me on aim sometimes.