Kaillera v1.0 release date revealed!

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From: Etaihugi

"The Final (really really final) really! Launch date…
For the Kaillera new and shiny interface software will be @: 7 april 2008.


THANK FUCK, may they ABOLISH their stupid bugs !

I’ll believe it when I see it.

Doesn’t p2p already make this redundant though?

nobody cares anymore
at least he could’ve hyped it a bit more with some juicy details about what’s new… but no!

new p2p should be hard to beat… not to mention GGPO

p2p or not, dont we all have to restart mame after we finish a game? not sure if thats kaillera or mames fault, i thought it was a kiallera.

it’s MAME’s fault… use FBA Enhanced.

While this is too little too late (i mean only a new interface? come on…the biggest problem with kaillera has always been the official server security which is making people using dumpster servers like emulinker), I’m quite curious about what he’ll yield after almost 2 years.

Fixed for great justice.

In all honestly I doubt the p2p can be beaten, kaillera could be good for 3p/4p sessions though

I’m still not sure why you need to be an asshole, but why not show some appreciation toward Moosehead for his efforts? The truth is, if Emulinker wasn’t around, most servers would still be using the stock server which has several vulnerabilities which probably would have killed Kaillera years ago by not allowing people to play.

I don’t think that people don’t appreciate his efforts but they are calling spades what they are.

Despite being this big of an asshole as you claim I am, I cant seem to get moosehead’s attention to get him to fix his broken ass package. From what you told me earlier, the worse part of this is that he knows its broken and still hasn’t made any attempts to fix it. So what other way to try to motivate him than to make him mad? If he didn’t wish to work on it any more, he should say he doesn’t instead of pretending emulinker is some complete and unbroken high class piece of software and do nothing as if there was no need like hes been doing now. Taking this into account, the truth is really simple. If Emulinker wasn’t around, kaillera would not have had such bad rep for gameplay quality as it has now. Even if kaillera died as you claim it would have, someone else would have come up with something better a long time ago and would have been better for all of us because necessity drives people and innovation, less the other way around.

I hope everyone reads 0746’s post because that clearly shows the type of person he is. There is absolutely no reason to bash other people’s work out of the blue. Didn’t your mother ever teach you to keep unkind thoughts to yourself? This thread had nothing to do with Emulinker, yet you chose to bring it into the topic in a degrading manner.

I hope everyone does and stops playing on emulinker servers. It’d be better for them in the long run. If they dont see it, I don’t mind getting the axe for quoting the truth thank you vary much. Thats just how evil I am and I am sure everyone knows it from a long long time ago =) Now I’ll pretend to be the nice guy and not mention all the degrading things you’ve done in the past 2 months =) Knowing you, since you’re acting so high, this is a prequel to something.

What degrading things have I done lol? Let’s see November…Thanksgiving dinner yumm…December…christmas dinner yumm…January…new years vagina yumm. Besides working on CGA in my spare time and working on a kP2P lobby. Oh I forgot to mention that I took down Zbattle about 5 times…just to be a dick back to Veeb for being an asshole to me…but at least I had a reason…but that’s already over and done with and settled…will be working a zbattle client into cga to tab between servers.

Yeah we all know you’re evil and have issues and bring cosplaying to reality…you must be a bad breed from Australia because most people there are usually friendly and cheery - ehhhh mate?

Battle of the titans


Actually, I changed my mind.

I wish you guys would quit fighting and get together and make some good shit even better.


Either of us can hardly be related to titans. But you can’t work vary productively with people who has the mentality to think or feel they’re above you or has no idea how to or does not intend to work together with you. You can easily tell who these people are. They throw insults at you every time they think you’re doing something wrong that they don’t like.

So what you’re saying is, you think there is nothing wrong with bashing other people’s efforts in an attempt to make something that was great for it’s time more stable and better?

Now I know you’re an intelligent person, you could not have come up with something less layman than that? You’re entitled to your opinion, but why say it like that lol and expect everyone to just go along with it? You must have intended for some fight to develop from that unecessary remark.

When did I ever say or imply that I was above you? I’m just not one to keep hush when something is clearly out of line. I’m sure there are specific areas where you are more knowledgeable and vice versa.