Kabuki Klash players where you at?

This neo geo game is based on Far East of Eden TV show, from what I read. It’s feels kind of like a mix of aof and ss but the game really focuses on items. Match loss screens are hilarious, and the game overall is really lighthearted. I think it’s pretty interesting, but I really don’t know much about it, and bread and butter are pretty difficult to find for me right now. It’s published by Hudson, of Bomber Man fame.

Combo video on youtube

The Neo-Geo had alot of great, underrated, little known fighters. I played KK a bit years ago. Solid title. You can add Waku Waku 7 to the list.

ive got it on my neo. pretty dope game. its not as deep or good as the big games like SS or kof, but its a great lil unkown title. if you wanna play some unkown fighters of good quility heres some:

kabuki klash

ninja masters

breakers (revenge)

waku waku 7

new power instinct (matrimelee)

then theres the more known but not even as good as these games (IMO) series:

rage of the dragons, mediocre at best.

AOF, pure choppy shit, avoid like the plague. cept 3, which is decent at best.

WH, one of the worst series of all, choppy, sloppy and what not. for some reason or the other it was popular in the US, why? dont ask me.

gan gan, shit from the same guys who made WH and NM, though ninja masters is actually pretty damn good.

double dragon, shit.

fight fever. avoid like the plague.

galaxy fight, avoid like the plague.

karnovs revenge, mediocre at best.

these are from the top of my head 8.40 in the morning. you should check out a neo library site then ceck out some reviews at some sites to get an idea for your self. or just dl the roms and try them all out to see which you do like.

I enjoyed this game a lot actually… But I used to play all the Far East of Eden RPGs on NEC and Sega Saturn, so I was already familiar with the chars.

My opinion is: It’s cool, but nothing extraordinary, especially if you don’t know about the Tengai Makio RPG series.

im thinking bout dl a nec and pc engine emu (which is the better and the newer one of these 2 systems), just how good would you rate the rpgs? also, the saturn ones worth checking out?

@Musolini: The PC-Engine IS a NEC… the PC-Engine is to NEC what Master System is to SEGA.
NEC is a brand, PC-ENGINE is the model.

I am not sure about the emulators, I own the real system hand I’ve been playing it for years. One of my favourite game systems of history, especially with the CD-Rom2 drive!

However, you definitely need a Japanese version of it, as most of the games were not realeased in the US at that time.

RPGs are dope on the NEC CD-rom system2!
Emerald Dragon, Legend of Xanadu, tengai makio series, Cosmic fantasy series, etc…

World Heroes is the shit. Don’t hate.

theres actually another fighter based on this series (which i know like nothing about) on the PCE

never tried it myself i don’t have a arcade card for my duo

but heres a vid

Whooops! sorry! I have played this one! …not the neo-geo version!

this one runs on the NEC CD-Rom with the Arcade Card.

I got it and am down to challenge anyone in this game come MWC!!

What’s up with the damage output in this game?:confused:

The damage input is pretty insane…I use the short Axe midget girl…and yeah like one or two spinning axes and you’re pretty much dead lol.

i like the presentation of this game but other than that its not very good at all

I’m accepting Money Matches in this game BTW!!!

oh this game looks interesting Ill probably be playing this later on hit me up for matches or if you wanna teach me. :china:

is anyone worth a shit other than the frog guy and the teleport girl


Shame, shame… DD is actually a decent game.

EDIT: to stay on topic Kubuki Is fun to play. I’ve never got around to picking it up for my cab, but I really should.

hes not good

fuck you

The Axe girl is top tier…Tsunade…dude…shes too good…The Fan girl is an obvious Mai rip off lol.