Just Rolling With It: Yang General Discussion Thread

Thread to talk about whatever doesn’t belong in the other threads.

Man it must suck to have to keep putting in money while you’re trying to learn and test a new character. The vids are funny watching people who know their character come in and body players using Yun and Yang while they try to figure out the timing.

Yeah, lol. I can’t imagine having to do this in the old days ^^;

Yang’s looking very nice, though. I’ve heard nothing but good things from guys playing the game.

Nice of you to start a general discussion topic, BTW.

I went to the Yun board and saw a matchup thread and was like “wtf, there’s not really anything to discuss match up wise yet” and saw the entire thread turn into a general discussion as I scrolled down so I gave Yang one.

With Daigo playing Yun and amassing a lot of BP (Capcom let that dude playtest Yun before everyone, idgaf what you say), everyone is in there and Yang once again is living in his brother’s shadow, for now at least.

The twins forward dashes look so slow to me. Am I the only one?

Here’s hoping week 2 Yangs bring the heat. I want to see some good vids when players understand Yang better.

Eh. I believe I can agree with you. But, I’d rather Yang not get too popular. He has all the resources to be good, though.

The dashes don’t look slow. They just don’t look fast. Not Chun, Abel, or Elf level, but usable. Same thing with the backdash–it covers good ground, and it’s pretty quick.

Any suggestions for other threads? I’m willing to handle the Beginner’s thread, like I have with Abel.

Well I see a few Dudley players are taking interest in the Chinese Delivery Boys! Good to see that.

As far as the forward dashes, I seriously thought they would be a LOT slower than what they are from the looks of it. But you are right in that they certainly aren’t fast when compared to others in the cast.

I live in Tennessee and we are actually scheduled to get AE Tuesday. I am trying to find a way up to Nashville but if I can’t make it up, I know some others that will and are going to be testing out Yang. If you have anything you wanted tested let me know and I can try to see whats up.

I think it might have to do with that Yun has his foward leaping fist move and Yang has a command dash, maybe their foward dashes won’t be necessary for getting across the screen…just guessing.

I do like how quick his upkicks appear to be. Plus, you can FADC into a non animation ultra if you need some quick damage.

The twins dashes are never good. You’re supposed to use the dive kicks to move around.

You going to Game Galaxy, too?

Didn’t know this and seems to go against everything I know about jumping in Street Fighter.

Indeed, well at least I hope too! lol they are only getting one machine and once everybody in the surrounding area realizes we have it, it will get crucial when trying to actually play the game. Still should be fun though. Will you be heading there tuesday?

We have one AE Dudley video and he is throwing the other player a lot. It’s annoying knowing there’s a good Dudley player somewhere in Japan amassing BP like Daigo and not getting any type of video of him.

Because 3S was a different game.

You’re playing Ryu. My Ryu jumps in on yours. The obvious answer is to anti-air me, whether it be a low fierce or a DP, right? Not in 3S. I can parry while jumping, and you’ll eat a super from trying to anti-air me. 3S was a weird game because of parries. Yang has a good dash, rekkas that knock down (and are safe on block, not to mention pretty damn quick), his TC knocked down, his dive kick is part of a TC, and he can go through projectiles with his roll kick. Off a knock down, he can command dash for oki.

I wouldn’t take too much into consideration concerning his dive-kicks as an approach. They’re not Rufus calibur, but they’re good.

Hopefully. It’s $20 for a day, I’m pretty sure.

Don’t forget to try the Senei Enbu loop I mentioned. If they haven’t changed how Yang’s moves work since [media=youtube]-Pjhse5nYq8#t=1m55s"[/media] trailer, I can’t see it not working. Also, I can’t think of a more potent combo with SSFIVs scaling system.

I’ll also try his roundhouse loop. Here’s what I wanna try, besides that loop:
Low forward/OH -> fierce slash -> jab slash -> low short -> fierce slash -> jab slash -> low forward -> fierce slash -> jab slash -> low short -> fierce slash (super ends) -> low forward -> slash x3

Sj > dive kick > C mp > sweep loop

cl.something xx lk dash loop

s.HK is special cancellable?

Just had to make an account
Glad that yang finally being seen in action.
How’s everything impression (if any) on him so far?

Hmm…so a guy in the Guile forums who was actively playing mentioned that Yang’s command dash actually goes through projectiles. He didn’t specify if it was EX or not, but I gotta think that will be a very good tool for beating c.mk>Hadouken…unless it’s really slow.

Good news, definitely.


At 3:11

guy’s c.lk whiffs … so does Fake Palm have invinc or something?..

a decent way to move projectiles much like dudley’s duck.

I thiknk all the palm’s have invinc on em