Juri in SFV's roster?

Simple question. Do you people think she will make it in SFV’s roster ?

She is popular and probably the best received new character in SF4,however is this enough to be included in the new game ?

I hope so :smiley:

PS : if the story is before SF4 ,maybe they could add a version of Juri without the fen shui engine, who knows oO, but if the story is shortly after SF4 like it’s rumored then i guess she has a good chance on coming back.

Well right now SF5 is speculated post 3rd strike. If true, Juri would be like 15 years older or something I think. mid 30’s for sure, but that probably wouldnt really even be reflected in her appearance. Not after how well the current design was received. I think it’s very likely she’ll be in. She is essentially set up as an antagonist character. Seth is dead. Bison is in hiding if really 3rd strike time period. Gill was already done, and a widely hated character. The ground work is pretty much laid for a story line boss Juri in SF5. I think she is very likely for canonical purposes. I mean she practically runs now S.I.N. IIRC

if she is in V…I want a few changes made to her.
namely, I want her overhead changed and her far standing fierce changed.
I want her slow overhead hop kick that telegraphs like Morse code that isn’t comboable to be changed to her close standing hk axe kick.
second hit on that axe kick should be the overhead.
second, I want her almost useless far standing fierce changed to her omega fuhajin release side kick.
because I’ve noticed she doesn’t have a good far reaching meaty. Vega and Adon for example have their crouching fierces and their far standing hk that do great fantastic damage as a poke.
juri doesn’t have this and it really hurts her damage output.
I’ve noticed that juri’s jabs and shorts are terrible due to the fact they have no reach…but the sad thing is her hp/hk buttons are also useless because they too have no reach and serve no function!
sure far standing roundhouse has reach, but it has horrible recovery due to the hop animation and is more of a risk than a reward and much too dangerous to use except in a very few situations and in just a few match ups.
she NEEDS a good hard hitting poke with alotta reach.
she does have the best mid buttons in the game. the best mp/hk normal, yes its true, but the worst lp/lk hp/hk buttons in the game.
its a bad trade off.
she needs her far standing hp to be a great far reaching ground poke and for it to stop being a near useless anti-air.(close standing hp should still be in the game…its very good and an essential part of her offense)
so…change her far stand fierce to that far reaching omega mode fireball release kick.
to avoid any confusion, I mean this kick.
just remove the knockdown property and the fireball fx
this is what far stand fierce should be in V

I wasn’t joking regarding my opinion Shiro.
I’m dead serious.

I’ll admit I don’t use fs.hp often, but it does have uses (ask shiro about that godlike aa against a tping Sim). Fs.hk on the other hand… I use it in EVERY MU. You just gotta make them forget about it so they aren’t expecting it and can’t (well, “probably won’t” would be better I guess) punish if you don’t hit. Even strong players, that I play a lot and know my habits, get hit by the majority of my fs.hks and very rarely can they punish me for it (shots fired).

That overhead bit doesn’t make any sense to me. If anything I’d ask that sekku be comboable outside of FSE like the top tier’s overheads.

I really hope she is in sf5. I’ll be sad if she isn’t.

>I want her slow overhead hop kick that telegraphs like Morse code that isn’t comboable to be changed to her close standing hk axe kick.
second hit on that axe kick should be the overhead.

If you think Sekku is telegraphed, a 2 hit slow move where only the second hit is overhead is even worse. Also sekku is airborne and crushes lows. It’s not amazing, not terrible.

Juri’s far mp has 4 active frames so if you time it perfectly it can be made +3 on block from range. Also she’s got her awesome cr.mk not to mention fireballs. Not sure why you’d want to meaty at that range though. I’d want to either be right in there pressuring, or be back at a range where I can store and zone safely. Can you explain what you mean about the far reaching meaty?

Her far HK seems really good to me, especially in some matchups like gief. Sure it’s focusable but the range is really good, is airborne after frame 6, and has decent stun/damage. It starts up fast enough that I don’t think people can really react to it, you need to anticipate it to focus it.

I’d ask for it to be comboable too but I’m not so sure if its even possible. regardless its very readable. especially for charged characters.

nah, her current overhead telegraphs a hell of a lot more than most overheads, and def more than cl.st.hk…I’ve seen enough matches were her overhead gets punished by flashkicks and buttslams.
I don’t think most people wait for it but good charge character players do wait for it. whether in or out of FSE.

play a good Rog, Vega, Chun, or Elena and you’ll know why her pokes/reach/range isn’t all that hype like some people try to make it out to be.
and my complaint about her far stand hk isn’t that its focusable as so much its recovery is ass and too risky to use as a consistent poke. I just want a meaty(high damage) quality poke as an option.
cuz I think she needs it.
and I’m right.
I play as Vega too and his f.st.hk and cr.hp are such great tools as pokes its all he really needs, tbh.
far st. hp from Chun is awesome too.
(((yeah, I know, the charge characters excel at pokes…its the trade off for having charge inputs for their specials. I’m well aware)))

but if you rather keep her near useless f.st. hp instead of a new far reaching high damage meaty poke, =P.
or you guys can keep struggling, making your lives harder in trying to create high damage output from 1f combos while others poke you to death with a single button.
oh-kay lol.
hate on evolution.
stay stagnant.

Chun li and Blanka are so far evolved from their SF2 forms…but some characters stayed the same. seems juri gonna stay the same too, from what I see.

oh, and I forgot to mention that now that we know that focus and parries will not be in SF5…that makes long reaching pokes even that more important and valuable in 5.
to not want a good far reaching poke in 5 is ludicrous.

but if you guys are satisfied with getting poked to death by characters like Rog and Vega in SF5…ok then. cuz you cant focus long distance pokes anymore…you wont be safe anymore from those fishing meaties. expect crouching clawed fierces by Vegas all day baby.(assuming Vega is in)

…what’s with the defensive tone?

I’m pretty confident to see her in the SF V roster quite fast :

_She has a V-Trigger mecanism with her FSE
_She already has a signature color and aether, like “blue water chun li” or “yellow electric ryu”
_She is pretty popular and a successful original design.

Maybe not present at launch, she will come fast with the first caracters’ DLC IMHO.

If I may dream about changes :
_Not having her leg always up, but only when a fireball is charged
_Improve his movement speed when a fireball is charged (and her leg down so !)
_Maintain fs.HK to make a faint, only the air rotation of the move and good recovery (like 6mk faint for Ken or 6HK faint for Makoto)
_Way, way better animations !

is it already that time of the year again ?


Well at least Ono has her statue on his desk :smile: xD

I really hope she gets added to SFV

speaking of which, that figure it’s available for $69.99


Let us hope.

I think Juri would fit perfectly with SFV’s mechanics. FSE could be her V-Trigger and her counter could be her V-Skill. Medium and Heavy normals do grey chip damage. Imagine Juri’s corner pressure with the threat of her overhead taking your grey life. After seeing the E3 build of SFV, I really want to see her in this game.

I think too but we can just stop dreaming … This game have a more rushdown gameplay and Juri must be reworked for that and i’m maybe the first who would happy if they do it. Juri a true rushdown character and not a mix of all but nothing really good. Man … This is my dream but i can now stop dreaming.

I think it’s safe to say all characters will be reworked, if Juri must be reworked a bit then so be it.

One thing, since I don’t think Decapre will be in the game, it would be cool if they gave Juri some high-speed move to cover ground like Decapre’s, like she had in the anime

Yeah, there’s the counter but it wasn’t her most used tool.

I think they will put her in solely for the sake of being lazy. They dont have to design her V-Trigger. Feng Shui Engine. Copy, paste, done.

Is Ono hinting at Juri and Evil Ryu for Street Fighter 5? Capcom producer posts another interesting photo posted on Twitter

OMG @.@