Juri Arcade Edition Documented Changes

So i just made this thread to condense the information of Arcade Edition Juri into one post. Im putting the changes i know are real, either because they are documented somewhere officially or well tested on multiple accounts. If you have anything to add, reply and ill update the thread, easy.

For a video demonstration of most of the stuff in this thread, see:

Fireball Kick

Fireball kick is now JP1 and causes SKD from the ground, if you are not well versed in juggle terminology i suggest looking up this guide:


What this essentially means is you can juggle anything off Fireball kick with JP1 or higher, theres a list of Juri’s juggle point values for her moves in the guide i just posted above.

This video shows off that you can even do Ultra 2 off the fireball kick in the corner by doing whats known as a Negative Edge Ultra. However its important to keep in mind that each characters juggle height and duration seems to differ.

This is done by doing fireball kick, holding down that button and during the animation of the fireball kick holding down your remaining two buttons and releasing them all at once with a preceding 2x QCF input.

Fireball Juggle Properties increased

All regular fireball versions are now considered JP1, this is why Juri can juggle a fireball kick into the actual fireball.

For comparison in regular edition fireballs were JP0.

All this essentially means is that its possible to juggle fireballs into each other, which couldnt be done in regular edition:

e.g. Hk fireball can juggle into a mk/lk fireball or a mk fireball can juggle into a hk/lk fireball.

Increased Walk Speed

Again in that video i demonstrate how you can walk a stage in AE in close to 7 seconds while as in Regular Super she walks the stage in just over 8 seconds.

Hitbox Changes to Standing and Crouching Light Punch

SSF4 AE devs on Ken, Vega, Rufus, F. Long, Juri & Dhalsim : News : EventHubs.com

In a side by side comparison: http://www.hitcombo.com/dossiers/changements-sur-ae/#juri

This has opened up a new BnB hitconfirm for most characters, and improved its success on the characters it already just barely worked on in regular super. Juri can now do 2 light attacks into st.lp into cr.mk/mp xx pinwheel. So it would be something like:

cr.lk xx cr.lk xx st.lp xx cr.mk xx pinwheel
st.lk xx st.lk xx st.lp xx cr.mp xx pinwheel

Basically any 2 preceding light attacks into standing light punch into a crouching medium into a pinwheel.

Regular Counter Hurtbox Change

In regular Super Juri’s hurtbox is extended during regular counter’s startup (where she leans forward to taunt), which is why you usually have to do the move well before a projectile hits you to not get hit.

In AE this doesnt happen, instead the hurtbox only extends when you recieve the super armour of the counter, meaning you can do the counter more natrually in fireball wars.

This is also documented in this post:

SSF4 AE devs on Ken, Vega, Rufus, F. Long, Juri & Dhalsim : News : EventHubs.com

Pinwheel Larger FADC/Ex-FA/Super Cancel Window

The first two hits of the LK, MK, HK and EX are now Focus Attack Cancellable and can be Ex-FA/FADC’d out of, in the regular edition you could only do this on the first hit.

On the second hit of the FADC you are still at +3 for every pinwheel.

About the forward dash. In the master guide it is written she has 18 frames. But at the end they had some notes.
Here is one of the notes

??? ???:E??? ?19???18???18?19???18?

with the help of google translate :
Dash character can be canceled (cancellation frame): E · Honda (19), Ibuki (18), Juri (18-19), Yang (18)


Interesting about the dash. I wonder if its like Makoto’s backdash and can be canceled with a special or can it be canceled with anything like blocking or a normal? I just looked on the SSF4 wiki and it looks like someone’s been working on the Juri section. Looks nice. Whats confusing though is that for a long time Juri’s dash was listed at 18 frames, then when they updated the wiki they changed it to 19 frames(which made more sense). Now they have it listed at 17 frames :confused: I wonder if they’re using the new master guide.

Is that info on the forward dash for regular Super or AE?

TangoBlast It’s me who worked on Juri section (all the notes). But i didn’t finished yet (the last special moves, the super and ultra moves too). I was lazy sorry. About the note written in the wiki, i take my source on the “last edition” of the mook for SSF4 console edition. I bought this mook in november last year (released in May 2010). This mook mention 17 frame for Juri :s

Metallicmike, it’s for AE sorry (i should be more clear) in the mook released in March 2011 this time.

After thinking about it my guess is that Juri’s dash is 19 frames but she is able to “block cancel” the last 2 frames, similar to a “block cancel” of landing frames from a jump. Just speculation though so I dont know if that belongs in this thread.

Juri’s move properties are weird. Like the FSE changes that Dr. Grammar found. Like when she does a counter, there is a small window at the end where she is only allowed to attack (or block?). I tested it by putting one of my buttons as a throw macro and putting it on turbo. Instead of throw, a LK would always come out, making me think there was some sort of allowed buffer at the end.

:tup: Looks good :tup:

Alot of techincal jibber jabber below, be prepared.

Right keeping in mind what you guys have just said, in regular super after a normalxxfireballxxFADC you can link the following:

Normals you can link off a fireball FADC:

Cr.Hp (7 frame startup)
Cr.Hk (8 frame startup)

Specials you can link off a fireball FADC:

Mk Senpusha (9 frame startup)
Ultra 2 (10 Frame Startup)
Ultra 1 xx St.Cl.Lk (11 Frames startup altogether)
Ultra 1 xx St.Lp (12 Frames startup altogether)

Now thats as far as i can get in terms of combos because any version Ex Fireball (13 frame startup) doesnt combo and there is no way to get a 5 frame close normal to combo after FSE activation, close.mp which should be 5 startup becomes 7/8 startup under FSE so its hard to deduce. I tried to get a far short out on one of the cast members but no luck there, well i could if i spaced the fireball but that put it further away and natrually gave me more frame advantage.

Now based on the information above you should be able to link a Close.Hk (11 Frame Startup) if your as much as +12 on hit…but you cant, it just doesnt work. If you do fireball FADC to IA j.mp that sequence wont combo but it takes 4frames(the jump) + 7frames(j.mp startup) which is 11, on Seth this catchs him in a fuzzy guard reset where you see him take crouch animation but still hit his standing hitbox, meaning you gave him a frame to change his visual stance animation but not 2 frames to also change his hitbox from standing to crouching, so one can assume you are as much as +10 on hit if your trying to link a normal.

Now lets assume in regular super then your dash is 19 frames (complete) and you can cancel it on the 18th and 19th frame with a special, this puts it at an extra +2 frames on hit if you go straight for a special as opposed to a normal. This is maybe what that note in the mook was reffering to, for sake of comparison, im not sure i dont have the mook im just going on what youve posted.

If the number 17 is being thrown around now, that might mean either our forward dash is a frame faster, with cancellable frames on the 17-18th frame, or its still 19 frames with an extra cancellable frame on the 17th frame (17-19).

If theres anything else Juri related in that mook id like to know though :slight_smile:

Of course, just give me some times. It’s not easy since i don’t speak japanese and there is a lot of characters i want to examine ( i main chun li).

Tangoblast !!
My mistake sorry, yes the dash is listed 19 in the mook about AE edition (not 18 like i said before…)
And yes that make sense what you said.

There are notes in the both mook (Console and AE) about the counter move really interesting.
I will first finish to add them in the wiki on srk.

Anyone can buy those mook online by the way :wink: Just be ready to read a lot of kanji

In Console Edition
Senpusha move are described like that about cancel ability :

LK : S ? -
MK : S ? - x3
HK : S ? - x3
EX : -


LK : S ? -
MK : Sx2 ? - x2
HK : Sx2 ? - x2
EX : Sx2 ? - x6

S means you can super cancel or FADC
x2 means twice ( 2 hit)
? mark a new hit

  • means no cancel

Sx2 = S?S

  • x 2 = - ? -

This time i double checked before post.

Those mook can have mistake by the way.

So what that means is you can FADC/Super cancel off the second hit of each pinwheel (except LK), am i correct?

Its certainly not a mistake, when i tried out AE i tested the FADC window and did notice it was larger, this is nice solid proof, good find.

edit: i editted the original post with your information.

Wow, hadn’t seen these infos (damn you Marvel!).

I really like the FADC changes for Sempusha, specially being able to FADC from the EX version. Perhaps we have a semi-reliable reversal now?

Not really it just means you can FADC ex senpusha to safety, its still ass for being grabbed out of and traded with, you also need to have it connect to FADC obviously. I highly doubt any combos will stem from it either, but it will have its uses now and then in terms of safety.

However FADC on Hk senpusha is the best, and ill explain why because no one has probably thought this through.

You FADC the second hit, and what i like about that is because in regular you can only FADC the first hit, your opponent doesnt know what went on, you FADC so fast you might aswell have done a normal into FADC. But the second hit shows the pinwheel to them so they would expect you to finish it off and they are preparing to punish but then you can either FADC to safety or Ex-Focus attack to try to go for crumple, or just dash forward into grab.

Now some might say thats a pretty weak mixup, and i agree to some extent its not all that great but heres what else you can do:

A cr.mk to Hk pinwheel isnt actually a block string, theres a 1-3 frame gap which is pretty much a counterhit setup, if they hold up or forward or press a button, they could get tagged. Now that you can FADC the second hit you could do that counterhit setup and visually confirm if its hitting or not, if it isnt you can get that extra mixup off the blocked pinwheel and FADC/Ex-FA off it or make it safe. Hell if you really wanted to get the extra damage you could FADC on hit anyway, and link that into st.lk and go for another pinwheel combo.

So yeah its a really good change, i cant wait to try it out.

edit: Whoops forgot to mention the actual change to Juri’s fireballs, updating the original post with it.

Hmm that’s interesting with the fadc options for ex pin and it’s on the final hit of it? I’m pretty sure you can juggle U2 off of it with a well timed fadc, since the final hit kicks them up. We’ll have to see when the time comes. I’m gonna be spending mad hours in the lab with Juri come console release.

No dude the second hit, expinwheel hits 6 times.

^^;;; yeah my bad on that. I was reading the juggle points for juri after what i wrote. It’ll be interesting to see how it works in play.

So we can cancel a senpusha on 2nd hit now? That’s pretty cool. :slight_smile:

Now if only senpusha and ultra 2 had a better hitboxes on both sides. :lol: I also wish Ultra 2 was a reliable anti-air like Adon’s Jaguar Avalanche.

Small tidbit, im pretty sure it exists because i noticed it when i played AE, and now noticing it in alot more AE videos.

Fireball kick’s hitbox is wider but in the sence that its wider towards your own hitbox, either that or your hurtbox is thinner or the sort. It seems you can nullify fireballs deeper in the fireball kicks animation than before without obviously getting hit. Speculation for now but keep an eye out for it and you will know what i mean.

This thread got silently featured in a popular french fighting game news site:

Changements sur AE | Hit Combo

They never told me, was informed by my French mate who i play SF with lol.

One interesting thing they show is side by side comparison for the St/Cr.Lp change. And as you can see it is actually in fact a nerf, because the only thing thats changed is that the hurt box has been extended, making it worse and hence have even less priority.

Something else they mention is that Juri now has the same walk speed in AE as Ryu, Rose and Honda.

That’s weird, it looks to me like the hitbox was extended in c.Jab and the hurtbox was reduced a little in AE =\

Anyway, just read up on the counter update and I am so ecstatic XD This basically means for easier counter spamming =) We’re essentially the only character in the game that can parry XD


the hurtbox was actually reduced, if you see it right : on the left (ssf4), the hurtbox goes next to the wrist.
On the right, the hurtbox stops around the elbow.

the rest would be something like that :

Hope this helps

ps: didn’t know the info came from here, for It was mailed to me.
Fixed the post to add source info