Juri Arcade Edition Documented Changes

Yeah i read up on the translation, its essentially a direct translation of my OP, they even went and tried to make sence of all the forward dash stuff i posted and got it wrong, i was just speculating what the change could be and they went and said that my “speculation” was fact. They posted the change to the larger hitboxs on divekick followups, thats only posted in the OP, you wont find that anywhere else, also they link to my youtube video, quite obvious they have just turned the OP to french.

Yeah ur probably right about the hurtbox thing, just noticed.

@Eish, The new counter is godlike, regular counter was pissing me off with its retarded extended hurtbox on startup, i could never and still cant use it reliably in fireball wars. When i played AE it was easy though, too Godlike, hopefully they cant hit you out of counter if they do a crossup either, cz that happens sometimes too.

once again, i made the article, to have all the info posted on various site in one single place for french users (it’s kindda the intro of the article : no new info to seek here, only a compilation of old news).

Didn’t knew about this thread, for the juri’s info were mailed to me. I added the credits info tonight, and will have a btter translation for the dash suppositio tommorow (i’m kindda out for now ^^’ )

Ah right no problem dude, ye see you added the source in, thats cool man cheers.

The forward dash is just speculation, theres nothing solid on it yet, was just breaking down how it mightve changed, its not really yet proven.

The LP changes are buffs. I put both images on top of each other and highlighted what changed in AE: Comparison. Red means removed hurtbox, blue means increased hitbox.

The hurtbox on her c.LP was increased a little bit on her back, though I don’t really think that’s worth mentioning.

cheers, ill edit that to the top.

Holy crap. I almost feel like that is going to get nerfed. Where’d you find more information on it? Outside of the tidbit here, I haven’t seen any footage on the changes and things like that.

I’m just going by what Mike has posted about her new Counter (first post). The reason why “parrying” in succession is somewhat harder in SSF4 is because the armor isn’t activated until she leans forward. With a faster armor activation, this is going to be ridiculous =) I’m calling it now~

Its mentioned in the Dev blog on her changes, its linked in the OP, its just a line of text so its obviously less noticeable than the pictures they provided of the light punch change.

It totally works though, tried it when I went to play AE, in Super i have to waste Ex bar to parry the fireballs at the last possible frame so they dont see me coming, regular counter means i have to keep it active long enough to show them “LOL ILL BE RIGHT THERE”. In AE its more discrete so its godlike, id call it now too.

Judging by the video it activates like twice as fast. I never use the counter because it never seems to be affective. This might end up being the best buff she has. Countering out of Ryu’s ultra like that is crazy. Might be a much more reliable way to get yourself out of that corner.

That video isn’t AE . . . .
There she’s countering out of the ultra with all EX Kasatushis.

Some are actually regular counters. The EX Fireball is done with regular counters as well.

Well if that wasn’t even AE, I can only imagine what you can do in AE.

Does her st.lp still whiff on most crouching opponents like it did in Super?

Really looking forward to the extended window for fadc out of pinwheel…I had a hard time catching it on super…and I agree with who said that it can add to mixup being two hits are shown as opposed to one…it might make em push a button…

Many thanks to Metallicmike for compiling this list! I just got to it today, and there were some things that I hadn’t heard about before. Plus, it’s nice to have all of the changes in one place, along with detailed information. Cheers.

just thought i should confirm the FADC after senpusha … you can acctually FADC after the 2nd hit … in all 3 versions … LK , MK , and HK … i noticed in the thread LK was only registered for 1st hit FADC … it acctually works with the 2nd as well …

Sick, will update it now, wonder if u get extra frame adv or not.

That’s actually pretty slick. More damage from LK Pin > Super, and you can use the extra time to confirm cancel into super.

I wonder, does the change apply to EX Pinwheel as well, it has been kind of difficult to FADC (for safety).

The frame advantage is an interesting question, in theory the hitstun could be different between hits, producing more/less advantage. Would be pretty slick if it had an extra frame, since the link after pinwheel FADC is kind of difficult right now.

I think the hitstun is the same, but Juri’s dash is supposedly a bit faster, which should make those links easier.

Yes it applies to Ex pinwheel too (all of them).

First thing im doing in AE is looking at all the new ways of maximizing damage and comboing into stuff. I’ll do another video showing new practical BnBs and new combos you can do if theres enough content to make it worth doing, if not i can just make another small writeup. I’ll literally cover everything though, already have a pretty big list of things i want to test in training mode right now.

I hope they release frame data and hitbox dat a soon after, that would be tons of use, be great if theres some decent hitbox changes (as implied by the light punch and regular counter change)