Julia Partner Thread

This thread is dedicated to discussing who you think makes a good partner for Julia.

Well coming from a matchup and covering all bases perspective. I would think Julia has the hardest time with zoning game. Dhalsim seems like one of her worst matchups. I’m cringing at the thought of it. So I would think it best to have a divekick character of some sort. Characters that come to mind are Rufus or Juri. Both of which seem extremely solid in this game.

I was trying out Juri earlier, but I don’t know if I really like the character. At the moment, I’m trying out Chun Li as Julia’s partner, though it ultimately comes to I’m just tagging in Chun just so Julia can regain some life.

With that in mind, a big guy like Hugo, Zangief, or maybe Kuma (if you can get around his mobility issues), might be a fitting partner for Julia, but I don’t know for sure.

I’ve heard Poison’s pretty good and my brief experiences with the character make me like her mix of zoning and pressure. I might go with a Poison/Julia in the end, but I’m still exploring my options

Running julia/ogre right now, ogre tacks on some good damage (not Raven-level though) and has a pretty good in-game I think. I don’t think that is close to optimal though, but not sure on who to run secondary.

I think Julia does fine both as primary and secondary, but I really want damage from the confirms, which is something she lacks. Right now I’m using all my bar on either tag cancel or her super.

LK DP AA > tag cancel Ogre > uf+lk, mk, cls.rh, qcb+hp = 400ish damage and impossible to miss

Are there any other characters that can abuse the fact that when tag cancelled in the juggles start really high up? (Since all of them are from LK/HK dp)

I running Julia and Juri right now, dont know if i’m going to keep it that way but gonna be spending some time in the lab with Juri so i can get better with her. Hopfully i can level up my Juri to complement Julia.

I messed around with Poison last night and had alot of fun with her. I think I’ll try running Poison/Julia for now and see how I like it.

I just picked up Julia last night, and I’m loving her. However, I know she’s unsafe on a lot of stuff, and that she’s going to have problems with zoning. That being said, she is considered a power character, right? Shouldn’t I only have to get in once or twice to crush someone? :slight_smile:

Anyhow, I don’t know who to run as a secondary. I specialize in power characters and grapplers, and I’m just wondering if you guys think you could run Gief, Hugo, Marduke, King or Abel effectively with Julia… I can’t really tell what her potential is, and I don’t know her moveset well enough off the top of my head to try to formulate some theory fighter crap while at work, lol.

i’m using Ken/Julia now.

Ken’s a great point IMO as he does decent damage on his own, build good meter, can play a decent neutral/up close game and most importantly sets up tag cancels amazingly with HK tatsu.

With one meter, I can get up to 513 damage by tagging Julia in after a hit tatsu, and 529 with two meters. Looking to find more optimal/damaging combos right now.

Just like others i’m running Juri/Julia. I’m loving the pinwheel tag swift step explosion. And Team Juria hits like a truck.
yeah. i said it.

Still in debate with Juri and Julia because of a lot of talk I’ve been hearing from people. Really like her move set, but at the same time I have chun running as well. So hard to really decide both Julia and Chun have something to which I like. Honestly should try and run Chun x Julia but eh Juri x Julia still seems kind of ideal.

Is anyone running Julia with Gief? I saw that Viscant is playing around with it, and I started to after I saw the trailer with Julia and Gief at the bar lol.

Ken/Julia as well myself… I try play fairly neutral with Ken on point, all it takes is one low forward into tatsu > tag for some excellent damage… and when it’s Julia/Ken ending combos with her dragon kick can have ken come in and ground bounce easily with his mk overhead leading into whatever you like :slight_smile:

Really like Julia in this game… fast, hard hitting and keeps people on the ground during combos… it’s awesome :slight_smile:

Repping Julia/King with Julia armed with meter build gem due to her better ability to mix up the opponent for hit confirms, and can tag in King after Slow Power Punch Combo or Rising Kicks to knees, while he’s armed with damage boosts.

I’ve more or less settled on Poison/Julia for now with Poison handled the getting in and fireball aspect of the match while Julia does the big damage.

Poison’s mainly equipped with 2 Fortitude gems and 1 Onslaught gem while Julia has 2 Immense Power Gems and 1 Fortitude gem. The two work well off each other and I was surprised to find TCing Poison’s DP has Julia get so close to the opponent, definitely need to explore it a bit more.

like her in this game.pretty much running julia point and having king come in on combos.god i love doing running jaguar bombs to people

I really cant decide between Poison/Lili/Ryu as a good partner for Jules. Poison is good zoner and doesn’t rely on meter, but doesn’t offer a mix up on tag outs and i can’t get much damage on team combos. Lili does good damage, but i want to play Julia as secondary since she’s at her strongest after Lili builds meter for her, and it’s hard to get in with Lili on point. Ryu is solid in everything but I want to play someone unique.

Going though a bit of a character crisis right now. :frowning:

nice! we should compare notes. what’s your optimal combos right now? i feel Ken/Julia has great synergy, but im struggling to make Julia/Ken break 450 with as little meter as possible.

About Poison, she does require meter for some more damage combos (ie. using ex Whips of Love), but like you said, she has good projectiles and ways to get in. She’s fun. Also her sweep is special cancellable so you can sweep CADC to safety if you need to.

Yeah mid screen, I just don’t have complex enough combo’s to break 450 using one meter… I can get close though, ken to julia I can get 425 and julia to ken I can get 447… more meter = more damage, and if it’s in the corner you can abuse both characters ground bounces really nicely

i’m no execution god either so I keep it real simple :stuck_out_tongue: jump in tatsu > low forward > heavy tatsu tag straight into dash crumple > forward mk/mp/fp into heavy dragon kick is my go to ken into julia combo

if you jump roundhouse after the dash crumple you can get a reset into another combo, I only go for this early in a round usually… late on I just go for the damage

thats all without any gems, you can get more quite easily with em…

what function does julia fill? build meter or use it? also who do u think goes best wth her between these 3: rufus, abel or Lili.