Juggernaut Strats/Tactics

Ive been through all 4 of these threads and i really seen was glich this and HC that with nothing to really on how to use Juggs. So ive created this thread to get some insight on how to use him to his fullest. So what i really want to know is how to use him on the offence and defence. What assists work the best with him. How to use him against top tier characters ie… Mag, Storm, ect. Also how to counter being rushed down and so forth. So If you got anything put it down i would like to see what insight everyone has got.

Juggernaut is my best character and I’ve did some real fine tuning on my juggy skillz. I’m not quite sure how to write up a faq, so just bear with me.

First of all Juggs takes alot of patience and time to make him work. I’ve been using him since the day MVC2 came to my arcade, so I’ve had plenty of time working with him.

I’m not sure what assist work best for him but my main team is Juggs, Hulk, and Colossus. I use Colossus’ anti-air and Hulks Ground assist. I use Colossus’s anti-air to give Juggs a little breathing room from rush downs and it works great, but I’m sure any anti-air assist will work good. I don’t use hulks assist too much with Juggs cause it leaves Hulk wide open, I mainly use it to set up deadly combos.

I really don’t find pixie characters too much of a problem for Juggs cause personally the closer they are the less you have to chase them. Which makes runaway characters very tough on juggs, especially Cable.

The best thing to do against rushdown characters is to keep them locked down, and here how to do it. You’ll definitely need an assist character and it doesn’t really matter which one. Using Juggs normal jumping jabs, shorts and FP mixed with the occassional assist can lock them down pretty good until the drop their guard. This is where you take advantage of them.

If you hit them in the air with a simple jap it can start a great combo. Try normal jump [in air] jab, fp, land on ground, headcrush. This my “bread and butter” combo and rushdown characters will fear you if you get good at this. If you are glitched it does about 75% on an average character like Cable. You can ask anyone here in Florida.:smiley:

Oh heres a cool trick I learned against storm. I noticed alot of storm players that like to chip damage by throwing a typoon into a hail storm. Anyways if you time it right you can headcrush right through the typoon and hit her as she flies up and get a maxed 8 hit headcrush which will kill her glitched. Another trick for runaway storms that you can do is use his juggernaut splash out of a superjump and knock her out of the air. If you miss you’ll probably recover before she can come down and hit you. It works pretty good against flying sentinals too, but don’t throw it out too often then they’ll expect it. Its sort of risky, but will get you alot of cool points:) .

There is so much more to say, but its not easy to explain. I’ll post more later.

Anyways, here is a few combos I came up with.

Combo 1-jump in FP, [land], jab, FP, HCF+jab

 -[in corner], [Combo 1], then d+jab, headcrush.

 -[in corner], [Combo 1], then d+jab, f+FP, s.jump, jab, FP, FK

Combo 2-FP or FK throw, [OTG] HCF+FP*, headcrush

  *Can be rolled out of.

Combo 3-[Only works on Sentinal]-[in corner], jump in FP, [land],

   jab, FP, headcrush, d+lk, headcrush

I have many more combos, but these are the most simplest without using assist. Also I have extended versions of these, but I just gave you the basic combos. Experiment and try adding new things own your own. If you find any let me know.

I hope this helps some of you guys.

Not a whole lot to be said as far as Juggs, but concentrate on glitching up safely. You may counter out after powering up OR power up, Headcrush XX DHC (very quickly!) & still receive the benefit.

I had the good fortune to get a few bits of info from White Power (a Jugg player of note on the West Coast) one time. He answered questions about handling the Big 4; basically he said to keep it simple when on point, but try to keep Jugg on the side for counter XX Headcrush (a powerful & effective tool) if at all possible.


Headcrush this and glitch that…I mean really…what else is there:D

Seriously…if you play Juggs and you have a problem w/ rushdown characters…try a new character. Runaway Cable and Storm just piss me off. If your quick and lucky (and the stars are aligned and the moon is in the 3/4 phase) you can headcrush the shit out of a normal jumping runaway Cable. The s/j splash on storm works, but is not personally endorsed by me:p I prefer s/j Fierce , Roundhouse…or even sj. Fierce , splash…that’s just funny and your opponent gets that :wtf: look on their face.

My Juggs Combos

  1. j. Fierce xx Hulk Dash assist, j. Roundhose , Headcrush. …one word :OUCH

  2. (this can be rolled out of but if your assist is covering …you’ll be fine)
    j. lk, mk, c.lk, c.mk, earthquake, Headcrush.

Mix this combo up…just do half of it or stop after the earthquake.

those are my mains…but i have a few more that are just evil. Post more if ya want more.

Oh yeah…juggy trap…there is one (sorta and it’s just painful)


P.S. What’s the timing on that h/c through a typhoon…that would help me out alot in VA where Storm is Goddess

Best Juggy combo EVER

In Corner

FP Throw

Jump Short + Magneto-A , J. Fierce (Land)
*Magneto Hits
Cr. Fierce (Jump Up Forward)
Sj. Jab, Strong, Forward, Fierce, Roundhouse (Land)
OTG Low Short, Toward+Fierce

138 Damage… no meter.

Or you can just Headcrush after Magneto :-).

Yeah, Lord Doom has a nice one with Hulk-b I ripped off of him ( :smiley: ); only real difference is you do j. short, fierce, call instead of j. short+call, fierce.

There are a number of assists you could do something like this with (at least theoretically), and you can play some serious mindgames after the AC as far as how you’re going to get that remaining sliver of life (and it WILL be a sliver… :slight_smile: ). Instead of c. short, t+fierce you can throw again, start locking them in with jab Earthquakes + assist, etc.

It’s so good, it can adversely affect your game as you put a little too much emphasis on landing it… :lol:

The only thing i aim to do with juggernaut is to hit with the double headcrush. Too good. What you do is do a FP throw in the corner and headcrush them while there in the air, and time another headcrush while they are falling from the first one. I use to do headcrush, Juggernaut Punch, headcrush but people kept rolling so i started using this combo. Takes a little timming but with practice, the timing will not be a problem. Works on everyone except Sent, Jugg, and hulk, I think.

And the biggest problem is that if you play anyone worth a damn they’ll just tech the throw…

sorry bud


^ …which is why I generally stick to the HK throw in the corner. Sure, it’s just as “techable” and somewhat less versatile as far as what you can do post-throw, but it executes so much quicker; the chances of it actually, you know, landing & stuff are much greater.

"Juggernaut’s most overlooked normal? d+medium punch has got to be a strong candidate… ;)"

well that is right. Well i can always just super cancel it after a super that brings the opponent to the corner and knocks him off the ground like ken’s qcf+pp.

I’m new to playing MvC2 and I wanted to know if anyone had tips for the team I use Juggs/Cable/DOOM I have tought my self some and read some things from the forums but I wanted to know if anyone had tips for this specific team.


ps. glitched juggs roxxers you!

Juggs/Doom/Sent is something that I’ve been messing around with. The combination of Juggy and Doom is powerful if you’re the offensive person. However, the only thing in your whole team that saves you from a runaway character is Cable…He dies, your team dies…(unless your juggy or even doom is just …the shit).

Try using (juggy point) j.Fierce,c.short xx call the rocks, c.Mk, earthquake…you CAN Headcrush after this, but you should leave out the earthquake if you plan on the headcrush hitting for all of it’s hits. The combination of earthquake and rocks does some good chip damage, but the earthquake will allow your opponent frames to block if you’re headcrushing him as the quake hits.

That is all for now


Me & Erik have started calling c. lk XX Headcrush “doing the Robin”… :lol:

Powerful stuff.


Doing the Robin???:wtf:


Robin = Renegade. It’s a pet move of his.

He used to use it way back when the SOVA tourneys were still poppin’.

It just makes you go :lol:, because it’s about as “scrubby” as it is effective (and I mean that in a good way :wink: ).


I like to use cable in that team because he teams up well with doom and somewhat with juggs…

toss a nade with cable if it trapes them (im sure everyone knows this… :slight_smile: ) bring juggs dash assist then AHVB I find you can also mix up the lock down with cable/doom and toss in some juggs assist…

I like to play mind games with juggs at the start aswell… by powering up and not taging out… you know what I mean.

Ummmm…no. You NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER tag out when you power up Juggs. Wait for an attack and spend a super bar on the counter assist. If you must tag, do it when your opponent is going for a physical attack and hope to god your tag connects.

If you want…start Juggy on point and don’t power him up…polish off the first character(if you can) then power him up during the pause for death.


hehe I was doing that when I was playing a friend tonight. I would use an assist so I could power up… as safe as I could… (im still new to mvc2 :smiley: ) and I would throw fakes with the joystick… wait for him to bring an assist out or maybe he would use a super and then I would HC. I had to lay back with juggs alittle becuase he was useing ironman/psylocke and her aaa is a bitch…

Well, I’m not going to repeat anything, but for my Jugg, the important thing is getting people to corners. Once I get people there I feel I can handle them, even runaway Storm and Cable. Now this might sound scrubby, but to me Jugg’s most important aspect of his game is his throw game. There are so many things I’ve learned to destroyed mid-weight to light-weight characters with his FP thorw against the wall.

I own Juggs!

Juggs Cable and Psylocke is one of the best teams I can think of.

Note: He dont like Storm or sentinel. He takes it up the butt from both of them. There supers give him hell. He is just to big to get away from a good Sentinel player and the headcruse does not do jackshit, and it is hard to link 2 with him. You could alway trap with him and Cyclops. I find it easier then tryin to fight a Sentinel.