Your thoughts on this?

EVO & SBO both have rules enforcing the decision of a judgment in a tournament match.

Should it decide the match or should it be replayed?

Tie or Replay, judgement is stupid, its just random

as much fun as judgment is in an actual arcade. thats where it should stay exclusively, it has no place in tournaments. basically judgment goes off grade which DOES advantage certain characters even though it doesn’t automatically mean those characters win.
regardless of that, it would also mean that building meter is a bad idea, and we all know THAT is retarded seeing as how meter dependent 3s is in general and certain characters are especially.
the match should be replayed, always.
i always have a laugh with whoever i double KOed with at the arcade but you can bet that if judgment was deciding who advanced and who got knocked out of a tournament it wouldn’t be so fun and silly.

replay match, always, judgement needs to stay in casual play

I think Judgement is The dopest shit ever… because You don’t get judement in Other games…

I’m annoyed at how Third Strike handle it. Why just not give more round to settle it up? No. A stupid judgement.

Obviously they should just replay the match. Besides, double KO in 3rd strike are so freakin’ rare.

love judgment.

Should always replay in tournaments.

yea…i hear they base it off how many points you have or something…it should be replayed especially in high quality tournaments like Evo and SBO

its part of the game who cares.

if ken is more likely to win based on judgement (especially if its graded by “grade”) you fully well know how the match will come out in a double ko… so you need to avoid it at all costs.

leave it, part of the game. If you think pulling out Judgements cause they are arbitrary, please tell me why we leave gennie gin in?

Take it out. Such a dumb way to settle a match, rare as it may be.

thats like saying GJ determines the winner of a match automatically…judgement does that…a player isnt winning based on skill if the win is decided by judgement

thats like having a wack player go up against a top player and the weaker player wins by judgement

Depends on the kind of tournament. At SBO, clearly the players and spectators find enjoyment in the high-stakes factor of single elim so it only seems natural that replaying after a draw could detract from that. Cultural differences might play a role too. In Japan I bet it’s more common for players to respect the ideals game developers put into their work and have more trust in them compared to Western players.

Of course I’m just making that all up, but it seems logical to me.

But yeah at Evo it’s dumb.

if the game had uneven healthbars and someone won because they “would have died”, how is that any different? the outcome is determinable and avoidable… its not luck based on who wins, the game obviously has an idea of who will win the match (example: urien has a very difficult time winning judgements because he cant kill with super combos as easily, so it means that generally speaking, getting hit by a double ko is generally something he will want to avoid, period, because chances are if the other person landed like 2 super combos on him, he will lose the judgement, its just a negative trait of his character, no different than having poor defensive options).

Judgement is good for a laugh, and not much else. All major tournaments do replays, and it should stay that way.

Judgement score is based partly on point score, and whiffed/hit attacks, taunting drops judgement score. Naturally the point advantage will go to a Chun over most characters since she can play with not much wasted/whiffed moves, her super combo has a large number of hits which racks up the point score easily.

Basically the Judgment system isn’t fair since characters aren’t point scored equally.

Even if it was, it would still be retarded. Fighters are about who can beat who, not who can put on a better show for the crowd.

the game is unfair, by the same logic, all matches should be replayed because chun has a better super, which is an inherit advantage she has over other characters (other characters will generally do better in judgement is just an advantage they have). i dont care if they do replays or not but seriously arguing against the judgement system is retarded because it works in a predictable manner (grade)

dont get double koed if you are going to get a lower grade, an extremely simple solution to this problem.

Wow, yes don’t be double koed. Of all things that happens in this game thats one of these you just can never see coming. You’ll try something and the other guy tries something at the same time, it hits at the same time, double KO. You can’t avoid that.

What the hell is that argument for? Judgment is not fair and does not even require an even minuscule amount of skills, its MEANINGLESS to the player’s skill, which means it should NOT BE CONSIDERED, and the match should be replayed.

Are people that dumb to create retarded logic for tournament? Its pathetic. But what the hell. People will always find a way to argue on something that just shouldn’t be questioned.