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many thanks to Fallback for setting this up

feel free to join


I have a picture of a stick i made, what do i do?
Simply click on the top left on “my photos”, and upload new pics
or on the category “member submissions”

I have several pics of my stick, what do i do?
on the top left click “my albums” and upload all your pics to one album for that one stick

What pics can i post?
Pictures of sticks YOU have made, or mods
if find one with an unknown builder you may upload, but please specify

You do not have to be the creator of a pic for pad hacks, or box guides etc etc
just be sure to be specific on the details

But i haven’t made any sticks or modded any sticks :confused:
feel free to join so you may comment and rate other pics
you can also upload pics of your stock stick collection or anything you have.

but i have no sticks at all!
well are you in the right place?

can i be a moderator?

well maybe,


and if you would like to design a logo for the site
that would help alot :3

I can help out with the site if u need =P

Nice site! Sometimes I like browsing the stick thread to see other peoples works, and hate scrolling through all the text. Keep up the good work!

Finally an easy way to look at sticks(no homo)

Cool site. Most of the stick building stuff is scattered throughout the web. All the stick building stuff on here is scattered across this board which is almost impossible to navigate. Dead links and other crap also hurt. I hope this gets updated and grows quickly!

Also when you upload your stick pics at you can use the uploaded image url’s here. The image display link for use on other sites is provided when you upload.


i’ll be on aim now if anyone has questions

sn: shoo0

Cool site. I just posted up mine.

Wow, I really appreciate the sites layout. I didn’t like this idea much at first but, it is turning out much better than I assumed it would. What I really like is that stick builders can put up or take down their images as they see fit. Plus, it is nice and simple. I must go post now.

And you can still comment on people’s sticks. Keeps the site from being too sterile. I like it!

awesome idea…joining now :hitit:

Submitted mine.

Great site btw!

oh and for some reason right mouse button wont work on hi-res version of photos, so i can’t save them. some kind of protection? ;?)

oh and also we are open to suggestions, opinions, thoughts, rantings, w/e

let us know what you think

Im all registered, ive got photos uploaded and they were uploaded to the “Member submissions” section, but when you hit the members submission section my name dosent come up…how do i fix this? Thanks! And again…awesome site! :lovin:

taken care of sir


wow 2 days and were upto 94 photos
great work everyone!!

also you guys can use this as a profile page for your sticks

ex: thats a direct link to big pocket’s sticks

so you can put that link in your sig, for sale thread, w/e

have fun :wink:

Can I post pics of blank cases (no parts)?

I joined but it says I’m unregistered still :frowning:
Won’t let me put anything up, can u please help me out Shoo?!?

Site is looking awesome btw :smiley:

After you register, they make you RE-login. They also fooled me with this trick.