Joysticks & Jams Marvel vs Capcom 3 Tournament 500$ cash prize Sacramento CA June 4th

Joysticks & Jams are trowing down there first Marvel vs Capcom 3 with a 500$ cash prize to the first place here is the info

When: June 4th

Where: Sacramento’s Slice of Broadway! :: Proudly located on 16th and Broadway in Sacramento, CA - Pizza Delivery Available!

Address: 2424 16th Street
Sacramento, CA 95818
(916) 281-3333

Time: Sign ups and warm ups will start at 12pm and the tournament starts at 1pm

Entry Fee: 25$ this enters you on the tournament and includes free pizza and sodas, no money is going to pot, the 500$ for the 1th prize are guaranteed, as for second and third prize i am still waiting on that so please be patient

Double Elimination
2/3 matches

System: PS3, bring your own stick but there will be a few te sticks here available for those who dont have one, also no pads.

more details would be nice?

Yes more details please!

$25 is asking a lot.

What exactly is our $25 going to?

What about entry fee?
Double elim?
2/3 matches?
Ps3 or Xbox 360?
And how much will 2nd and 3rd place get?


Any questions please email

I feel that all questioned should be able to be answered here on the forums. I mean we are the ones you are trying to get to come to your tourney right?

I’ll ask again what exactly is my $25 going into?

How much will go into the pot?
How much will go to the venue?
How much to food?

Holy crap I can walk to this! :smiley:

lol this looks hella sketch.

Yeah please give us more details such as the console of choice and such.

no details, no attendence

Exactly what I was thinking honzo.

I am not doing the tourny i am just helping my friend posting it, if you show up or not it wont matter at all since we already got alot of people coming, i believe fchamp is coming…

well can you ask your friend for the details and post those details here?

Whoa. That not such a friendly attitude. If it “wont matter” then why post it up :stuck_out_tongue:

The reasons, behind details would make things smoother for the people planning to attend.
I mean if there is gonna be set ups so people can get in casuals and such, or what system so they know what controller they need. Justifying your sorta over the top 25$ entry fee. What it goes to and what not. What does “food provided” mean exactly because one since of pizza and a drink can be considered “food”.

The idea is to make sure everyone happy, and have a good time.

thats what the email is for but some people just seem to be lazy to do that

you could have had a better attitude in your response.

good job man!

low attendance for this tourney is predicted.

lol posting a tourny hes not even organizing…i believe you shouldnt post anything when YOU the one posting doesn’t even know the details of your “FRIENDS’” Tournament

Low attendance? not at all bro how i said i believe filipino champ is coming with other players, we already got a bunch of other people coming, plus is sponsor by boost mobile, and how i said we already got alot of pre sign ups, no attitude at all but honestly it doesnt make a difference if you come or not…

Stop me then =)

lol id love to…but goodluck ahahahaah u keep saying “FCHamp is coming with others” lol so tha fuck what if Ryan goes to your tournament? lol last week there was a tourny “Fchamp” went to …n guess what? Only 4 people showed up for ALL the tournies for 3 games that were supposed to be played there… Goodluck with that attitude…better never bring that to the EAST Bay…on my mama itd be a bad day for you

Kyo_Vandit, you have to understand that lack of details in “big money” tournaments, let alone posting about a tournament you’re not even running, is very suspect. There have been several tournaments in the past that have been shady due to lack of information such as where the money goes for venue and the pot, as well as where the money is coming from for the cash prize. Triple Threat had an issue with promising their cash prize on the spot because the amount of people that showed up for the tournament was not as they had predicted, and the people that won the cash prizes had to wait until a later date to get paid.

People just want details in black and white, no gimmicks. It is not a player’s responsibility to send an email to someone for information; it is the tournament organizer’s responsibility to provide all information in black and white. In this case, your friend should be on SRK to answer any questions regarding this tournament because it’s his responsibility as a tournament organizer.

People just want to know where their money is going to, which is not an unreasonable request. There have been many incidents before in which people have been screwed out of money due to lack of details. Lack of details is already a big red flag, and your/your friend’s lack of cooperation to give out more details is another red flag.

More details would be greatly appreciated.