Joplin Mo - Home of the crouching jab

Here it is, a nice new thread with a name. Discuss

hey someone pm floe and tell him to close the old one
its funny the guy who wouldnt even come out and PLAY tonight made a whole new thread

My only objection is that Crouching Jab <---- should be capitalized.

Still very satisfied.

I would’ve invited you guys over but GOOD comp doesn’t travel to BAD comp, so I just couldnt ask.

Bumping this thread in spite of Tony.

So playing tonite or what

So here’s the deal, my parents don’t want me going with you guys, that’s pretty final.
We haven’t talked about me driving and just following you guys very much but I suspect that’s pretty final too, we’ll see though.
My dad actually wants to take me and see how I do and all but I’m not into having my parents at an event like a fighting game tournament.

Another State of the Journey Address will be given soon hopefully with better results.

if i’m just going by myself i might as well stay home. meh
i was hoping we’d take you up there and get you a good result based on people’s unfamiliarity with viper shenanigans

Still got a week to see so yeah just wait and see I guess.

yeah i’ll just decide at the last second whether i’m going to st louis or not

Good games tonite guys.

Directly across from Food 4 Less there is some new LAN center that will actually sponsor tournaments!

Xbox 360 Joplin tournament anyone?

But yeah, sounds like my dad wants me too “work my way up the ladder” as in start out at springfield… other closer tourneys blah blah blah.

well in theory he’s right but i mean, st louis and kansas city are really the first ‘steps’ on the ladder…

Good point.

Where exactly do you mean by “across.” I’m pretty sure you’re not talking about across 32nd street as that’s a bank and a church. I’d like to see what exactly this LAN center is as it’s right by my work.

I haven’t seen it my self my dad just told me… but your thinking of exactly where I’m thinking.

Maybe he was just thinking wrong and it’s by subway or something.
No tellin, either way it’s around that area.

this is seriously weaksauce. i’m not even the best joplin player and i’m the only one willing to travel to tourneys, thus i gotta rep by default

well i’ll let you guys know how it goes. 0-2 again baby get hype

Weeks, you’re the heart and soul of JoMo now.
Seriously Ben, I would probably go with you to AR but I just don’t have any money right now; I’m saving every penny I have. :frowning:
You should try to bum a ride with the SPFD guys if they have room.

Speaking of, it sounds like they aren’t going to make it tonight, so let’s get vipe tonight anyway!

“Weaksauce” is an Ami term. You an Ami lover? Do you suck his Giles Blackwood? DIDN’T THINK SO! DON’T SAY WEAKSAUCE!

i won’t make you split gas if you can scrape up the entry fee dude.

but i understand.

on a funny note, i guess antwan stole some guy’s xbox and gave it to one of his crew