Jin - Tricks and Shenanigans

Jin, being one of the oddest characters on the MvC2 roster, is a lot of little tricks and just all around weird playstyle.

I’m sure, the 3 Jin users out there have a few tricks, and tips. And I’m also sure that us three Jin users, don’t play him the same. Higher-Jin talks about all these crazy combos and stuff that I never really thought of, besides his few BnBs.

I want to throw out all the stops and try to give an insight on this semi-nude-loving, mech fighter.

I’m a little pressed for time right now, so I won’t try to find other posts that would be helpful to the Jin gameplay. Though, I’ll try to post them here in a little bit.

Jump Ins -

Personally, I only use Down Roundhouse for air-to-ground. The angled down kick cyclone thing. It chips like crazy, and keeps pressure. I would use: Jump, assist [Trone Y, Juggs Y, Doom B are nice] Down Roundhouse.

If it connects:
Jab, Jab into anything.
Down Jab, Roundhouse into anything.

If it doesn’t connect:
I’ll just do it again.

It pushes them back so you can put them into a corner and keep up corner pressure. One of the biggest down side to this is, your Bloodia Punch will come out slower, the farther you are from your side of the wall. So you’ll need to add an extra hit into your combo for it to connect. C. Roundhouse xx Bloodia doesn’t work from this far away from the wall. You’d have to modify it to C. Roundhouse xx Dynomite [first hit, for the pop-up] Bloodia Punch. Jin’s had should hit the person, so they’ll be sucked in for the Bloodia.

For air-to-air: I’ll use Back Roundhouse. That Double kick thing. Comes out pretty fast, and hits real hard. Though you’ll have trouble with Sent’s unfly tactics so be careful. I’ll talk about that later.

Bloodia Punch - it’s usefulness and usage.

Bloodia punch is by far his best super. Though the great cyclone is crazy damage, it’s kinda hard to set up and doesn’t have a useful glitch/trick to it that the Bloodia does.

What I’ve learned from the Bloodia is, that you can trap assists in its hit on either side of you. If your oppenent calls sent, and jumps behind you; you can bloodia and catch sent.

But here’s the neat little trick about the Bloodia. I’ve seen it time and again, so I can say with almost no doubt that it works. If you catch the assist, even if the main is blocking, the last hit will still hit.

A guy’s storm called his Sent to cover, I C. Roundhouse xx Dynomite xx Bloodia. The roundhouse hit sent, which killed his drones. Storm blocked low so didn’t get hit. I quickly canceled the Roundhouse to a Dynomite, which again caught Sent. Once he popped up just a little, I canceled to Bloodia. Like I said above, I hit sent with Jin’s actual hand then the Bloodia hit. Right after that, the last hit of the Bloodia connect with Storm and she went flying. The guy yelled a big “WTF” and I just smiled.

Of course there are soooo many drawbacks to the Bloodia. Slow start-up, massive down time. It’s not safe to just throw out, without Typhoon, C. Roundhouse, or dynomite first. And it’s COMPLETELY punishable by the top 4 that can and WILL lead to Jin’s death. So it is only and ONLY safe and close range. You *might *be able to throw it out safely at mid range, with an assist; but I don’t really try it too much.

Positioning and Playstyle - A weird kind of rushdown
I play Jin with great frustration, wavedashing, and angry, slow rushdown. I put him on point, though as a center he has decent DHC’s. I take as much advantage on his flaming moves, since all of them chip like no one’s business. The Down Roundhouse I talked about earlier chips like crazy. On Sent, I just sit there and Jump, Down Roundhouse all day since he’s so massive. If you get the timing down, you don’t even need an assist to keep pressure.

Against Mags and a rushdown Storm, you just need to block A LOT. Be on the look out for crossups; and remember, Dynomite is a wonderful thing. It snuffs most normals and launchers. Just be careful of using your dynomite on MSP. Psylocke is a trouble and needs to be dealt with. >=/ Her assist, whatever it’s called, can stop a dynomite; even while he’s doing it.

But the good thing about fighting against mags and storm is the fact that they can’t take as many hits as they can dish out. One nice, Jump-in down roundhouse, Crouching Jab xx Tyhpoon xx Bloodia is well over 50% damage on either.

Really I’m scared of Cable and Sent more than the other two. Cable, just because he’s cable. Make a mistake, AHVB. Whiff a normal, AHVB. Whiff anything, AHVB. You get the idea. Same with Sent, his unfly/ air dominance make his crazy good. Jin doesn’t have much when it comes to air-to-air game.

So what do you do with these two? I’ll tell you.

Sent - As much as possible, keep him on the ground. Though is still a huge threat on the ground, Jin is too. Pelt him with Roundhouses, and well timed fierces. Dynomite all day and try to trap him with assists.

If and when he gets to the air, and there’s no real stopping him; you need to just play smart. Most people like to chase him in the air, which is a no-no. He moves way to fast for you to catch. Best thing, and what works well with good cover, is Fierce Typhoon xx Bloodia Vulcan. Use the Typhoon to screw with his unfly and Bloodia Vulcan. If you have CapCom or Blackheart, or any other awesome AA then by all means, bring him down.

Cable - Since he keeps you at a distance, you’re limited to what you can do vs him. Your Down Roundhouse becomes unsafe, since he can just AHVB if you whiff. Typhoon is unsafe. Dynomite and Bloodia Punch HAVE TO CONNECT, or they’re unsafe. With so many tools, now completely unsafe, what I like to do is just jump around. Seriously. Superjump to get out of Viperbeam / Grenade traps and to get closer. Superjumping also can get a nice assist cross up, with the right assist. But of course it’s at the risk of your assist, so be careful.

Magneto - Mags is a clangorous mofo. Really one wrong move, one whiffed move, or anything not blocked can lead to an auto death. You just need to watch out for his angry, fast paced rushdown. Block as much as you can, and try to guess if he’ll attack high or low. If you’re fighting MSP, which you’ll most likely face if you’re fighting mags, you really need to watch out for Pyslocke. Her assist, can go through your assist, your Typhoon, and Dynomite.

The best way to handle him is just to play it safe, play it smart and look for an opening. I try to make opening by crossing him up with Jumping back roundhouse or down fierce. Normally, I’ll call Tron, Jump, cross up fierce. If it connects, I’ll either jab or Crouching Roundhouse depending on how far I am from him. If the fierce is blocked, then I just block or dynomite. If Tron is still out, I’ll dynomite; If she’s gone I’ll block.

Storm - Honestly my favorite fight out of the top 4. On start up, you have frame advantage, if either or neither of you did the switch glitch. Since Jin’s standing/crouching jab are 2 frames, and Storm’s fastest is 3 frames, you’re set. Just start the match by walking up to her, and spam jab. It should hit clean and you’ll be able to get a damaging combo on her. If not, you’ll trade which is fine too. Establish ground dominace early on and try to keep her on the ground. Assists, Fierce Typhoons, jabs and J. down roundhouses are safe since she can’t punish as fast and mags or cable. watch out of psylocke, sent, or capcom/cyke’s assists.

If she decides that she doesn’t want to head up against you, she’ll go to the air and start screaming. Like sent, Fierce Typhoon xx Bloodia Vulcan to glitch it out. But unlike sent, you can go into the air and chase her. Just watch out for a lighting attack xx lighting strom xx DHC, as usual. If done right, you can put the fear in storm and just rape her.

Combos and Near 100% -

Jab, Jab, Jab, Short, Jab, Short, Firece = simply Air BnB. Does decent damage and show cases’s Jin one and only air combo. Use it to build meter and on the way down, Firece. It has a chance to cross up and do it again.

Jab, Crouching Jab, Dynomite xx Bloodia Punch = Pretty easy, good damage [does more damage the closer your back is to the wall] The Dynomite xx is real tricky and needs spot on timing. The minute you see the flash of the dynomite you need to xx

C. Roundhouse xx Dynomite = simple and keeps them out. If you can’t get into rhythm or just too hardcore rush down, stick with this.

C. Roundhouse xx Dynomite xx Bloodia Punch = Same as above, just way more damage.

Jab, Jab xx Great Cyclone = To mix up with the air combo. Does MASSIVE damage. Just see mags health go from full to half in three hits.

Combos with assists. I use Tron, every time I play Jin. Tron does so much damage, Keeps them in place to setup for anything, and they have interesting cross ups together.

Tron, J. Roundhouse, Jab, Jab xx Great Cyclone = Huge damage. If you use the Jumping D. Roundhouse, it won’t cross up, just chip which can be good too.

Here are some of the most damaging near death combos on Storm and Mags that I have done. They are a little dificult, but still way easier than most combos by other chars.

Jab, Tron, Firece, Fierce Tyhphoon xx Bloodia Punch.
Jab, C. Jab, Tron, C. Roundhouse, Dynomite xx Bloodia Punch.
Jab, Tron [pause] Jab, Jab xx Great Cyclone.

If anyone has any questions, I can answer as many as I can. I know for a fact that I don’t have all the info I should here, and I’ll post more as I can remember them.

Like Higher-Jin said, “A higher Jin can be achieved” I hope this little snippet helps the other 2 Jin players out there, lol.

I sure hope it’s more than 3 of us out there.

sorry to necro but wanting to get this info seen by any new and returning players for the 360 release. jin is my pointman and this is must know against all the top tiered characters.

O.O im new to Jin must make him amazing >.<

Best point of Jin (IMHO) is that if you put him as your final charrie and he gets less than 25% he gets power armor automatically for the rest of the round. Might not sound so important, but it’s pretty cool regardless, and winning like that is just epic.

Also, if your opponent jumps over you, if you use Blodia Vulcan, it sometimes becomes unblockable because they are transitioning over you, therefor, crossing themselves up. It’s an interesting mechanic.

yea if they keep super jumping i normally end up callin da blodia vulcan seems to always cross em up… My jin gotten a little better but i still havent been able to combo into any of his supers yet

IMO the meanest thing about jin is (not sure on the name… i rarely play him) blodia vulcan? The friggen cockpit machinegun action… ruins the living shit out of storm or doom runaway… and smacks the shit out of flying sent… Lots of people bring him in last… but if you can get him in earlier with assists and bars… might get to land it several times and runaway with things a bit…

I have a few things to add:

Bloodia punch can combo from either a standing lk or crouching lk (not mk). This eliminates any chance of rolling out of a typhoon/c. hk combo and is a little easier to time the cancel than the c. lp, c. mp combo.

Jin is a monster in the corner. Here’s the only combo you should be attempting in the corner: jump in hk/hp, s.lk or (c. lp, c. mp) xx Bloodia punch, c. hk xx Bloodia punch. Two supers, about 80% damage on most characters, and it’s unrollable. If you have no supers left, you can just tag on a saotome dynamite.

For Xbox 360/PS3:
I’m not sure about the PS3 version, but launcher --> Saotome cyclone is no longer reliable and does not always combo. In fact, it rarely does.

Oops, I forgot another corner combo. Jump in, s. lk xx Bloodia punch, c. hk, lp Typhoon (2-3 hits) xx Saotome cyclone. This one does about 90% damage.

nice gonna try this man

Jin Teams & Tactics

Jin (expy)/ Doom (variety)/ IronMan (anti-air)

Jin w/Doom Combo #1- s.lp, hp, Doom, blodia punch. It seems it doesnt connect, just by looking at it, but it connects because the frame freeze for the HC, allows Doom’s photons to connect, which connects with the Blodia. Damage: Sentinel-41 Magneto-57 Storm-59
Jin w/Doom Combo #2- cr.lk, cr.hk, Doom, various HC’s…I usually choose Jin Cyclone, because it takes a lot of damage, and its easier to connect it this way. You can use either HC though. The key to the connection is, you want to time Doom’s assist just right, so they cant roll out.
Jin w/Doom Combo #3- cr.lp2, typhoon, Doom, Jin cyclone or vary HC’s.

Jin w/IronMan Combo #1- (personal fav) lp2, hp, IronMan, land, >> hp, Blodia punch. When you launch, just hp them into repulsor, land, move in a bit, hp, then Blodia. Takes 90 on most.
Jin w/IronMan Combo #2- cr.lp2, typhoon, IronMan, Jin Cyclone. Easy…but deadly.
Jin w/IronMan Combo #3- cr.lk, cr.hk, dynamite, IronMan, pause…, hp//Blodia punch.
Jin w/IronMan Combo #4- s.lp2, IronMan, vary…Blodia, Vulcan or Cyclone.

Thats a pretty powerful team, with decent combos. Not to mention the other character’s combos with Jin.

Dont you jin players know you can do his tornado charge thing (not the super)

straight into a bloodia puch? insane damage adn easy to set up.

If you miss the charge tornado just dynomite to cover your ass.

Never seen anyone do it online, most jin strats dont have it.

I dont even play with in and I know that lol.

Good thing is charge tornado/ Bloodia/ Proton canon.

Or hUlk gamma charge/meteor crush/wait till last hit and do jins cylone super.

Crazy damage.

Also an inf I learned with jin is…

Launcher. lp. lk. lp. lk. pause. (opp lands with you dropping above). down HP. lp launcher repeat.

As long as you keep doing it they cant get out.

I do typhoon XX Bloodia Punch but launch to cyclone is more reliable in terms of damage and safety. If you drop that bloodia punch combo for some reason you can be quickly pounded by mid/full screen supers.

As for this infinite, how does it work, whats the timing. the only infinites that ive seen with jin is the taunt infinite and one that was done on colossus or [media=youtube]CcSbRQXWgo4#t=2m32s"[/media].

Technically its not an infinite since they can get out of it. Only way to get out of it is to either jump out of the way or succesfull block the overheard. But if you time it right that cant happen because they will flip and land right when you start the overheard again.

All you do is launch, lp, lk, lp, lk but pause for a slight second. If you do that they will roll out of your combo and you can time the overhead right as they land. Technically its not a real inf like iron mans but you can kill most characters with this especially the bigger ones.

If you wanna see what im talking about, get zief and do the same thing but do…

crouch, lp, mp(launcher), lp, lk, pause till your falling then do the flying eagle thing and if done right they cant block it and you can continue the combo over and over till they die.

ANother thing with jin similar to the cyclone bloodia punch is… launcher, lp, lk, lp, the double kick (they wll bounce when they land and you can connect the cyclone/bloodia punch. They cant get out of it because its jin’s bounce combo.

Similar to ryu’s launcher, lp, lk, lp, lk, HP, HK (opponent bounces) super hadoken.

Bounce combos are when you HP and HK someone after the lp, lk,lp,lk, it will send them into a backflip when they land and you can connect stuff into it.

Not many people know about these things, when I talk about them I get that wtf look on there face. Even pro’s dont know you can air combo with iron man, HK downward and people will bounce right into the iron man inf.


Anyway, Ive been messing around with a team of Mags proj-IM AAA-Jin AAA

Not a great team by any means, but really fun to play. I think it potentially has a lot going for it.

-Decent meter building
-Good to great DHCs
-2 good AAA for different situations
-Can do lots of damage really fast
-Infinites Galore: ROM, IM, Mags+Jin Tag infinite, Jin infinite

Since this the Jin thread, I’ll keep it strictly on him.

Jin isn’t as fast or as fancy as magneto or IM, but he can do a lot of damage fast and can set up infinites really well or DHCs. With him, I try to keep this super basic (well, its not like i have a choice)…

-j.fp, land, s.lk, s.fp + magneto, opponent lands on EM disruptor, xx blodia vulcan, DHC PC.

I like this combo for a DHC setup rather than a blodia punch super because it higher hits and more damage.

-j.fp, land, s.lk, s.fp + magneto, opponent lands on EM disruptor, s.fp xx blodia punch.

Similar set up as the midscreen one, except you’re adding and extra FP. In the corner, vs certain characters, you want to do the blodia punch because it sets up the following:

-j.fp, land, s.lk, s.fp + magneto, opponent lands on EM disruptor, s.fp xx blodia punch, c.lk (otg), [s.fp xx tag in magneto, c.lk, c.fk xx tag in jin] x N.

The tag infinite.

and if the tag infinite isn’t going to work, you can just c.lk xx Blodia punch, DHC PC.

Neat little trick: Jin’s FK throw is unrollable. So, if you throw them out of a corner (jin backed into a corner), after you bounce back, you can set up another FK throw. On big characters like sentinel, you can mix up the tick throw with a j.fp overhead + IM assist.

Simple set up in corner vs sent:
-j.fp, land, s.lk, s.fp + mags, sent lands on mags, dash in, Tick FK throw out of corner, land, pause, j.fp + IM overhead, pause, blodia punch, c.lk (otg), c.fp xx blodia punch xx frame kill PC…

Actually it does work, time it right and it connects.

They cant block the gief thing because when I do it people just die.

Jins bounce comb’s tricky but if you do it right they bounce into your cyclone.

Ryu’s works

I do it most matches I play since im constantly picking different teams now adays.

Did you even try it on actual players?

Im not gonna argue if it works or not.

Id rather people not use my combo any way lol.

I don’t need to try it on actual players to know they do not work. Just by reading what you post and knowing how the game works/plays, I can tell you…nothing you have posted will not combo in or connect.

Either you’re mistaken or I’m mistaken. And I’m pretty sure I am not mistaken. In fact, I know for a fact that this combo (that you posted) does not work at all.

Similar to ryu’s launcher, lp, lk, lp, lk, HP, HK (opponent bounces) super hadoken.

I’m sorry, but it doesn’t. The same with everything else you have posted. And they only way I can think it possibly hits is you’re playing bad players who do not know how to block and/or like to mash on buttons.

As for arguing, I’m not trying to argue. I’m just correcting you. Nothing wrong with that, right? I’m looking to help out other players. I have played this game long enough to know a lot of the INs and OUTs of it. I may not know everything, but I do know a lot.

that launch combo that you posted super villian is more of a 50/50 setup that you can control if you use falling lk instead of falling HP.
That bounce is putting them in a normal jump status and jin bloodia punch has some unblockable properties (especially when the opponents assist is out and getting hit), and it frame kills near jin, so if they tried any thing that doesnt have insane priority they will get hit. But they may be able to fly/air dash out.
launch LP,LK,MP(or MK),HP,HK works on sentinel. causes a small FS
Jump in,standing lk, Jin Crash, (It actually combos)

This makes more sense. I was pointing out that super villain’s set up was not an infinite as he had thought but more of a mixup/reset that he had posted.

And I’m pretty sure the ‘bounce’ effect does not put a character in normal jump mode, otherwise we’d see a lot of mid combo resets into guard breaks. It might put them in normal jump height, but I dont think in normal jump itself. I could be mistaken. The only way the opponent gets hit is if they a) block the wrong way, b) dont block, or c) try to attack and get hit.

Also, I do know about the unblockable with blodia punch when it hits an assist, but that was not specific in his post. I take it as written, so if he had mentioned it I may have agreed with that setup. Even though it’s not guaranteed.

So, either I’m greatly mistaken or Jin is really broken.

Well I play online alot, im not the best ever and dont take this game seriously enough to count frame rates and go searching for what frames are invincible etc.

But I can tell you teh ryu combo works, because I pic ryu every now and again and since its the only good combo I know with ryu I try it alot.

I suppose I can agree with the 50/50 rule but I never try this on god tiers or anything that looks cheezy.


I usually do this online, if the people I play against suck they usually dont last past my first player.

meaning its even easier for me to pull this off.

Ill say it was dumb for me to say inf but its kinda similar in that you cant get out of it if done right.

BUt then if the person dont know that standing blocks will lose to trips etc then of course it will keep connecting.

So ill take your word for it that it does not ever work but ill just keep doing it when I play.

:sad: Sorry, but the ryu combo does not work. Launch, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk, HP, HK shinkuu hadoken will not combo. And it does not cause a bouce. Why? Because the 2 attacks in bold will cause a flying screen. During this time no supers or special are able to come out or connect once it is activated. You can do: Launch, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk, shinkuu hadoken.