Jin - Tricks and Shenanigans

Sorry I was thinking about sentinel frying pan bounce set up for the unblockable laser but jins unblockable Bloodia punch does work similarly to [media=youtube]NlF1nMmoeo4"[/media] I will put up a vid showing jin later.

/face palm

You keep saying it doesnt work… Are you timing it right?

Ill make a vid and post it on youtube.

you air combo, lp,lk… blah blah and you are able to get out the HP and HK which causes the opponent to fly backwards… land, then back flip again to there feet.

There is a slight pause in which button mashers may be able to hit you before you get out the HP and HK.

If you are trying to do the HP immediately after your going to send them flying away.

lp,lk etc… pause HP/HK pause hadoken.

you also need to tiem it so Ryu’s shinkuu is where the opp bounces.

Also you cant lp,lk.lp,lk shiinkuu

Its lp,lk,lp,mp, shinkuu

Just for future reference, if you pause between certain hits it allows for extra hits.

for instance…

cyke cant connect his optic beam (huge one) without do a slight pause in his lp,lk,lp,lk

The pause makes him uppercut the person higher and allows for the super.

if you do it fast then the person falls out too fast.

Ugh…now you’re adding pauses in between the hits. This is something you did not specify in your previous post. Regardless, this still will not work.

Here is what will happen:

-You slight pause, FP still connects. Flying screen is activated, no bounce/no super.

-You slight pause, combo meter resets, FP can be blocked.

-You slight pause, combo meter resets, FP connects (for some odd reason), Super can be blocked.

The only way it hits is if you’re playing a horrible player who does not know how to block or is just mashing on buttons. Other than that, this is not a viable tactic and should really be ignored at all cost.

I would like to see a video of this.

Uh. Its just how i write my combos. Its the magic series of lp, lk, lp(mp), lk(mk) using an arcade set-up. So, it should be read as such unless otherwise noted.

here is a clip I made of the [media=youtube]sUek4W0Eb6Y"[/media]
Havent you guys noticed that some times you can hit your opponent if they are blocking while you are punching there assist?

Good stuff man. I just tried that. I’ve been OCVing all day long. MSP’s, team scrubs, Clockworks, you name a top tier team I’ve been smashing them with this shit man. GOOD SHIT!

I’ve got a Jin/Juggernaut corner combo that outright kills most characters (or brings them within about 10 points of death.) It does require Juggy to be glitched and have his Dash assist in order to be fatal, though.

j.hp, s.lk, Blodia Punch, c.lk, Juggernaut assist, c.hk, Ultimate Cyclone

You have to input the assist immediately after you input the OTG c.lk after the Blodia Punch. Jugg’s assist will connect, lifting them into the air; the c.hk isn’t for damage, it’s for spacing - it puts you right in range to cancel into Ultimate Cyclone and snatch them out of the air.

I may try to record a video and post it, it’s pretty cool seeing a combo where Blodia Punch and Ultimate Cyclone connect.

OMG. That might work. That would really hurt people. But I got something that would hurt more. J. fierce, Cr. jab, Cr. jab xxx Blodia punch, lk+Jugg assist, Blodia Punch. Death to all but Colossus and Sentinel (I believe). Your combo is way cooler though. I’m doing that at the arcade.

Anyway. A team that can own with Jin at point: Jin(A or B)/Ryu(A)/Doom(B). Jin and Doom can chip someone to death. Cross-up opportunities when you knock someone down into Doom’s rocks. I need to experiment with a knock down into rocks and try to get into a hyper combo (Jin Vulcan?). If I can, this is my tournament team.

Ryu can do some shit like Jin can (e.g. FP throw into rocks, QCF+PP). I need to experiment with Ryu/Jin, but the expansion assist has alot of potential for some nasty combos.

Anyway, my two cents.

Be careful about trying to use the blodia vulcan vs Sentinel. He can fly straight up if he’s flying already and it will miss in the arcade and dreamcast versions. I don’t know if they fixed it in the XBL and PS3 versions. If I had Sentinel I’d sj and fly immediately.

Hey guys im new to mvc 2 in general and jin is one of the characters who interests me so thanks a lot for this guide, its very hard to find info for anyone that isn’t magneto, sentinel, cable and storm online.

Jin Saotome’s possible attempt to become decent?

Let me know what you guy think about this.

If the opponent jumps in the air, it can lead to some crazy shenanigans. Especially if your opponent is jumping at you. Try not to do this on magneto or storm though.

Jin Dynamite… from here you can do some crazy crossup shit like cr. hk xxx Bloodia Punch. either you will cross him up or stay on the same side. Im not really sure how, but with Colossus, it looks like you are staying on the same side, but you really cross him up. Crazy shit.

Nice DHC with Bloodia? It isn’t instant, but it is free when done first. When you cancel it to IM’s PC, not even AHVB can hurt you.

Free way to get in with Jin. s. hp + Sent y or Storm a xxx hp jin typhoon. My favorite tool against Magneto.

I would type more, but Im exhausted lol

This thread does Jin absolute justice. Most of my own pioneered techniques was fully covered with added unthinkable fashions. “Nuff Said” :smiley:

how do u cancel his typhoon?