Jin Kazama Q & A Thread

It seems like every other Character specific forum has one and these types of threads were especially helpful to me when it came to either mvc3 or sfiv…so fellow jin players ask away…

Does Jin’s Median Line Destruction have a good bit of pushback on block? I can’t punish it, or maybe it’s cause I’m too slow?

You probably just need to hit the lab with it to check. MLD is:

-23 - LP
-23 - MP
-10 - HP
-8 - EX

So depending on your character not only can you punishe LP/MP, you could probably dash and punish it. As far as HP and EX. the windo is tight, so if you’re out of range of lights they might not hit even though they are fast, but moves like c.MKs or other far reaching bufferable pokes would be ideal. I’ve been punished almost every single time i’ve had it blocked so…

Kind of a two-pronged question to someone who really wants to main Nina/Jin team. First, to those playing Jin with a controller, do you advise dpad or stick? I’m predominantly a dpad player, but after extensive special stepping its been hurting my thumb so I am thinking of switching to stick?

Second, and more importantly, what exactly is the kind of game Jin brings to the table, and why does it make him a good candidate over other characters? He seems to have a lot of good tools but without a perfect mastery of them one cannot do his combos and despite all the complications of said combos they hardly reward you in damage compared to the bnbs of most of the rest of the cast. I’d like to know what kind of character I get after spending the time to learn all of his executions.
It seems that said combos would be even more difficult to pull off in an online environment where a spot of lag could ruin the uber precise timing.

How do you ‘Reverse Mist Step’? and how useful is it in a match

You mean Special Step right? Mist step belongs to Kazuya, and as much as i wish we had it, we don’t :frowning:

You cannot reverse Special step. You can however backdash cancel specials step. It allows you to backdash out of moves that normally you wouldn’t be able to backdash from. For instance, Shun Masatsu is punishable on block. this can be alleviated by doing SS LP. However, against a character with a fast attack like gief or julia, SSLP wouldn’t work, and it would be better to backdash. Normally, you can’t can’t backdash cancel normals and special moves. However, since you can backdash cancel SSLP, you can just so SMasatsu, SS, backx2 as quickly as possible to backdash. It should be noted that this backdash does not perform like a regular backdash, and you can actually cancel that into another backdash to really puts some distance between Jin and your opponent. This seems like it can be extremely effective after using power stance, but this is some really advances stuff we’re working with and will need some more time to figure out how to use it properly.

you can also charge cancel Penetrating Fist and backdash… its a little less effective, but SUPER easy on the execution.

is his MA plus LP counter random?

The uppercut?

And no counter is random. basically you counter because you hit them during the startup of whatever they’re pushing.

I ment the Mp punch of MA, when ever you get a counter with it it seems random

Wakeup or “reversal” with Jin?

Mental Alertness (10 frames strike invulnerable, but not grab)
into MP Swaying Willow (5 frame, total 15 frames) or LK Leaping Side Kick (to get over them and hopefully get out of trouble maybe??).

Power Stance ex, absorbs hits from frame 1, unlike normal Power Stance (absorbs from frame 3) into something.

And that’s it, both loses to grabs, but i think a neutral jump could punish a grab attempt on jin’s wakeup…
…or backdash.
Am i missing something or that’s it?

You input the normal special step input, then very quickly input back right after. If you do it correctly, Jin will move forward then quickly hop backwards. I don’t use it in matches too often, except when I play against turtle characters like Guile. When he’s sitting in the corner, I can reverse special step, which occasionally causes him to flash kick, then I can jump in with my BnB. Doesn’t always work, but it’s nice for baiting out unsafe moves.

Sounds about right. Are you asking something in particular? (sorry if I didn’t catch it).

Yes, i was asking if i was missing something, because
I fear that Mental Alertness may be too slow to actually counter things on wakeup,
and Power Stance Ex… and cancel into what? everything might be really unsafe and all of the options looses against grabs,
andthe only way i know to use the counter hit granted by the ex version is cancel PE into Mental Alertness MP… so i could have used ME mp in the first place.

This is just theory because i really can’t think of something else, and i didn’t get any good result with both options so far, so i might be missing something.

For some reason people don’t pressure me too much on wakeup, but when they do honestly i don’t know what to do besides blocking because both ME or PE ex are a great risk if they only do a jab and stop, or throw.

Jin’s fireball can be switched in from anywhere on the screen if it hits immediately.

Want to know the frame data on a normal fireball and then switch in to see if it’s unsafe or can be combo’d from.

In general, what should I be doing against this character? All his movies seem so safe. I’m using rufus and ryu. When using rufus I guess I should dash during the cross ups? Ryu I find better bc of his aa cr. H. Still annoying facing this char. The most of the time I win against this character by time out. Rarely am I able to mix up with this char. Mental alertness also so great with its invincibility. Even though its throw-able but its rare that I’m close enough to do so.

How do you special step in the middle of a combo? when I practice it I only preform it a small percent of the time, whats the trick to it?

Some people have had success doing a double Hadoken Motion when they do the Mist Step, others treat it like a delayed SRK Motion. I do both. Remember that Special Step is a Special, so it can only be used off of special cancellable moves. Have fun!

weeks ago, this was the part i had a hard time with it. It wasn’t unitl i stepped away from the game and came back again that i realized exactly what you just said.

If you wait for the hit confirm (st.mp or cr.mp or cr.hk or st./cr.lp) once you hear it “confirm” just do special step…

Glad someone else gets it. :smiley:

I still cant it to work, both the shinku motion and the wait till the hit confirm are inconstant =/
although i do suck at linking…

if you’re doing shortcuts I find it very VERY inconsistent but if you’re doing the real motion you’ll have better luck. I get SS without thinking at this point and even surprise myself sometimes but that was from weeks (two really) of siting in training mode and doing it for hours every day (no life i know) and I would do it against the cheapest cpu i could find ryu x rufus so I sort of brute forced my way into doing it…anyways long story short, muscle memory. Remember hit first then fwd, neutral,down, down fwd, fwd lp/mp/lk/lk+mk etc etc etc

my issue was that I got used playing characters like ken (see avatar) and was used to doing cr.mk into a fireball where you can do the fireball motion during the cr.mk translate that into sfxt and doing SS during a non-cancelable move will stop SS from coming out.