JiBbo's SFxT Dedicated Stream

I’m back streaming regularly again! Follow @AutoMattock for updates!


SFxT Defense Force Members:

  • General JiBbo
  • SECDEF Ryan Hunter
  • “CheezeBurgerz” Tatsujinken
  • 2nd Lietenant West along with Questionator
  • Chaos Limit + SimSimIV, 2nd in command
  • Republican Representative, FACENC
  • Royal Jester, GreatZucchini. (Possible promotion soon)
  • Caaaptaaaaaaain Slaaaayerrrr Sliiiiiiiice
  • Roknin, Grand Vizier.
  • Colonel DANE!!!.. from Canada :slight_smile:

Current Events!

  • Asshole Monday, where I commentate your matches unrestrained in hope that you will remember the glaring flaws in your game play. The aim is to entertain but also informally educate. Start time for this is hard to determine because it depends on when I get off work. If you follow me on twitter I will always announce when I’m about to start the stream.

  • Newbie Tuesday (MOST ORIGINAL TITLE EVER). Invite only room where I take you under my wing and tell you how to Street Fighter X Tekken. :tup:

  • I’m thinking wednesday I’ll have as my dedicated AutoMattock transmission day.

  • E-sports celeb thursday. I’ll try to have an invite only room with special guests like Alex Valle, Wolfkrone, Arturo, etc etc. That’d be dope if I can pull that off.

Everything is subject to change and I’m absolutely open to suggestions. I do work for a living for an undetermined amount of hours so I have to play everything by ear. Some nights I may just straight up not feel like interacting with people as well.

Archive Uploads on Youtube:


Nice set of matches there, don’t see many Sagat’s.

Your like me when you fight though, when you’re low on health, you just go, “oh nooooo” in a monotone kind of voice, lol.

Also, don’t know why, but whenever you wake up DP’d I always expected you to say, “Yeah I got those!” lol

I enjoyed watching that anyway man. :slight_smile:

Jibbo are you on right now? If you want we can run some matches.

I just have to buy a router, which ill do after I sleep. Class will be in session later today :smiley:

You should post the youtube archive of your stream with Eternal Rivals, if you haven’t already done that somewhere. That was a good listen…

I have :smiley:

Streaming right now. Everyone is welcome:D

So I’ve been thinking of different segments to have during the week. I could use more ideas on top of the great ideas those have come up with my in stream. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

  • JiBbo Challenges. Things such as all combos must start with jab. Ban the use of meter. No launchers allowed. This sort of ideas will demonstrate the importance of whatever it is being taken away, so as to add emphasis on intelligent gameplay as an end result. Prizes for the winners such as appearing on podcasts with myself and other high profile SFxT players.

  • Drinking with JiBbo. Probably on a weekend day where I come up with things to drink to. If I fumble over words that’s a drink. If I whiff a kara tiger uppercut… drink.

  • New player segment. Invite only room with players needing guidance. I will take them under my wing and teach them as I’ve taught many. :smiley:

  • JiBbo & Friends. I’ll basically do this any way. Invite only room with great players.

  • Open Lobby. This will probably run while I’m at work, inconveniently at 3pm-12pm… ish… when things get done.

Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.

SFxT Defense Force UNITE

Hope to see a lot of the guys on here in the chat. Jibbo’s stream is da truth!

Good stuff tonight! I’ve got a lot to work on. As per the usual. XD

Looking forward to the streams. :slight_smile:

I like the challenge you presented on stream tonight as well, playing other lesser-used characters. I’ll try to do the same from time to time in the lobby.

Dont be so hard on yourself you did great tonight!!

I like all of the ideas so far JiBbo, though I don’t think I will be able to join in on your drinking most of the time, as I the time difference is kind of a big deal, especially with work early the next day:P

Private lobby, where you need to get an invite, could be good to gather your army.

In the lab with JiBbo: Joining you online in the training mode and exploring situations with yours and the other persons character (what beats what, general new tech etc.) Maybe not so interesting for many, but I like that kind of stuff lol

Breakdown of tournament matches on stream (If you get permission to use the footage, or just talk about it, as was mentioned in the chat yesterday). Would be interesting to see your thoughts on the flaws of gamerbee or Justin’s flaws in SFxT etc.

So how bout a tournament this weekend. Stipulations are your team must have yoshimitsu or Paul. Boosts gems allowed. Winner gets an interview on my podcast, possibly with other cool dudes. Also 8.95 prize from me to you. Xbox only.

I could do 8 man double elim or 16 man single elim. First come first serve sign up. Anybody interested?

Kinda unfair when players that actually main yoshi and paul can join, but sounds fun! I’ll join!

you shall swap paul with bob.
no1 plays bob

Haha thanks Menen, that’s just how I am, super-harsh on myself. :-p

I play him on rare occasion. I mean I suck with him but still it’s something. XD

Never played Yoshi or Paul… Hmm, could be fun, I’m down.

Open Lobby till I come back from work. Join TrauMattock on XBL!

man, I need to get myself an xbox… >.>

PSN player :frowning:

Same here… I play on PSN but this is tempting.