Japanese Drama thread

I watched this one called “Engine” a while back. Its a pretty cool drama if you’re into racing (professional formula racing). Its about a guy who is struggling to get back into racing while living in a orphanage house. You see him bond with each member of the house throughout the series. At first, he’s an ass to everyone but then you start seeing him change along with everyone else. I’d highly recommend this if you can find it.

I’ve heard of that one before, was always curious about it. Currently I’m watching Proposal Daisakusen. It’s about this dude named Ken who is at his childhood friend’s wedding. He’s always liked this girl, but didn’t realize those feelings until the day of the actual wedding. He begins to regret the fact that he blew it when he sees a slide show which has him present in the majority of the pictures. It is then that a fairy person gives him the opportunity to go back to the exact timeline that each picture was taken, in an attempt to win her over! The main girl from Last Friends is in it.

It’s some dope shit man. I’m on episode three right now.

i know this is a j drama thread, but you guys should also look into MARS, which is based off a manga, but the drama is chinese. really good

I would mention some korean dramas but this is a J drama thread…lots of bomb chicks thoughs

damn I thought I was gay

can someone link me to hana yori dango 2? i hate d/l-ing separate episodes lol. or is tehre a preferred uploader/subtitler i should be looking for?

I want to get into these more, does anyone have some links to some active torrents with subs? I loved the live action GTO drama, want some that are good and not corny…

it’s kinda like youtube but for dramas. Just head to the drama section and browse and let loose.

What is on crunchyroll that is good? I have only ever seen GTO, Densha Otoko, and some random channel 11 shit in the 90’s that was cool. (I remember a baseball player and the shame of him using steroids or something, it was ill.)

konna koi no hanashi’s on there. There’s a couple that have been mentioned from other ppl on there too. There is a website that has like a bunch of drama torrents too. I just can’t remember what it is right now (maybe I can get mandel to come to the rescue)

haha i am so lame :lol:

H2 is really good too.

Site Frank was talking about with the torrents.

It also has a drama wiki there so you can look up on shit, see what piques your interest and whatnot.

This thread needs to be about J and K drama. Too many good korean shows to pass up.
For whoever asked about 1 litre of tears. It’s some of the saddest shit ive ever seen. I didn’t finish the series @.@.

Some of my favorite J’s

Proposal Daisukesen
Hana Kimi
Honey and Clover
Nobuta wa produce


Coffee Prince

I’m finishing up Koizora tonight. So far pretty awesome. Recommend if you’re lookin for a high school love story type drama. I guess this one was the new big thing (aka Densha Otoko).

I’m also watching Ryuusei no Kizuna. Its pretty random because it switches from hilarious parts to serious scenes a lot. I’m liking it so far though (plus it has Mika Nakashima if you’re a fan of her).

I haven’t read this thread yet, but I caught the J-Drama bug about 16 months ago when my wife (then girlfriend) got me into it. Here’s a listing of some of my favorites or at least recommendations:


Orange Days - College romantic comedy (more drama than comedy). I personally love this one and the performances in it. Summarizing it just never sounds right but let’s say it’s especially strong for those who had an attachment to that final year of college (those days before real life hits you hard), can sympathize or empathize with someone with a disability (a deaf-mute in this case), or just loves college love dramas. BTW, I think it’s one of the best works by both Shibasaki Kou (I love it when she plays sensitive and mean) and Satoshi Tsumabuki (he elevates from being the cute short guy to a pretty darn good lead man in this one).

Nodame Contabile - Probably the most recommended because its well done and some people might even like it more than the manga (almost everyone seems to like it more than the anime and I liked the anime). Wackiness, classical music, college, and more wackiness.

Good Luck - Airline Pilot drama starring Kimura Takuya (a big name in Japanese Dramas) and Shibasaki Kou (more wonderful sensitive and mean goodness). Hard to go into details but I really recommend this one. Strong performances by the whole cast really (there are quite a few all stars in this one).

Densha Otoko - OMG, this one is really recommended for comedy fans and well, otakus too. Working class love comedy. Based on a true story (or maybe not, there’s controversy there), ultimate nerd saves ultimate chick from ultimate(ly lewd) drunk on a typical Tokyo subway and she appreciates it. They start to hang out and nerd turns to internet for advice and help–a fun, stupid, often hilarious story follows. WATCH IT!

Karei Naru Ichizoku (The Great Family/The Great Tribe) - Sort of a Godfather of J-Dramas I guess, but I really liked it. Business Drama with incredibly disfunctional but powerful families. Japan’s Banking Industry and Industrial Steel Industry collide and it’s quite entertaining and melodramatic. Again, Kimura Takuya leads a very strong cast and you can finally put the DRAMA in Japanese Drama.

Pride - Another Takuya Kimura, this time ice-hockey romantic drama/comedy. It takes awhile to take off, but it’s an entertaining ride and I liked it a lot.

Hana Yori Dango - This one is for the chicks, but it’s very good chick-drama (technically, all J-Drama’s except for samurai dramas and Karei Naru Ichizoku are chick dramas :P). Well, the first season is really good chick-drama. If you watch the first season, you’ll want to see the second season but I will say the second sseason ultimately tells you what you want to know, but it’s still just not that good (it’s almost torture for some people). That said, there are people who will argue it’s good. I’ll just say it starts and ends good, but the middle of season 2 was rough to get through for me. Anyways, I’m still recommending HYD overall.

Great Teacher Onizuka - I’m sure a lot of people have written many things on this one. The drama’s good, ‘nuff said. Watched this one years ago and it’s still great to watch.’

Crying Out Love From the Center of the World - This is a typical hopeless romantic, fall-in-love-with-cancer-victim drama. BUT DAMMIT I ENJOYED THIS DRAMA!

Hoshi no Kinka (Heaven’s Coins - first season) - How should I put this… I don’t like soap operas, and this show is a freaking soap opera… but I really enjoyed this one and recommend it though it’s just loaded with crazy moment after crazy moment after crazy moment. It’s a fruitcake factory and yet I still had fun going through all this absurd drama.

Gonna have to peep this. Read some of the manga and loved it, so I’m expecting this one to be pretty good.

Gonna look up some Chinese Drama(that aren’t history pieces) too since I’ve seen some K-Drama mentioned.

DLing the fuul season of It Started With A Kiss.

It’s a Tawian Drama about a girl(Xiang Qin) who’s house falls apart after an earthquake hits and her and her dad move in with the dad’s friends after they see them on tv. The friends are the parents of the boy she has a crush on to her surprise and thus the story unfolds.

It’s highschool drama but I really dig the characters and the story is actually pretty funny. Gonna DL the OST after this shit finishes because T-Pop > you fools.

There’s a Japanese version for those who want to watch it with Japanese actors and language. I’m assuming this story on a whole is a based of a manga.

Some of this shit sounds worse than low budget Mexican soap operas. That being said, even those can be appealing.

My bitch is #3, but even the nerdy one ended up being hot:

I haven’t seen the Taiwanese version of Itazura na kiss, but I watch the J drama and the anime version of Itazura na kiss