Japanese Drama thread

Since it seems that there are more individuals on SRK that are watching a lot of Japanese Dramas as of late. Let’s get together and talk about these bitches!

I’ve seen some hella old ones. Favorite being Konna Koi No Hanashi. Mandel sent me one called Bus Stop which I enjoyed as well. I know that there are hella ones out there so ya’ll need to hook us up, as well as hooking each other up with different series AND getting some new heads into watching this shit. Cause let’s face it, how much more reality show TV can you take?

Here are the ones I’ve watched

Zettai Kareshi
Hana Yori Dango s1&2
Nodame Cantabile (I’m thinkin this one is my favorite one of all time right now)
Last Friends
Bus Stop
Hanazakari No Kimitachie e
Koi Ni Ochitara

I think those are all of them. Probably some that I’m forgetting =/.

EDIT-There was one Cody recommended to me a while back called “One Liter of Tears” or something like that. I just remember hearing that it’s terribly sad. Has anyone seen this?

i remember watching onein japanese class in high school called “under one roof” about a dude whos parents died so he has to be the man of the family and has like 5 siblings.

ive also mentioned to mandel

nobuta wo produce - a popular guy and his odd friend make a bullied and sheltered girl popular

stand up! - 4 guys wanna lose thier virginity (ala american pie) but set in japan

I remember watching Okane Ga Nai in High School, and I remember it being hella good, but I forget everything about it. Other than it was dope.

YES that’s another one I watched! But I think it’s also called “Our House” there were 2 seasons right? The theme song to the second season owns me hard, and I really enjoyed watching that one too. Another one that i was watching but was cut off because they weren’t showing them anymore on KONG TV =[ was Gurasu no Kutsu (the glass slipper). When International channel was showing dramas after some old ass looking dragonball Z. There was one about this chick that was a cop or was on some CSI shit. I liked that one too, but unfrotunately fuji terebi stopped subtitling dramas so that’s when i stopped watching =[

its old by drama standards, but densha otoko was the best.


someone has managed to put some Konna Koi No Hanashi episodes up on Youtube…Notice the KONG TV promo at the beginning. Someone in Seattle is representing too hard right now.

I’ve only seen GTO, because a few years back they wouldn’t dl for shit.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread in the meantime…

We do realize that is titled after one of the greatest Crystal Kay songs ever and for that reason alone i am gonna try this Japanese drama.

So there’s an MPD Psycho drama that’s been out for ages. I’ll give it a watch when I don’t need sleep, but the manga is pretty out there with it’s concepts of personality disorders and goverment cover-ups so it should be interesting to see how the TV adaption is.

That song is also the theme song for it too.

Nodame Cantabile was pretty amazing. Probably my favorite as well.

MPD Psycho… ehh… I saw part of the first episode at a drinking horror movie night and we had to turn it off from boredom…

GTO is something everyone should watch who likes the anime…

And I’ve heard good things about “Our House”, I need to watch that one.

I watched this short film that had a dude and a cunt and she let him bash without conversation. Kinda weird u kno’

Damn kid, think I saw that one too. Shit was bomb, but the bitch kept crying the whole time.


nothing like hot chicks beatin each others ass

1 Liter of tears and Itazura na kiss.

my blue sky was awesome.

i was raised on nhk dramas.


Densha Otoko was the shit!

I am amazed that this thread is flourishing!

2 more worth mentioning:

Oishii Kankei - this was the first drama that I watched way back in 1998…so it is pretty old, but I liked it a lot. It’s about cooking which is kinda random.

Kira Kira Hikaru - this one is like some csi shit, it’s about a girl that works in a forensics lab and solves different crimes each week. It was the one that I talked about earlier but couldn’t find the title. Dramawiki ftw.