JAPAN THREAD 2011: Lets get it on!

And here we go!

Now in 2011… same ol’ stuff, another day out here!
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[INDENT=1]2. What games do you play?[/INDENT]

[INDENT=1]3. If you are asking for budget approximations, please give detail about:[/INDENT]
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[INDENT=1]-Where you want to go[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]-How luxurious of a place you want to stay in[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]-What your spending needs are (ie. gifts for the family, everyday arcade, sightseeing, etc.)[/INDENT]

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That really sucks.

I’ll keep an eye on this thread for any budget-conscious arcade deals in Tokyo.

So yeah I’m planning to go to NSB 19(Nagoya Street Battle 19) this 29th January… its a 3on3 event, so Im looking for 2 more team members if possible… its for SSF4 AE btw.

My Abel is aight i guess.

edit’ nvm i got a team already

I just wanna know a simple question
Where’s the best place in Osaka for BBCS2 competition?
Gonna go there next month for 8months. Staying in Matsubara.
I assume Avion is big for SSF4AE


i’ll be moving into the tokyo area as of april. i haven’t selected an apartment yet, but i’ll be working near roppongi (azabu juuban). i probably won’t be playing that much of ae as i want to keep my budget within reason, but i wouldn’t mind meeting people and going out once in a while (gaming, drinking, etc). i’ve been living in toyohashi for the passed 3 years and i literally don’t know anyone, outside of my gf, in tokyo. so, it would be cool to meet up with people if they happen to live anywhere in the tokyo area.

i live and work really close to roppongi (and down the street from azabu jyuuban). there is a small place by ebisu station or shibuyakaikan is good.

pm me

Anywhere in Denden, since it’s all 100 yen for 3 rounds, but athena is particularly where the good players are. Taito station is good, too, and there’s still good players at avion.

Monte Carlo in Umeda is also really good. If you want to go to tourneys, check out ko-hatsu’s website and hit that place up:

MVC3 is coming and mine is on it’s way!!! I’m a MVC2 player, but the skills hardly tranlate over to the new one… Anyway, if you’re interested in playing online or having a practice/trial session, PM my xbl account!

I’m on vacation right now in the Susukino area of Sapporo. Does anyone know if there’s a scene up north here? I swear I can’t find anything that’s not solely a pachinko parlor.

There are only 9 arcades with AE in Hokkaido, 8 of them being in Sapporo… Maybe you can ask people there?

I googled Susukino, red light district w00t (that also probably explains why there are no arcades there but just pachinko/slot but then again, shinjuku sportsland is in kabukicho… hmm)

LOL i just went there (Shinjuku SL) the other day!

Nice OP. I’m heading to Japan (Shinjuku Kabuki-cho , Tokyo) visiting family and going on a few potential job interviews next week. I’ll be there from Feb 21 to Mar 3. Thanks for the list of arcades, definitely going to be visiting around. I did have a question for one of the locals however, hopefully somebody can help out.

Seeing as MvC3 just hit and will be hitting in Japan that week, is there any means to playing the game? Like here in NYC we have CTF and perhaps it’s because we’re the beast coast, but they just put the game in a sit down cab and allow us to enjoy. Anything like that there, or is it all too commercial? It’s not a big deal, but I’d love to continue playing the game through out the week if possible, more so to play with different faces and share new findings.

Thanks for any input.

G’day gents. I’m Australia based but tend to pop over to Japan fairly often (get staff rates with an airline company). So consider me keen for any potential meetups/shananigans. I’ll be over again next weekend to pick up a Nintendo 3DS!

Hey everyone! I’m living in Kansai and a group of us just picked up MvC3. Many of us are still in the toddler stage but a few are really good. Either way, if you wanna get together and play some Marvel please check out the FB group below, PM me, or just reply to the thread!

Hopefully meet some of you soon =)

(people are in Shiga, Kyoto, Osaka and Hyogo Prefectures, for a reference).

FB Group: MvC3 Players in Japan (???3???~!)

Hello. In June I will be going to Tokyo for about 3 weeks or so. I’m mainly going to Tokyo to party (it IS my post deployment leave after coming back from Afghanistan) but while i’m in Japan I would like to play some ST, 3s, and Alpha 3. Any advice or locations of arcades that have good comp in those games, preferably in the vicinity of the Shinjuku Prince Hotel.

Just passed my Interac phone interview today, and have a seminar set up for April or May. If all goes well, I should be able to get back to Japan by August. Yayz~

glad to hear you are coming onshore here. shinjuku prince is a real bitch to get to/from to other areas unless you are down to taxi it out… look at their location map and you will find out.

but once you get back to the main part in shinjuku, you are all coo. read first post for links to shinjuku arcades.

I should write a guide for Roppongi/Shibuya bar/club trolling…

Any contributions from ScottPzy and Calibur on trolling would help out too

i have heard nothing but hate about interac… but once you get here you have your foot in the door.

congratz and hope to see you soon.

not really many good places to play games in shinjuku. youre better off taking the yamanote to takadanobaba mikado.
for 3s of course nishi nippori game versus is the best bet. try to make it on thursdays for the weekly tourney or fridays for danisen.