Japan Arcade - Little Tokyo - Downtown Los Angeles

Anyone from SRK play at Japan Arcade (JA)?

There’s an arcade in the Japanese shopping center (formerly known as Yohan) located in Downtown Los Angeles - Little Tokyo.

Little Tokyo Shopping Center:

333 S. Alameda Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013-1735
2nd floor

JA is like a mini Arcade Infinity (AI). In fact, I think there’s a correlation between the owner(s) [?]. Anyways, they have a decent amount of music games, racing games, and fighting games. All Japanese cabinets.

Here’s what I remember from the last time I was there (1-2 months ago)

3rd Strike THE RIDE
Sticks and buttons were in great shape.

Capcom Fighting Jam !!
One of the rare places left that still have this. I’m down to play this any day !!

King of Fighters
I can’t remember which one, but I think they had a couple. It might have been NGBC or something like that.

Marvel vs Capcom 2
I think I remember seeing this

Tekken (something)
I think it was DR.

I think there were some other fighters that I left out.

Guitar freaks, Drum mania, Initial D, DDR, gun game, random japanese mahjong game with unlockable naked chicks, and a few others

JA takes tokens.
Parking in plaza - free with validation (arcade validates)
Market, restaurants, stores also validate.

Post up if you wanna go, or already go often.

Hit me up for Capcom Fighting Jam.

i love this arcade

they have typing of the dead too :wink:

and i think tekken is just 5 not DR

yaohan is OLDE SCHOOL…

those were the days… when the giant clock tower ball thing still worked, when i used to play on the rubberized play area, getting super famicom games

i go there and i just get really sad, everything died

This arcade is owned by the same owner of Super Arcade in Walnut, if I remember correctly. I have never been here, but from what I have heard in the past, it’s a real good arcade.

How is the turnout for the various games mentioned? I wouldn’t mind playing a few games, then heading on over to the nearby districts to get some great lunch!

whenever ive gone a few people are playing 3s

no one ever plays marvel AFAIK
probably cuz all the characters arent unlocked


So the 3S sticks there are actually in good shape? 'Cause every time I’ve gone (even back when 3S was on Japanese h2h), the sticks/buttons were utter balls.

And at least, if you get hungry, Mitsuwa is on the lower floor and Hanaichimonme is up on the next floor.

I was there sunday…Sticks werk koo.

Super Arcade and Japan Arcade have the same owners. So if theyre moving games around it’ll end up in one or the other. I think the only relationship they have with AI is that they have discussed the recent problems with LA County clamping down on curfew and arcade licenses. Also, Super Arcade bought AI’s old IIDX Happy Sky kit.

I will try to check this out

The 3s setup isn’t that good. There feels like there’s lag or something, I couldn’t do ex slashes with Yang at all or hit confirm with Chun Lithe whole time.


First time I went they had default characters + Psylocke, on top of this the buttons and sticks on both sides were pretty iffy. I went, maybe 4-5 months ago and all characters were unlocked and everything worked great. The arcade is usually empty aside from a few people playing some rhythm games.

Last time I was there it had (This is mixed from the last few times I went, some games might not be there anymore):

KOF XI (Maybe '03, I don’t remember if they got rid of it)
Puzzle Fighter
MvC1 & 2
GG something.
Project Justice

They might have gotten rid of XvSF, MvC1, and a KOF (Project Justice too) but I’d have to go to be sure.

I’ll try to go some time this week to check it out again.

when third strike buttons use to work and all Marvel characters use to be unlocked
I would be there almost every weekend eating mochi
great variety of games no cvs2 sadly but they do
have that hilarious japanese porno game
and new House of the Dead game
that fill in that hole
I hope to return soon maybe even this weekend and check out the Marvel machine

It’s always dead whenever I go. =/

So yeah…everything still seemed to be in non-working order.

1P 3rd Strike, fierce doesn’t work, and 2P side, stick is iffy.

Marvel, I don’t think any characters were unlocked.

Japan Arcade is only good for Initial D Version 4, anyway.

It’s a good place to play Marvel…If you only play with low tier.

they got all characters.

Shoo and I have been there a couple of times

and they were locked.

I guess they fixed it.

Can anyone confirm if they still have XvSF?

And what days of the week are popular? Any?

last time i went they did have it

it was a 2p sit down,

they only a few h2h cabs