Jap MvC2 matches

When I was walking to breakfast in the morning, i passed by someone i knew and they said there were 8 japanese players and it was so hype. Who were the players?

Have? Sure. Post? No.

yeah I for one would really like any info at all on the Jap Marvel players. What characters did they use, did they win any matches, hit any combos, do anything new or unseen, and yeah videos if possible.

I’m sure the japanese use the same 3-4 characters everyone else uses.

There were 6 Japanese marvel players who came this year:

Joo: SSCC. Combo video maestro, actually plays very simple and conservative for the most part.

Sunahebi: Didn’t play in tournament, but is very good as well

Sadao: IM/Sent/Cable. Was getting people hype with 300%'s and inf. variations. Beat Soo in a ft5 casual with Team Duc. I rode that for a 5 dollar bet-- whoever tried to make that bet with Joo, thanks for your money :]

Fantom: SSCyke/SSCC. Beat Arthur in 3 matches, beat Mike Chaos in pools in final match with Commando vs. Chaos’ Sentinel at endgame. Their only player to steal a couple off Yipes in casuals.

Dao: This guy’s MAIN team was Jugg/Omega Red/BBHood. He stuck to his guns in tournament, but had pool of death like everybody else.

‘Ken’: MSP. His MSP is good, but having seen the high-level MSP play over here, I know he’ll come back IFC Ken.

I know that Sunahebi-san was filming constantly, and when they were in our room we filmed quite a bit too. I’m sure all of this stuff will make it to Preppy’s in time. Just don’t PM me or bother me about it bc I don’t physically have any footage.

Wow cannot wait to see someone who fucking mains omEga Red

mm you’re getting them mixed up. I played Sadou in Pool B and he was the one who played Omega Red. I also played someone in casual, I think it was Joo, and he was owning it up with SSCyke. I think he got rocked by Duc though.

They got owned who cares. That’ll teach Japan. Thinking they can come over here to take OUR championship. Nah son. Sure showed them!

I beat Joo in losers, I don’t know who sent him there though. He used cable/sent/capcom. We were in pool C, I think Duc was in pool D.

Yeah you totally wrecked them bro, nothing a champ like you could learn from them.

I sent Joo to losers, but that match was choke city. He was using that thrax when I played him. Wait til you see the vids. =(

I’ve always had a huge amount of respect for Japanese Marvel players. It’s like VF players here; they don’t have enough competition compared to the States, but they keep playing anyway. I’d love to see the matches.

No you’re incorrect. ‘SADAO’ plays IM/Cable/Sent and Duc, and ‘DAO’ plays ORed/Jugg/Hood.

I was chillin’ with them all weekend, I know who they are. FWIW Sadao was the one with the very straight hair, Dao is a little heavier and was probably wearing a Hawaiian shirt :]

If you played the kid using a Green Goblin, that was Fantom, if not, then it was probably Joo I guess. Then again it could’ve been anybody-- a lot of random marvel people just assumed anybody who looked asian was a japanese marvel player.

lol too funny, i overheard a lot of people that would randomly say that toward any asian looking person cept for panda

Yeah. I also thought you were reppin Mexico. :rolleyes:

i saw a few dao joo and sadao matches

dao is so fucking sick

If only we could see these matches. Sucks none of the japanese Marvel players got in the Top 8.

I ended up with a few matches on tape, the only two of them that were very competitive were Sadao and Fantom. The player that I think everyone found most interesting to watch was Sadao, his execution was just silly.

That guy Mitzu, aka the japanese Michael Jackson was beasting with Iron Man until Fanatiq stepped up. Dude kept doing the Iron Man infinite into Unibeam back into infinite. Pool C was filled with people screaming “DO IT AGAIN!”.

Wish people coulda seen the jpnese play in casuals. They played a lot better in casuals (no tournament jitters) and had very dope, new styles of play imo (hardcore runaway flying mag?!?)

Maybe the vids will come out.