Jamesgames 909 area

Come friday nights. MikeWatson and Sicdic comes randomly and are great 3s competition. Play against me for great xmen vs sf or mvc2 competition. i have only played few times since evo but i play exactly same as i did back then. Friday nights jamesgames everythings fixed. Also get 20 wins for a Free soda. its pretty easy against me right? See you there.

Theres already another James Games thread :mad:

anyways…i was fitn to ask if any mvc2 players were goin by there tomorrow night (sunday)

hey David its Christian…u should come down to the CGL weeklies man if ur schedule allows u too…ill try to head down to JG’s this friday and every friday if possible…BTW would u wanna be part of a 5 man 3S team??? You say you suck but I see potential in you man…catch u later homie

They still offering soda or something for win streaks? I’m kinda thirsty

lets play sometime soon Vic Vance…I just recently found out that you attend CSU Pomona…wanna play at JG’s sometime soon??

sup man. i didnt know u go to mt sac. ill try to go friday nights. its really hard for me to go, but ill go this week for sure around 8-9. and own anyone in mvc2,xmen ooooooh. haha if mike watson reads this he will come for sure. see you there. oh yeah im the only decent 3s player that plays in jg. everyone else here are people that will make you worse in any game the more and more you play against them. =]

for sure, I’ve only been there once… no one was there. make some dates and stuff. :wink:


The man, the myth, the Lee!

Hey, it’s Vic. We played some XvSF at FF and at Evo. I played Cammy/Wolv/Ryu. I would love to come down and get some XvSF action in! Fridays you say?

Awesome. I’ll try and make it this week. It’s like the old “When are you having dinner?” Stovetop commercials. I can play XvSF at JG on fridays, play at FF on Saturdays. . . hmm. . .

Hope to see you there!


hey i remember you. you beat Bas and me couple of times i think. dang lots of people are going.
Everyone come Friday 10-10 around 8 pm or so for great competition. see you guys there

glendales batch will be there …u down for the challange?


I’m glad you remember me. Could you post directions or an address to JG? Thanks.


what challenge? i offered to play him in mvc2 for money at evo but he didnt want to. i think he played me in xmen also. i lost to bas and vic the most.

Vic: where are you coming from? you have aim? if so IM me, my sn is cupono0dles if your coming from the LA area.
Go on the 10 East. KEEP going till you see mountain ave exit. Go north of Mountain ave, and turn east on Foothill ave. Keep going for about 2 blocks you will see upland high school in the right side of where your driving and Make a Right turn into this plaza, its the Street right before euclid ave, and the street right after san antonio ave. and just go inside the plaza. Jamesgames has no sign but you can see it. just message me and ill give you my cell number incase you get lost.

If you get lost and are on Foothill, look for a street leading into a Brunswick bowling alley, and turn onto that street in the direction away from Brunswick. Then turn left into the first parking lot and James Games is right there.

David Izzel, I can’t believe I was playing Shitty SvC when you came last time :frowning: and then we were going. I wanted to try my new asshole mode Megaman/Jin on you :wink: DAINAMAITO!


Oh great, thanks for the info. I’ll try to make it this friday. And I wanna try out a new team, so it’ll be fun. You should come down to FF once in a while, there’s usually XvSF comp. Anyway, see you then!


Hey, thanks for hooking up the directions too.


*Originally posted by David L *

what challenge? i offered to play him in mvc2 for money at evo but he didnt want to. i think he played me in xmen also. i

GB said u said no because to many people were in line to play so u didnt wanna hold anything up , but hes down to play you for money

themadvlad: tell him i’ll play him now
themadvlad: gb handicapped challenge, 10 wins against me no losses

u down?

need directions also

*Originally posted by DC_StaTic *

min bet 150 dollars

That’s fuckin’ dope.


damn vic you owned me so badly. too good

so who on srk was around last (friday) night? i was there for a bit…looks like you guys play everything except ggxx :mad:

oh well. better go learn 3s now.

glendale’s bitch never showed up.:frowning:
This Thursday and Friday Oct 30 and 31. Anyone who wants to see some crazy 3s, mvc2 action come down anytime after 4 pm. trust me it will be good comp. :smiley: or just to get owned :wink: