James Cameron's Avatar (Dec. 18th)

So I just watched the trailer and it looks pretty impressive.
Granted it being over 2 hours long may result in it having some unnecessary scenes but I feel the action and Pandora may make up for it.
While the blue cat-like people look more CGI than near lifelike to me, I don’t worry too much about it; they’re on another world so them looking different would fit:looney:

big time studio manufactured crap - id rather see twilight - new moon.

Im gonna go watch me some Tim Burtons Ed Wood now.

Whoa there, buddy–let’s not say things that we can’t take back, shall we? James Cameron is the guy that directed Aliens and T2–some of the most influential sci-fi movies of all time back in the day. Twilight (the movie) is some of the most poorly produced, crappily written garbage that humanity has produced. There’s a big difference in potential quality.

I’ve been feeling pretty doubtful about Avatar in general. I don’t like how the CGI looks, the storyline seems like a simplistic rehash of Dances with Wolves, and the whole concept of 3D CGI seems gimmicky.

But to be honest, the reviews that have leaked have been generally very positive. So maybe my lack of enthusiasm is misplaced.

Cgi looks realistic, and people don’t like it…maybe they should just use claymation? Or maybe it looks wierd to you because it’s being used to depict creatures you’ve never seen before, unlike other movies’ use of regular earth creatures of a different size (Jackson’s LOTR)? And the shit in Hellboy looks very fake compared to this movie’s cgi creatures. Maybe it’s not the cgi, but the Na’vi themselves you can’t get over. The Na’vi and the creatures from their world certainly are rendered in enough detail to seem actually alive, but they appear very alien.

thats what JC was going for?

I cant believe people already hating on avatar. its not even out yet. I am sure a 500 million dollar movie wont “suck”. maybe there is more to the story then what we saw in trailers.

he was trolling and you fell for it “BUDDY” :rofl:

I put my trust in Cameron, and the reviews are very positive so far. My 2nd favorite movie critic(besides myself of course) Roger Ebert loved it. One of the few guys who can get away with opening his review with “Watching “Avatar,” I felt sort of the same as when I saw “Star Wars” in 1977.”

TAXI!! To the asylum!!

Smurfahontas looks great, only Cameron could make a movie with $500,000,000. Bought my IMAX (real imax) Avatar 3D tickets for next weekend can’t wait :rock: .

also D-9’s mech looks better than Avatar’s mechs, and i hate mecha. will try to buy Imax tickets soon though :cool:. still excited for it.

Umm are you directing that question to me, cuz I didn’t say I didn’t like it.

Yeah that might be it, but hey chances are they’ll win me over when I watch the movie. :3

<----------- my avatar (groan)

btw this is like the most expensive movie ever made right?

yes $500,000,000 :coffee:

Fuck the haters


The cgi doesn’t look realistic to me… I’m not really hyped about this movie either.

This movie looks fucking terrible… Yea, the cgi and stuff is done nice, but no matter how nice you dress up a piece of shit, it’s still a smelly piece of shit.

I’d be shocked if this movie recoups the 250M pricetag.

The aliens look right down retarded, and that’s what sets everyone back, regardless imma go watch it 'cause I 3-D LOL gimmicks win!!!

closer to 500 million, mostly [~65%] from Dune Entertainment and Ingenious Media.

The rest is split up among prolly hundreds of other companies so they won’t go broke if it bombs.

If it does bankrupt Dune Entertainment though, I hop we still get to see A-Team since its their other big movie coming out.

btw t1 > t2

Just saw the trailer, name drop much? LOL

it is pretty funny how much they name drop since the movie is geared towards an audience [13-25] who prolly don’t remember those movies or ever seen them

Welcome to the Internet, you must be new!

Rant: When a movie uses CGI and only tries to make it look as realistic as possible, I think they will get their wish. Maybe after the movie, audiences will be wowed by the realism… but during the movie, they will just accept it for what it is.

This happened to me with Beowulf, an all-cg movie that tried to do what Avatar’s doing. I was never convinced that Beowulf was photo-realtistic, but I was convinced that they just wanted to produce a live-action movie with cg characters. So for all intents/purposes, it may as well be a regular, boring, live-action movie. At the end of the day, Beowulf was a decent movie, but I didn’t pay attention to the quality of the cg at all, because there was nothing interesting or mysterious about it.

Basically, I’m saying all the technology used to make the aliens/world in Avatar look real is kind of a waste of time… and the story and action better deliver, instead of making the technology the movie’s main showpiece. I think that if anyone understands that, it’s Cameron.

There better be some avatar on avatar sex in this movie or I’m going to feel ripped off.