Jacksonville, FL Tournament

Updated. Gouki, Incognegro, FlashMetroid; Please post what games are you gonna’ enter if you come.

Even if we don’t have the tourney for the games you want, it will still be there to play for casuals.

Pok, Running, Jax, see if you guys can get a hold of Rafael, Xander, and Roy! Get those clowns to attend this event as well.

Sorry, Incognegro. No Tekken. Tilt already hold monthlys for that. KingRey has the details.

Josh…you can count me in for slash

Someone wanna pick me up on the way?


If I make it Slash and MAYBE 3S!

Exactly, fuck tekken!!!

Put Number 8 and the most wanted marvel man down… Orlando will be there… Mike, I don’t think Eric can make it… he’s a taken man from you, he ain’t gonna cheat on his girl…

Put me in for everything 2d lol

mike well see =)

who is about single or team money matches in gear? if i go it will be for slash

dammit its getting serious


im pretty sure you can find someone to play for money nickels. If GG gets enough people theres and theres time ( which there should be) I dont see whats wrong with have a having a GG team tourney.

Kenzilla- what system do you plan to play cvs2 on.

id go but i have an event in orlando the following morning… gl ppl

flash you better get in some quality shit-talking on tape… just don’t get beat up lol!!!

I’m in for:
3rd Strike

Norm Stovall / final_cut

James Adams

whichever system its best for. Cvs2 is still iffy though. we’ll just have to see how many turn up for it.

you can always run it during casuals.

i just talked to some peeps and im like 90% sure im coming to this

you didnt put me down for gg

anyone down for money matches ill take some in all games

EDIT - can anyone pick me up from jax international saturday morning?..lol

Which is dumb as shit for us that want to play. I can play casuals at home and fuck if I’m driving just to hear “sorry, no cvs2”. This shit is bunk. Either have it as a tourney game or don’t, but to expect people to drive for the possibility of a tourney is asstastic.

I’m down for CVS2 MVC and A3. Oh and 3S.

Troy I’m willing to pick you up but Peter wants to fly.


it says if theres enough entries, these following games will be ran. cvs2 happens to be one of those games. simply put, if theres not enough people for that game it wont happen.

if you REALLY want to come for cvs2 keep the day of the tourney open. Check the roll call constantly and if you feel like theres enough people showing up , then think about coming. I cant promise anything though. If 30 people put there names down for cvs2 and 5 of them show up, theres nothing we can do about that. your just SOL.

our last tourney we advertised 3s as one of the games. Only 5-6 people wanted to run it so we just called it quits.

also THIS IS WHY WE DO ROLL CALLS. To see how many people are coming for which games. It gives the other people a heads up on whats going to be big.

Rick Fn Stalvey CVS2/MVC2…maybe 3S if I drink enough :wgrin:

We have unfinished business you and I:nunchuck: :hp:

I may be able to, its only about 20 minutes from my place. hit me up closer to tourney time.

I did. But what i believe george bush so eloquently wanted to state was what # count are you looking for exactly.

And if it falls below that projected # would you try dedicated 1/2 tv towards a round robin tournament for the cvs2 players.