Jacksonville, FL Tournament

That’s right! We’re gonna’ hold a tournament here and it’s about time. The place is still unconfirmed so check back for updates. These are gonna’ be on console so please BYOC!

Confirmed Games:
Marvel (DC)
3S (PS2)
GG Slash
CvS2 (DC)

Games depending on sign-ups:

These games depend on how many sign up. I have CvS2 & A3 for DC and I know people from here who have Slash. If enough people sign up for the games you want, we can hold a tourney for that as well; otherwise it will only be casuals.

Entry fee: $10 per game
If TT for MvC2, $5 per person on teams of no more than 3.

Where: Pearl Nightclub downtown

1101 N. Main St
Jacksonville, FL 32206
(904) 791-4499

Try and get there early like around 10am for sign-ups. Tournament will start at noon, no later than 1pm.

Confirmed Date: October 7th

Pot will be 70/20/10 for all games entered.

MvC2: Double Elimination, Winner keeps same team; loser can switch. Singles is 2/3 matches. Winners/Losers = 3/5 and Grand Finals = 4/7

No game-breaking glitches allowed. Jugg. glitch is allowed

3S: Double Elimination, Winner keeps same character and SA; Loser can switch. Singles is 2/3 matches. Winners/Losers = 3/5 and Grand Finals = 4/7.
Gill is banned.

CvS2: Double Elimination, Winner keeps same characters and grooves; Loser can switch. Singles is 2/3 matches. Winners/Loser = 3/5 and Grand Finals = 4/7.
Shin Akuma and God Rugal are banned.

GG Slash: Double Elimination, Winner keeps same character; Loser can switch. Singles is 2/3 matches. Winners/Losers = 3/5 and Grand Finals = 4/7
No game-breaking or freezing glitches; no console only characters like Justice and Kliff; and no #reload characters allowed, Slash only.

If you want to attend, please post your name/SRK name, game you’re entering and where you’re from so I can get a head count for attendance. I will update periodically. Thanks in advance.

Players List:
1.) Paul “shoultzula” MvC2/3S (P-Cola, FL)
2.) Roger “Humcast” Hughes 3S/CvS2 (Miami, FL)
3.) CoosCoos MvC2/3S
4.) Mike “Mixup” Mixon MvC2 (P-Cola, FL)
5.) JaMar MvC2 (P-Cola, FL)
6.) Adonis “Guardian” McQueen GG Slash (Tally, FL)
7.) Brandon “RunningInThe90s” Simmons MvC2/GG Slash (Jax, FL)
8.) David “Calm Warrior” CvS2/3S
9.) Jeff “PokApoCaLyPsE” Boone MvC2/3S/GG Slash (Jax, FL)
10.) Alan “Seerd” CvS2/GG Slash/SFA3 (Jax, FL)
11.) Carlos “Doujinshi_2001” CvS2/3S (Orlando, FL)
12.) Ross “Ross” Secrest 3S/GG Slash (Tally, FL)
13.) Logan “loganx2000” Anderson MvC2 (Tally, FL)
14.) Baron “Grezzy_B” CvS2 (Tally, FL)
15.) Ron “Kryian” Kimberly MvC2/GG Slash/3S (Tally, FL)
16.) Josh “Jupiter” GG Slash
17.) Alex “Mozanrath” Garvin MvC2/GG Slash/3S (Gainesville, FL)
18.) Eder MvC2 (Orlando, FL)
19.) “FlashMetroid” MvC2/3S/CvS2/SFA3/GG Slash (Miami, FL)
20.) “Nickels” GG Slash
21.) Norm “final_cut” Stovall 3S/CvS2 (Jax, FL)
22.) James “Stryder37” Adams 3S/GG Slash
23.) Charles “Cable3858” MvC2/CvS2 (Valdosta, GA)
24.) Robert “Roberto Magnus” MvC2/CvS2 (Valdosta, GA)
25.) Zo “Zhoutai” MvC2/CvS2/3S/SFA3
26.) Rick Fn Stalvey MvC2/3S/CvS2 (Ft. Meyers, FL)
27.) “TheOnlyOne” MvC2/SFA3 (Tampa, FL)
28.) Isak Spoor 3S/CvS2 (Orange Park, FL)
29.) Tony Kester SFA3/3S (Orange Park, FL)
30.) Doug “EVERDRED” Haig 3S (Miami, FL)
31.) Divine “Incognegro” MvC2 (Gainesville, FL)
32.) Jason “Pad” MvC2 (Gainesville, FL)
33.) Josh “Nitrox” Ohana 3s (Melbourne, FL)
34.) Paul “Pablo” Garza 3s (Melbourne, FL)
35.) Allen “AsianDemon” Hou MvC2/CvS2 (Tampa, FL)
36.) “Cool-Breeze” MvC2/3S
37.) “Lord Jas” MvC2 (Miami, FL)
38.) Terrance “dragonrunner400” Hayes MvC2/3s/GG Slash (Tally, FL)
39.) Jamall “R.P.D. Rookie” Hughes 3S (Mobile, Alabama)
40.) Justin “Blaziniflo” Zhou MvC2 (Gainesville, FL)
41.) Kingjada MvC2/CvS2/3S (Ft. Lauderdale)
42.) DarkElemental MvC2/3S (Ft. Lauderdale)

dun dun dun

put me down

shoultz - 3s\mvc2

I think arcade rules for 3s is you cant switch characters but you can switch SA. Well just keep 3s on aracde mode.

hope eder shows up and shows us those EVO skills.

*****What about CvS2 yo, are you willing to have a tourny for that also?

[COLOR=White] Roger “Humcast” Hughes
CvC2 if you have it ???!![/COLOR]

I’ll go ahead and RSVP.


Sooooo, mr. Zilla, think you know what this means. Grudge match, my Gadget teams vs your Clock. Let’s gooooo!!!

I’ll check my schedule, but I can try to make it.


I suck at capcom games :bluu:

you know i’m comin

sign up jamar for mvc2 as well:mvc2 playa,pcola

ill probably show up

I’m in duh.

mvc2, ggxx/

David 'Calm Warrior’

do that, money match in marvel?

Bout time we show some love for 2d at a tourney here

Count me in on slash, 3s, and marvel

Any ggxx/ players around should come out

i’ll go if i can get a ride.


I’ll have a modded PS2 for tournament/whatever, and if anyone is interested in Alpha games, I’ll have SFAA. I can also run CvS2 on PS2 to avoid conflicts with marvel.

A3 for DC = blerf

ill show up i love seeing my family back in jax


John Stowe - “JonnyQuest”- Anderson Sc
3s, mvc2, cvs2, a3

add Divine “Incognegro” and Jason “StateofMind” aka Jason SoM in the mix…How about adding a tekken mix to it I will host if necessary.

Logan Anderson

I WILL get to this this time one way or another!

Ross Secrest


3s, GGXX/

put me down for CvS2 if yall gonna have it…

Ron Kimberly
3s, GGXX/

If GG doesn’t go down, I’ll enter Marvel just for the hell of it.