Jab reset > kkz...need tips!

I know there is another thread about this but I figured I’d start a thread dedicated to it. I’ve been practicing this thing for a couple days now and haven’t made any progress. So my question is, to people who can actually pull this thing off, what is the most successful/easiest method?

I’ve been mostly trying
down (x2) > jab > down > ppp

but I’ve heard mainly people saying one down, jab, down twice, ppp. JR’s method makes no sense to me :confused:. I really want to get this combo down because the damage potential is huge and it seems like a really practical combo.

I haven’t gotten JR’s method to work. Is that really JR by the way?

The way I do it is pretty consistent and I dont find it too hard - I’ve even dared to do it in tourneys. When Akuma lands from the hurricane I tap down once, then jab (this is the bit where I mess up, sometimes mistiming the jab) then down, down, PP - I’m sure its easier to do PP rather than PPP. Remember to tap down twice as soon as you hit jab - almost as if they were at the same time.

Good luck :tup:

Yup, that or do:
LP then quickly do the KKZ

i’ve got this one down about 90% of the time, however it seems certain characters are impossible to hit with the kkz. i can get the shotos, twins, remy, chun, ibuki, alex, Q etc. but I am having a lot of trouble with makoto and someone else i can’t remember. is it possible on them? i thought makoto had kind of a large hitbox

That’s the same thing I was thinkin’…I really dunno.

hmm i think i can picture in my mind how it would be but does anyone have a video available to see it?

Check videos of UltraDavid vs Harmonaz, i remember he did it twice:

edit: this one --> [media=youtube]f8HYOq_9YCA[/media]

I think Akuma video by KYSG had it too…

Does that methond really work. I couldn’t understand JR either so I just figured lp–> KKZ which I guess after several tries I got to work. The lighting fast input isn’t needed? You can buffer it? SOB! Oh well, I guess I can say I can do the lp–>KKZ set up without buffering it, whatever thats worth.

just saw the video, pretty darn sexy lol

naz knows the way. its pretty simple his way after lots of practice

so are we talking a one hit hurricane in the air or a ground based HK hurricane and then the rest of the combination?

ground lk hurricane > jab > kkz. if you hit the air hurricane right, its pretty easy to land the kkz, and you don’t even need to do a jab, although i can’t usually tell if i hit them right. that and the looks on peoples faces when you don’t go for the srk :wow:

Just a note, or nasty trick whatever you wanna call it…

If you juggle with an air hurricane for two hits (I doubt it’ll work with more hits), you can do a kkz reset.

I use this A LOT when people jump out of demon set ups which I bait them with. Easiest on shotos I think.

Only thing is I usually do this in the corner. Never tried it midscreen because the only thing going through my head mid screen is ‘push them into the corner!’

ah sweet pherai, that last vid u just posted helps alot. :woot: wat is your personal input for how u made it in that specific video? it seems to work perfectly.:rock:

well, when i first started learning this, i found trying to go for the entire combo really overwhelming, so i broke it into parts. just get to the part up until the jab, while pressing down after the hurricane. i found this to be a challenge on its own :sweat: from trying to teach people this, ive found the tendency is to try to press down to olate so you end up doing a crouching jab, so do it pretty much right after you execute the hurricane. once you’ve got that down, integrate the kkz in. all i can say about that is press :d: :d: :3p: as fast as you can. you won’t get it right away, and you probably won’t even get it after an hour if you are anything like me, but keep at it, because its definitely worth the work!

lol so when do i input the very first :d: ? lol

:d:+:mk:, :qcb:+:lk:, :d:, :lp:, :d: :d: :3p:

:rofl: oh boy, this is gonna be very interesting bro lol… thanx

how come the down LP doesnt come out as a cr lp? is it pressed at the same time as down or shortly after? i dont know which way is easier, pherai’s or naz’s. how come the down LP doesnt come out as a cr lp? is it pressed at the same time as down or shortly after? i dont know which way is easier, pherai’s or naz’s. naz, when i tap down once right when akuma lands from the hurricane, he crouches down, and in your video i dont see you crouching after u land the hurricane.

well, you are really tapping down as the hurricane is ending, so the down doesnt come out as a crouch. there should be some significant spacing between the first down and the jab. i wish i had some software to show my joystick motions. maybe once i put my arcade stick back together, i’ll make a video like naz’s :rofl: