It's showtime! Come on! Dante Combo Thread -Will be updated to UMvC3 standards soon.-

Dante combo thread, it hasn’t quite been updated to UMvC3 standards. I’ll get on that as soon as possible.

Layout given to me by Ikaru.

:l: = Light Attack
:m: = Medium Attack
:h: = Heavy Attack
:s: = Special or Exchange
:a1:= Assist 1(2nd listed on your team)
:a2: = Assist 2(3rd Listed aka Anchor)

1 = Down Back
2 = Neutral Crouching
3 = Down Forward
4 = Back, blocking and walking backwards
5 = Stick is in a neutral state
6 = Forward, walking forward
7 = Up Back, jump backwards
8 = Up, Neutral jump
9 = Up Forward, jump forward

Examples: 214 = :qcb:, 236 = :qcf:, 623 = :dp:, 412 = :rdp:

Now, before we get to the actual combos there are a few things you should note. This is mostly for the advanced combos, but still just things you should know:

1. Acid Rain Loop: In order to start the Acid Rain loop off of Prop Shredder you have to super jump cancel the Prop Shredder into it. In order to do this your inputs should be :qcf::uf::l:xx:qcf::l:

2. Sky Dance: A lot of combos require that you make the last hit of Sky Dance whiff so that you can OTG the opponent to keep the combo going seeing as how if it hits it knocks them fullscreen and at best you can only get Million Dollars. In order to cause the last it of Sky Dance to whiff after you launch them, you have to delay something. There isn’t a specific thing, or a specific timing. Some people delay their super jump, others delay the activation of Sky Dance. One thing you must note though, is that depending how you long you delay can affect the amount of damage you get out of it.

**3.**Dante’s infinites: A few of you might have seen SmexyMillz videos showing off Dante’s infinites, well they all require Lvl2+ X-Factor, and other than that any combo you regularly have into the special move is a set up. Personally, I feel just landing Hammer or J.:s: to be pretty easy and going into the twister/tempest infinite.

4. Crazy Dance: The timing of landing Crazy Dance is pretty annoying regardless to which move you do it off of. Off of Reverb Shock you should be pressing it right as it ends, with Jet Stream you press it as the opponent begins to be knocked away, and I’m still trying to figure out the timing for it off of Revolver.

5. Isedelica Loop: The isedelica loop is the look you see in the isedelica combo #6 video, the loop is very spacing dependent and the notation for it is really quite simple it’s just: :s:,:h::h:. And then you just repeat for the desired amount of loops.

6. Teleport cancelling: I think I’ll leave this to Smexy Millz [media=youtube]Xv1LcgFcxq8[/media]

Day 1 Basic BnB:

  1. Basic Dante BnB
    Dmg: 854k w/ Lvl1 X-factor
    Requirements: 2 bars, X-Factor
    Meter Gain: A little over 1 meter

:l:,:m:,:h:,:s:, J.:l:, J.:m:, J.:h:, J.:qcf::l: (Killer Bee),:s:, J.:m:, J.:h:, J.:qcf::h: (Sky Dance), :qcb::l: (Reverb Shock),Mash :h:,:qcf::atk:+:atk:(Million Dollar),X-Factor Cancel,:qcf::atk:+:atk:(Million Dollar)

  1. Isedelica Combo
    Dmg: Unknown
    Requirements: 2 bars, X-Factor
    Meter Gain: Unknown

:d::l:, :m:, :d::m:, :h:,:f::h: (Stinger),:h: Million Stab,:s:,:h: AA Charge Shot,:s: Prop Shredder,j.:qcf::h: (Sky Dance),:qcb::l: (Reverb Shock),:h: Fireworks,:qcf::atk:+:atk: (Million dollars),X-Factor Cancel,:qcf::atk:+:atk: (Million Dollars)

  1. Shine3rection Combo
    Requirements: Lvl 3 X-Factor, 1 meter
    Meter Gain: 1.7 meters

:l:,:m:,:h:,:qcb::m:(Revolver),:h:,:s:,J:h:,J:qcf::h:(Sky dance),:qcb::l:(Reverb Shock),mash :h: (Fireworks),:qcf::atk:+:atk: Million Dollars

  1. Shine3rection Combo Variation
    Dmg: 1,001,400
    Requirements: 4 meter
    Meter Gain: ???

:qcb::m:(Revolver),:h:,:s:,J:h:,J:qcf::h:(Sky Dance),:qcb::l:(Reverb Shock), mash :h:(Fireworks), :qcf::atk:+:atk:(Million Dollars), XFC, :dp::atk:+:atk:(Devil Must Die)

  1. Brady Guide Combo 1
    Dmg: 537k
    Requirements: 1 meter
    Meter Gain:???

:d::l:,:l:,:m:,:h:,:s:, J.:m:,J.:m:,J.:h:,J.:qcf::m:(Air Play),J.:m:, Forward Double Jump, J.:m:,J.:h:,J.:qcf::l:(Killer Bee),:h:,:qcb::l:(Reverb Shock),:h: (Fireworks), :qcf::atk:+:atk: (Million Dollars)

  1. Brady Guide Combo 2
    Dmg: 570k
    Requirements: 1 meter
    Meter Gain: ???
    Notes: Works on grounded and aerial opponents

:m:,:h:,:s:, J.:m:,J.:m:,J.:h:, J.:qcf::m: (Air Play),J.:m:, Forward Double Jump, J.:m:, J.:h:, J.:qcf::l: (Killer Bee),:h:,:qcb::l:(Reverb Shock),:h: (Fireworks),:qcf::atk:+:atk: (Million Dollars)

  1. Brady Guide Combo 3
    Dmg: 559k
    Requirements: 1 meter
    Meter Gain: ???

J.:l:,J.:m:,Double Jump, J.:m:,J.:h:,J.:qcf::l:(Killer Bee),:h:,:s:,J.:m:,J.:m:,J.:h:,J.:qcf::h: (Sky Dance),:qcf::atk:+:atk: (Million Dollars)

  1. Brady Guide Combo 4
    Requirements: 1 meter
    Meter Gain: ???

:f:+:h:(Stinger),:h::h::h:(Million Stab),:s:,J.:m:,J.:m:,J.:h:,J.:qcf::m:(Air Play),J.:m:, Forward Double Jump, J.:m:,J.:h:, J.:qcf::l: (Killer Bee),:h:, :qcb::l: (Reverb Shock),:h: (Fireworks), :qcf::atk:+:atk: (Million Dollars)

  1. Brady Guide Combo 5
    Requirements: None
    Meter Gain: ???
    Notes: Yea, it’s really in the guide as a combo.

Air Throw, mash :h: (Rainstorm)

  1. Brady Guide Combo 6
    Dmg: ???
    Requirements: 1 meter
    Meter Gain: ???

Counterhit :h:xx:b::h: (Weasel Shot), Forward Dash,:m:,:s:,J.:m:,J.:m:,J.:h:,J.:qcf::m: (Air Play), J.:m:, Forward Double Jump, J.:m:,J.:h:, J.:qcf::l:,:h:,:qcb::l: (Reverb Shock),:h: (Fireworks),:qcf::atk:+:atk: (Million Dolllars)


  1. TitaniumBeast MidScreen Bnb 1
    Dmg: 790K+
    Requirements: 1 Super
    Meter Gain: 2 Bars
    Note: Unknown if works on all characters.

:m:, :h:,:f:+:h:(Stinger)xx:s:+:atk: (Bold Cancel)xx:dp::m: (Volcano),J.:h: xx J.:qcf::m: (Air Play), J.:h:, :h:,:s:xx:h:( AA Charge Shots)xx:s: (Prop Shredder),:qcf::uf::l:(Multi-Lock)xx:qcf::l: (Acid Raid),:qcf::l:(Multi-Lock)xx:qcf::l: (Acid Rain),J.:s:,:df::h::h::h: (Cold Shower),:f:+:h:(Stinger)xx:d::s:+:atk: (Bold Cancel)xx :d::s: (Air Trick),J.:s:,:dp::m:(Volcano) xx :dp::m:(Beehive), :qcf::m:(Crystal)xx:qcf::m: (Million Carats), :qcf::l: (Reverb Shock), :h: (Fireworks), :qcf::atk:+:atk: (Million Dollars)

  1. TitaniumBeast MidScreen Bnb 2
    Dmg: 750k-760k
    Requirements: 1 Super
    Meter Gain: 2 meters
    Note: “Should work” on everyone

:m:,:h:,:f:+:h:(Stinger)xx:s:+:atk:(Bold Cancel),:dp::m: (Volcano),J.:h: xxJ.:qcf::m: (Air Play),J.:h:,:h:,:s:xx:h:(AA Charge Shots)xx:s: (Prop Shredder),J.:qcf::l:(Killer Bee)xxJ.:qcf::l: (Hammer),:df::h::h::h: (Cold Shower),:f:+:h: (Stinger)xx:d::s:+:atk:(Bold Cancel)xx:d::s: (Air Trick),J.:s:,:dp::m: (Volcano) xx:dp::m: (Beehive),:qcb::h: (Jet Stream),:h: (Fireworks),:qcf::atk:+:atk: (Million Dollars)

  1. Richard Nguyen Corner Combo
    Dmg: 770K
    Requirements: 1 Super
    Meter Gain: ???

:m:,:h:,:f:+:h: (Stinger)xx:s:+:atk: (Bold Cancel),:dp::m: (Volcano),J.:h: xx J.:qcf::m: (Air Play), J.:h:,:h:,:s:xx:h:(AA Charge Shots)xx:s: (Prop Shredder), J.:qcf::l: (Killer Bee)xxJ.:qcf::l: (Hammer), :df::h::h::h: (Cold Shower),:f:+:h: (Stinger)xx:s:+:atk:(Bold Cancel)xx:qcf::m:(Crystal)xx:qcf::m:Million Carats,:f:+:h: (Stinger)xx:s:+:atk: (Bold Cancel)xx:dp::m: (Volcano) xx:dp::m: (Bee Hive),:f:+:h:(Stinger)xx:s:+:atk:(Bold Cancel),:dp::m: (Volcano)xx:dp::m: (Bee Hive),:qcf::atk:+:atk: (Million Dollars)

  1. Nitro Combo
    Dmg: ???
    Requirements: 3 bars
    Meter Gain: ???

:l: :m: :h: :b::h:(mash) :f::h:(mash)xx:s:xx:h:(mash)xx:s: J.:h:xx:qcf::h: :df::h:(mash)xx:f::h:xx:atk:+:s: J.:s: :df::h:(mash) :qcb::l:xx:h:(mash)xx:dp::atk:+:atk:

  1. Shine3rection BnB
    Dmg: 675k
    Requirements: 1 Meter
    Meter Gain: ???
    Notes: I don’t know if I was the discoverer of this combo, but I don’t know what else to call it, never see anyone else use it, and I use it as my main BnB. Also, you can activate Devil Trigger after Killer Bee, or before Million Dollars for additional damage.

J.:h:,:m:,:h:,:s:,J.:m:,J.:m:, Double Jump, J.:m:,J.:h:,J.:qcf::l:(Killer Bee), :s:, J.:m:,J.:m:,J.:h:, J.:qcf::h: (Sky Dance),:df::h::h::h:(Cold Shower),:f:+:h: (Stinger)xx:d::s:+:atk:(Bold Cancel)xx:d::s: (Air Trick), J.:s:, :dp::m:(Volcano)xx:dp::m:(Bee Hive)xx:qcf::atk:+:atk: (Million Dollars)

  1. TitaniumBeast Midscreen Combo 3
    Requirements: 1 meter
    Meter Gain: ???

:m:,:h:,:f:+:h:(Stinger)xx:s:+:atk:(Bold Cancel)xx:dp::m:(Volcano), J.:h:, J.:qcf::m:(Air Play),J.:h:, Land, :h:,:s:,:h:,:s:,:qcf::uf::l:(Multi-Lock)xx:qcf::l:(Acid Rain), J.:qcf::l:(Killer Bee)xx:qcf::l:(The Hammer),:df::h::h::h:(Cold Shower),:f:+:h:(Stinger)xx:s:+:atk:(Bold Cancel)xx:d::d::s:(Air Trick), J.:s:,:dp::m:(Volcano)xx:dp::m:(Bee Hive),:qcb::l:(Reverb Shock):h:(Fireworks),:qcf::atk:+:atk:(Million Dollars)

  1. Spidey89 Midscreen Combo
    Requirements: 1 Meter
    Meter Gain: ???

:s:/:dp::m:(Volcano), J.:h:,J.:qcf::l:(Killer Bee),:h:,:s:~:h:(AA Charge Shot)~:s:(Prop Shredder), J.:qcf::h:(Sky Dance),:df::h::h::h:(Cold Shower),:f:+:h:(Stinger)xx:s:+:atk:(Bold Cancel)xx:d::d::s:(Air Trick),J.:s:,:dp::m:(Volcano)xx:dp::m:(Bee Hive)xx:qcf::atk:+:atk:(Million Dollars)

  1. Spidey89 Corner Combo 1
    Requirements: 1 meter
    Meter Gain: ???

:s:,J.:h:,J.:qcf::m:(Air Play),J.:m:,Double Jump, J.:m:,J.:h:,J.:s:,:df::h::h::h:(Cold Shower),:f:+:h:(Stinger)xx:s:+:atk:(Bold Cancel),J.:s:,:dp::m:(Volcano)xx:dp::m:(Bee Hive),:qcb::h:(Jet Stream),:h:(Fireworks),:qcf::atk:+:atk: (Million Dollars)

  1. Spidey89 Corner Combo 2
    Dmg: 723k
    Requirements: 1 meter
    Meter Gain: ???

:dp::m:(Volcano),J.:h:,J.:qcf::m:(Air Play),J.:h:,J.:qcf::l:(Killer Bee),:h:,:s:,J.:m:,Double Jump,J.:m:,J.:h:,J.:qcf::h:(Sky Dance),:df::h::h::h:(Cold Shower),:f:+:h:(Stinger)xx:s:+:atk:(Bold Cancel),J.:qcf::h:(Sky Dance),:dp::m:(Volcano)xx:dp::m:(Bee Hive)xx:qcf::atk:+:atk: (Million Dollars)

  1. SmexyMillz J.:s: BnB
    Dmg: 700k
    Requirements: 1 Meter
    Meter Gain: ???

J.:s:,:dp::m: (Volcano), J.:m:,J.:h:xx J.:qcf::m: (Air Play),J.:h:,:h:,:s:,J.:h:,J.:qcf::l: (Killer Bee) After Killer Bee you have the choice of:
1.:qcb::h: (Jet Stream)xx:h: (Fireworks), :qcf::atk:+:atk: (Million Dollars)
2.:dp::m:(Volcano)xx:dp::m:(Bee Hive), :qcf::atk:+:atk: (Million Dollars

  1. Isedacidbruyen Midscreen Combo
    Dmg: Varies
    Requirements: 1 meter
    Meter Gain: 2 meter
    Notes: Combo works in theory, hasn’t been tested yet. One or two more reps of :s:~:h::h: (AA Charge Shots) possible with proper understanding of the distance.

[Any attacks leading to:] :f:+:h: (Stinger)xx:s:+:atk:(Bold Cancel)xx :dp::m: (Volcano), J.:h:, J.:qcf::m: (Air Play), J.:h:, :s:~:h::h:(AA Charge Shots),:s:~:h::h:(AA Charge Shots),:s:~:h::h: (AA Charge Shots),:f:+:h: (Stinger)xx:d::s:+:atk:(Bold Cancel)xx:d::s: (Air Trick),J.:qcf::l:(Killer Bee)xxJ.:qcf::l: (Hammer),:dp::m: (Volcano)xx:dp::m: (Beehive),:dp::m: (Volcano)xx:dp::m: (Beehive), :qcf::atk:+:atk: (Million Dollars)

  1. Shine3rection BC Combo
    Dmg: 695k
    Requirements: 1 Meter
    Meter gain: ???
    Notes: You can add DT before Million Dollars for extra damage, as well as XFC after Million dollars into another. I’m pretty sure you can somehow add more to this combo to get more damage out of it, but this is what I’ve got as of right now.

J.:h:,:m:,:h:,:f:+:h:(Stinger)xx:s:+:atk:(Bold Cancel)xx:dp::m:(Volcano)xx:qcb::ub::m:(Revolver),:h:,:s:,J.:m:,J.:m:,J.:h:,J.:qcf::h:(Sky Dance),:df::h::h::h:(Cold Shower),:f:+:h:(Stinger)xx:s:+:atk: (Bold Cancel),J.:s:,:dp::m:(Volcano)xx:dp::m:(Bee hive),:qcf::atk:+:atk: (Million Dollars)

  1. Evil Combo
    Dmg: 750k-1 mil
    Requirements: 2 meter,
    Meter gain: Slightly under 1
    Notes: 1 mil is if you use lvl 1 XFC and add another Million Dollars.

c.:l:,c.:m:,:h::f:+:h:(Stinger)xx:s:+:atk:(Bold Cancel)xx:dp::m:(Volcano), J.:m:,J.:qcf::m: (Airplay),J.:h:,:h:,:s:,J.:m:,J.:m:,J.:h:,J.:qcf::l:(Killer Bee),:qcb::atk:+:atk:(Devil Trigger), :s:, J.:m:,J.:qcf::s:(Thunderbolt), J.:qcf::s:(Thunderbolt),J.:qcf::h:(Sky Dance), :qcb::l:(Reverb Shock),:h:(Fireworks), :qcf::atk:+:atk: (Million Dollars)

  1. “I can do 1 frame links!” combo. (Corner)
    Dmg: 700k
    Requirements: 1 meter
    Meter gained: ???
    Notes: Can do 770k if you activate Devil trigger after the J.:s: before :df::h::h::h: (Cold Shower)

:m:,:h:,:f:+:h: (Stinger)xx:s:+:atk: (Bold Cancel)xx:dp::m: (Volcano),J.:s:, [:qcb::atk:+:atk: (Devil Trigger)] :df::h::h::h:,:f:+:h: (Stinger)xx:s:+:atk: (Bold Cancel)xx :qcf::m: (Crystal)xx:qcf::m: (Million Carrats),:dp::m: (Volcano)xx:dp::m: (Beehive),:f:+:h: (Stinger)xx:s:+:atk: (Bold Cancel)xx:dp::m: (Volcano)xx:dp::m: (Beehive),:qcf::atk:+:atk: (Million Dollars)

  1. “I can do 1 frame links!” combo. (Midscreen)
    Dmg: 650k
    Requirements: 1 meter
    Meter Gain: ???
    Note: You can add Devil trigger before the second :dp::m:(Volcano) for 708k damage.

:m:,:h:,:f:+:h: (Stinger)xx:s:+:atk: (Bold Cancel),:dp::m: (Volcano), J.:s:,[:qcb::atk:+:atk: (Devil Trigger)]:dp::m: (Volcano)xx:dp::m: (Beehive),:qcb::h: (Jet Stream),:h::h::h: (Fireworks), :qcf::atk:+:atk: (Million Dollars)

  1. MC Hammer Combo
    Dmg: 552k
    Requirements: 1
    Meter Gained: 1.25~
    Notes: Corner only, use Devil must die instead of Million Dollars for more damage.

:d::d::s: (Air Trick),J.:qcf::l:(Killer Bee)xxJ.:qcf::l:(Hammer), :df::h::h::h:(Cold Shower),:s:(Prop Shredder, :d::d::u::s: (Super Jump Cancel Air Trick),J.:qcf::l:(Killer Bee)xxJ.:qcf::l: (Hammer), :df::h::h::h: (Cold Shower),:f:+:h: (Stinger)xx:s:+:atk: (Bold Cancel),J.:qcf::l:(Killer Bee)xx:qcf::l:(Hammer),:df::h::h::h: (Cold Shower), Haggar’s Pipe Assist, Jump, J.:qcf::l:(Killer Bee)xxJ.:qcf::l:(Hammer),:dp::m:(Volcano)xx:dp::m:(Bee Hive)xx:qcf::atk:+:atk: (Million Dollars)

  1. The 3 corners
    Dmg: 707,600
    Requirements: 1 Meter
    Meter Gained: ???

J.:m:,:m:,:h:,:f:+:h:(Stinger)xx:s:+:atk:(Bold Cancel)xx:dp::m:(Volcano), J.:h:, J.:qcf::m:(Air Play), J.:h:,:h:,:s:,:h:(AA Charge Shots),:s:(Prop Shredder),:d::d::u::s:(Super Jump Cancel Air Trick),J.:qcf::h:(Sky Dance),:df::h::h::h:(Cold Shower),:f:+:h:(Stinger)xx:d::s:+:atk:(Bold Cancel)xx:d::s:(Air Trick), J.:s: OR J.:qcf::l:(Killer Bee)xx:qcf::l:(Hammer),:dp::m:(Volcano)xx:dp::m:(Bee Hive),:qcf::atk:+:atk: (Million Dollars)

  1. “I can do 1 frame links!” combo 2.0. (Corner)
    Dmg: 710k
    Requirements: 1
    Meter Gained: ???

:m:,:h:xx:f:+:h: (Stinger)xx:s:+:atk: (Bold Cancel)xx:dp::m: (Volcano,J.:s: [:qcb::atk:+:atk: (Devil Trigger)],:df::h::h::h:(Cold Shower),:s: (Prop Shredder):d::d::u::s:(Super Jump Cancel Air Trick)J.:qcf::l:(Killer Bee)xxJ.:qcf::l: (Hammer), :df::h::h::h:,:f:+:h: (Stinger)xx:s:+:atk: (Bold Cancel)xx:qcf::m: (Crystal)xx:qcf::m: (Million Carrats), :dp::m: (Volcano)xx:dp::m: (Beehive),:f:+:h: (Stinger)xx:s:+:atk: (Bold Cancel)xx:dp::m: (Volcano)xx:dp::m: (Beehive)xx:qcf::atk:+:atk: (Million Dollars)

  1. Shine3rection BC Bnb
    Dmg: 714.5k
    Requirements: 1 meter
    Meter gained: 1.9 meters
    Notes: Again, I don’t know who discovered this, I just use it as my BnB if I decide to bold cancel because it’s easier than most and does good damage, and pays for itself.

J.:h:,:m:,:h:,:f:+:h:(Stinger)xx:s:+:atk:(Bold Cancel)xx:dp::m: (Volcano),J.:m:,J.:m:, Double jump, J.:m:,J.:h:, J.:qcf::l: (Killer Bee),:s:, J.:m:,J.:m:,J.:h:,J.:qcf::h: (Sky Dance),:df::h::h::h: (Cold Shower),:f:+:h:(Stinger)xx:s:+:atk:(Bold Cancel),J.:s:,:dp::m:(Volcano)xx:dp::m:(Bee Hive),:qcf::atk:+:atk: (Million Dollars)

  1. Dacid-bro TAC Combo
    Dmg: Varies
    Requirements: TAC, 1 meter
    Meter gained: Varies

Anything with 4-5 hits, TAC (Up or Side into Dante), Air backdash, J.:qcf::l:(Killer Bee), :s::h:h:,:s::h::h:,:s::h::h::h:,:f:+:h:(Stinger)xx:d::s:+:atk: (Bold Cancel)xx:d::s: (Air Trick), J.:s:,:dp::m:(Volcano)xx:dp::m:(Bee Hive)xx:qcf::atk:+:atk: (Million Dollars)

You can Google:

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Just change the index number to the page that you want to view. For page 1, just remove index#.html.

…actually,here you go.

Arigatou gozaimasu.

does anybody know what makes dante’s sky dance bounce them right in front of you on the ground and some times it wont?

It’s dependent on whether or not the last hit connects or not. If it does, it knocks them full screen unless you’re in the corner. If you delay it so that it whiffs, they land in front of you can you can hit with any OTG attack.

It depends on what height you do it at. I usually let the opponent be slightly higher than me when doing it, and that almost always works for me. This applies anywhere on the screen.

daaaaaamn that looks fresh as fuck. =o Good shit Shine.

again, to get skydance with last hit whiff, delay the jump after the launcher a bit, and only do j.MMH into skydance

i personally omit the stinger after million carats in corner, since it crosses up randomly…

Couldn’t have done it without ya Ikaru.

and thank you ikaru for helping me out with the low shot to light guitar otg!

Nice, combo thread is back! Good job Shine =)


That new dante technology… Get It
700k on a Jump S every dante player should be using this as there Jump S Bnb seeming it builds mad meter and does 500k If you end in bee hive…

Also jump S can be cancelled into a special move

j.S… not really good to use because unsafe on block, but in corner you can probably do

j.S>volcano>>killer bee>5s>delay jump>j.MMH>sky dance>3hhhh>stinger cancel>million carats>stinger>jet stream>fireworks>million dollars

i’ll test the dmg later, but it should be in 730k range

anyway, in titanium beast combo 01 you forgot to list j.S after acid rain

just a note…

assuming you have used the allotted wall and ground bounces for a combo, the best filler for Million Dollars xx XFC Million Dollars is million carats>stinger>jet stream>fire works in corner. midscreen, teleport>hammer>3hhh>reverb shock>fireworks, or 3hhh>volcano>beehive if it’s one of those characters that 3hhh>reverb shock>fireworks doesn’t work on.

by the way, to do these combos, you XFC on the hit that sends them spinning (27th hit iirc) then do the combo.

so midscreen it’d be
basic combo>million dollars>XFC>teleport>hammer>3hhh>reverb shock>fireworks>million dollars
corner it’d be
basic combo>million dollars>xfc>million carats>stinger>jet stream>fireworks

i don’t want to see anyone just doing plain million dollars>million dollars anymore lol…

J.S can be cancelled into any other moves during its active frames before you hit the ground…

ah, okay.

i thought you were just talking about j.S cancel on hit on, but i guess it works on block too

Cancel jump S into the hammer to make it safe if they block it

Basic BnBs

  1. Basic Dante BnB
    Meter gain: A little over 1 bar

  2. Shine3rection Combo
    Dmg: 1.3mil+
    Meter Gain: About 1.7 I’d say

I’ve found out that you can follow Devil Must die with a Dashing :df::h::h: but is harder to follow up as it is character specific for what you can do after. With Sentinel you can follow with :s: (prop Shredder) while with others you can follow with :f::h: (stab). With each char, it will be different due to hitbox size.

Timing is very tight and for some chars as only 1 hit of fireworks will hit.

Np np, sorry I didn’t get to transcribe the three combos I gave you. It was a form of short hand I was using for myself.

You’re welcome man, glad I could help.