It's Hard To Believe But

Today marks my 14th year on SRK, my birthday :party: , and literally half of my life devoted to this site.

I remember in early 2000 when I saw the game that would catapult my competitiveness to a whole other level- Marvel vs Capcom 2, in arcades. In search to elevate my skills and own my friends/rivals, I stumbled upon this site back when the front pages was filled with Mike Z, Yuta, and Meikyoususui combo videos and epic matches between Nun and Liquid Metal/ Valle vs Wong . Back when I would have to dedicate half a day to downloading grainy match videos in hopes to of getting a sliver of new tricks from the best players. This site was a competitive hive of the purest kind.

I rarely ventured to General Discussion back then, which to me was a proverbial den of lions, with flamewars and machismo galore. I stuck with Fighting Game and Character Discussion with the hopes of being the best in my region and maybe beyond. Although my contributions to a few sections (R.I.P. MVC2 Sakura, Rogue, and Venom boards) are long gone, I feel content that my ravenous pursuit of my hobby circa '00 - '06 was quite fulfilling.

Sadly, my local arcade closed, college came, and with it, much of my competitive ambitions. So the transition to GenD was natural, and I got acquainted with many posters, and being exposed to POVs normally outside my scope, which was both enlightening and amusing. General Discussion was, and still is my haven for amusement, cultural observation, mutual revelry in the obscure or perverse, and sometimes surprisingly educational. I looked forward to the annual EVO 2XXX hype, How Akuma Stole Christmas thread, and whatever random drama would inevitably ensue.

As much we rag on each other and created a subculture involving our diverse-minded members and their idiosyncrasies, there were times where I saw amazing compassion from people who never met each other. The tragic passing of Mummy-B was one of the most notable, as well as 9/11; you occasionally got to see the true nature of these members and that at the end of the day, we’re just dudes (and a few dudettes) brought together by a mutual hobby.

Folks like @infernoman @fishjie @rockbogart @The Damned @ViciousSLASH and many others either gone or now lurking, became forum mainstays that I developed a rapport with- even if casual, is still quite nice to reflect on after 14 years.

So all in all, it’s been a fun ride, and try as I may, I honestly don’t see myself permanently departing the site for as long as it remains an active hub of interesting content and posters.


lol I think all the people u listed, are still here and post. Damned, posts occasionally. RockBogart hates the rest of us. VSlash might have went MIA. Fishjie still here, although his hooker love has been sated. Infernoman, nobody cares about, but he still posts.

goodm0urning seems to have died though. SWBeta got tired of people laughing at his attempts to stream, and tapped out. And Specs is about to get chased out for being a terrible white knight.

So what, you about to cry now?

Old weak ass, sensitive, teary eyed while reminiscing about the good old days looking ass nucka.

When we all start getting pension from this site is when I will start to give a shit, until then the war is never over.

Happy Birthday White Shadow!


Apparently, he’s entered hikikomori-mode and has been playing FFXIV a lot. His feelings are easily hurt.

Posts like these are the reason i still come to SRK.

MvC2 is still the best game


Some black dude has been on SRK for 14 years. Head on down to KFC and have some grape drank. :coffee:

Congratulations. :slight_smile:

haha you old man

King Athan reporting.

ayo fuck angelpalm tho lol

Man, it has been a long time for a lot of us on here. At the end of the day we all share a common interest(more or less) and this is what makes this place what it is. I remember waiting hours to download a 60MB MvsC2 video that only showed one match on dial up.

We’ve come a long way and lost and gained a lot of good posters, but in the end I feel that GD is still the place to be…

happy birthday you mad genius.
the science thread would be dull without you!!!

AIEEE :smokin:

Why is everyone here so old?!

Also, SWBeta got mad cause he couldn’t get away acting like me and failed like a bitch.
He banned me from his twitch channel even though I didn’t do shit cause he’s a bitch ass nigga. Motha fucker, don’t touch me sucka you might burn yourself!!

You guys need to hug it out, by golly!

I’ll never hug him, but he’ll have to hug me!

From what I’ve witnessed, you’re easily one of the best posters on SRK; no question about it. Whether it be the science thread, the One Piece thread, or even the occasional lounge post, you almost always post insightful remarks or things of interest. Not only that, but you also come off as someone who is easy to get along with; one of the nicer individuals on SRK.

Anyhow, have a nice birthday and stuff, I suppose. Make sure to do Insert Pleasure Inducing Activity Here and have sex with Insert Attractive Woman Here!