It will all be over soon. The Heihachi combo thread

This is for all of Heihachi’s combos.

I will update this thread with all of hei’s combos that are found. If in the case i do not please message me in my inbox.


Heihachi’s got some pretty interesting things going on with his Eisho Mon ( ). You can link off of it at the right range–which seems to be fairly close (or range), though the timing seems kinda tight. Here’s what I’ve found that seems to work:

forward mp,crouching lp, hk hell axel xx (this can be EX’ed for mo’ damage)
Forward mp,crouching lp xx rajin stance (links right into Super)
forward mp, forward lp forward mp,mk dragon uppercut xx xx > (the timing for the Muso Tettsui is TIGHT)

His overhead links to–and, again, is tight–his crouching short ( ) and then into a full combo. Such as:

back lp,crouching lp xx mp rising uppercut, mk dragon uppercut xx punch > (you can tweak this as you see fit)

Also, his crouching mk at the right range can confirm straight into either his Dragon Upper ( ) or his Hell Axle ( ). Just a note, I s’pose.

found by Baushy

[298dmg] [0 bar] B+mp xxDP+lp > s.hp xxDP+mp > s.hp
[348dmg] [1 bar] B+mp xxDP+lp > s.hp xxDP+mp > s.hp xxDP+pp

found by Guns1linger

Fwd lk, st.lp or lk, Light Dragon Breath(Fireball motion),lk,mk,hk , EX Dragon Breath, DP mp , fwd lp,mp , DP any kick then punch.
Everyone who found combos were credited. If you weren’t just tell me.



[298dmg] [0 bar] B+mp xxDP+lp > s.hp xxDP+mp > s.hp

You can do better.
B+mp xx mp DP > s.hp xx mp dp > s.hp xx any k DP punch. Does around 360 i believe

The main bread and butter I use for jump ins is either or (both cross up) into fwd.lp + mp > s.hp xx mp dp > s.hp xx any k DP punch. Super easy to do and fail safe if they block the jump and your fwd.lp+mp

you can also do the rising loop with (cancel on first hit),,, and, but it does around 120dmg less. however i feel that if you can’t get the timing down for st.hp (like my friend) you can substitute it for the mk/mp. also ending the rising loop with dragon upper does 40dmg more.

Can we ask questions about combos here too?

I am having some trouble getting perfect execution on his ‘switch in’ combo: c.HP xx DP MP -> s.HP xx DP HK §

I can do either part a or part b fine, its just the timing of the s.HP that I miss. I get it maybe 20%. Do I wait until the opponent starts to fall and is in line with Heihachi’s head? Can s.HK be substitued for s.HP, it seems to be somewhat easier timing. Sorry if its a noob question, I am one :slight_smile:

Also can you follow EX DP HK § with s.HP? I can never get the punch out before they already hit the ground.

As soon as Heihachi brings his elbow back after the DP, hit :hp:, so yeah, wait 'til they fall about chest level. It sounds weird but you’ll see what I mean. It must just be me but if you hold forward as you input the :hp: it seems to make it link easier. And standing :hp: won’t connect at all after a Dragon Upper with extension because they’ll hit the ground first I believe.

Yeah I am hitting forward at the same time as :hp:, so I can easier DP motion. I’ll keep working on it.

As for :hp: after Dragon Upper, I thought I saw it somewhere. What is the combo that most characters seem to have where they EX move -> juggle (repeated 3 times)?

Asica - I just use this for his switch combo - st.hp xx mp dp -> xx mk dp punch. Way easier to do, like i get it 100%, and not that much difference in damage.

Or you can plink the :hp: with :mp:. That works really well.

this is the max hit combo i could come up with.

what was the dmg? i can’t read it.
also annotation?

I can tie that! :rofl:

J.:hk:, :f::lk:, Cr.:mp:, :f::lp: > :lp: xx :qcf::lp:, St.:lk: > St.:mk: > St.:hp: xx :qcf: :lp: + :mp:, :b::lk:, St.:hp: xx :dp::m:, Cr.:hk:

My Bnb is that ^ except without the :f::lk:. I only added that to make it 14 hits. Without that mine does I think 378, which is only 3 better than the 375 in the vid but mine is incredibly easy. The worst link is like a 3 framer, and there’s no juggling except the easy end. I’m sure it can be expanded upon, and combos with less hits might do more damage, but it just looks so stylish.

Those are all of the possible combos worthy of your meter.

Mind blown!

17 hit combo,again not worth the work since it does weak damage 396 and the timing is tough
my bnb is 10 hits 1bar and does 430
17hit was made by me

I switched from Rolento to Sagat and made Sagat point. For tag ins with Hei, I just go for xx qcb mk or xx lp dp, c.hp is a far better AA than, might even be better but haven’t tested it to that extent.

Guys, that 17 hit combo actually looks pretty swag :slight_smile:
The problem I notice a lot of heihachi players doing is using his ground bounce in the middle of a combo. Remember you’re wasting a hit on a light attack and medium instead of using heavy-DP juggle for more damage. I’m going to make another video about situations and technology with Heihachi that you guys will love so get ready!

That’s true. I usually try to switch between HP and cr.MK. Have to use cr.MK when I feel like I can’t make my HP or cause of online lag.

does anyone else have trouble landing,, fw.lp, lp, demons breath,,, st.hp, ex demons breath on kuma? or is it just me? i’ve landed on other characters.