It Was Tuesday - It Was Summer July/August- SFV Weekly - Tuesday Nights Phoenix Games in Concord


We have an official website:

My update priority is the official website > Facebook > Twitter > SRK/EventHubs … so make sure to check that website first for updates.

We’re now into our sixth season of It Was Tuesday, titled: Mollywhop. The season begins May 2nd, and every Tuesday afterwards. Total fee for playing has been lowered to $6. $5 for House, $1 for tournament pot. WINNER TAKES ALL

What: Street Fighter V (PS4) Weekly RANBAT

Where: Phoenix Games in Concord, CA ( 4607 Clayton Rd.

When: Tuesday nights. First meet up is Tuesday October 4th, then every Tuesday after until December (we take a break Thanksgiving week). Sign ups open at 6PM, tournament starts at 7PM.

How much: $6. $5 goes to the house, $1 goes to the pot.

Cap: 64 players. First come, first served.

Pay out: Less than 8 players sign up, we run Round Robin. More than 8 players sign up, we run Double Elimination. WINNER TAKES ALL

Legacy sticks?: Banned until Capcom/Sony make it a non-hassle. You need to rock a wired PS4 stick/controller or a PS3/360 wired stick/controller using a PS4 converter (such as Brook’s PS3/360 to PS4 adapter or fight board. Essentially, anything that makes the PS4 think your set up is a PS4 controller/stick).

Stream?: Hopefully soon. Phoenix Games is working on some infrastructure issues (AKA the Internet service sucks) to make streaming a possibility.

Casual play?: If you pay the house fee, you can play casuals once I open up stations. That may not be until later in the bracket. Keep in mind that since we are in a game store that needs to open the next morning (and some of us gotta work in the morning), we’re shooting for clearing out at 10PM.

If you don’t pay house fee and just came to hang out … well … I have the Hyper Fighting machine set to 50 cents. Have fun with that. Seriously though, Hyper Fighting is good, so play it. Street Fighter V is good as well, so just pay the 10 bucks and play in the tournament.

Bring a set up: We only have four PlayStation 4 set ups at the moment, and eight is the money number to make double elimination run quickly and smoothly. If you can bring a PS4/monitor combo and we use it, I’ll wave your house fee.

Can you run X that’s not Street Fighter V?: Phoenix Games currently runs a Smash Bros. weekly on Wednesdays (coordinated by Trevor), which includes them fiddling around with Pokken. If Nintendo-based fighters are your thing and you’re near Phoenix Games, Wednesdays are your days and Trevor is the man to speak to.

As of right now, Tuesday is dedicated to Street Fighter V. Let me get that running smoothly, then we’ll see about other stuff.

This is where Sosage rants about the details: Keep in mind, Phoenix Games is a used game store first and foremost, so don’t do anything to jack up their ability to conduct business. If staff asks you to do something, be respectful and do it.

The store is a pretty good size for a game store, but it’s crammed with games, pinball tables, and arcade machines. So standing space may get tight. The 64 player cap is partially because that’s about how many people this place can hold. The big thing is to not crowd the play area. Let players have room. We’ll have the doors to the back alley open for you all to spill out, catch some air, and smoke.

Keep the smoking n’ vaping outside. If you reek of 420, bring a can of Axe and spray yourself before coming in. The owner of Phoenix Games and I don’t typically give a shit, but in the past customers have been up tight about the store smelling like a cannabis field exploded, and this goes back to the whole, “don’t jack up Phoenix Games’ ability to conduct business” thing.

The usual other shit that applies to real life applies here as well. Don’t go picking fights. No underage drinking. Don’t act like an asshole/cunt. Cops regularly patrol the back alley, so don’t do stupid shit. Come out to have fun. Etc.

Street Fighter V?! Where the fuck is 925X?!?: 925X was my monthly Super Turbo/Hyper Fighting meet up out of Phoenix Games. That’s still on hiatus until my SuperGun/CPS2 equipment situation gets better (or I give up on SuperGuns and just run it out of my garage).

The first event was great. 22 players. See you guys next Tuesday (04/12/2016)

04/05/2016 results

1st pH | TZA (Claw)
2nd Mark B (Birdie)
3rd Quan Paul (Laura)

It’s going down tonight. 6PM sign ups open. 7:10PM tournament starts.

We could use some PS4 set ups. Bring one out and I’ll wave the house fee.


These are awesome!

Last night’s results:

1st: Pavocado (R.Mika)
2nd: pH|TZA (Claw)
3rd: tavnt (Chun-Li)

Next event is April 19th. If you’re on Facebook, check out the events page:

It’s going down again tomorrow (04/26) night at Phoenix Games in Concord.

Registration opens at 6PM, tournament starts 7:10PM. $10 total (5 to house, 5 to pot). If you bring a PS4 set up, we’ll wave house fee.

We’re one step closer to streaming! We’ll be capturing footage off of the main set up and tossing it up on YouTube. I know, this is some 2009 shit, but Phoenix Games is pressuring the landlord to get the damned Internet infrastructure updated (we’ve tried streaming Smash, and the connection could not hang). Hopefully we’ll be all the way live soon.

Event page:


Tomorrow is Tuesday, so it must mean It Was Tuesday … tomorrow that is.

We’re officially a month old! The 5th It Was Tuesday is going down tomorrow night (05/03). Double Elimination Street Fighter V Weekly at Phoenix Games in Concord, CA ( 6PM Registration opens. 7:10PM Tournament starts. $5 House Fee. $5 Tournament Fee. If you bring a PlayStation 4 set up we can use, I’ll wave the house fee.

We’ll be capturing footage again tomorrow night. So bring your A-game, so Shoryuken/Kappa/EventHubs can talk shit about us.

Event page:


Last week’s footage (still uploading, should be 13 vids total):

Last week’s results:

Results for It Was Tuesday 05/03/2016

1st) Panoptic (Nash/Charlie)
2nd) Quan Paul (Laura)
3rd) Kam (Chun-Li)
4th) Smitty (Necalli)
5th) Bean (M.Bison/Dictator)
5th) Sosage (M.Bison/Dictator/Guile)
7th) Vincent (Chun-Li)
7th) Hawk (Guile)

Full bracket here:

Match footage here (note we are missing Grand Finals, Semi-Finals, and Losers Finals):

Next It Was Tuesday is 05/10/2016. Same old info applies. Registration opens at 6PM, Tournament starts at 7:10PM. $10 (5 to house, 5 to pot). If you bring a PlayStation 4 set up we can use, I’ll wave the house fee. Facebook events page with all the info (or refer to the OP of this thread):

Hope y’all had fun with your moms … but the next It Was Tuesday is coming up.

Phoenix Games in Concord, CA ( Registration at 6PM. Tournament starts at 7:10PM. $10 entry fee. $5 to house, $5 to pot. If you bring a PlayStation 4 set up, I’ll wave the house fee. BRING A PS4 STICK! Don’t rely on borrowing other people’s equipment. Last It Was Tuesday was held up big time by half the bracket borrowing the other half’s stuff.

Come out, compete in some Street Fighter V, and have fun!

Event page:

Results for It Was Tuesday 05/10/2016

1st) Panoptic (Charlie/Nash)
2nd) pH | Jame (Ken)
3rd) Mark B (Birdie)
4th) Smitty (Necalli)
5th) Sosage (M.Bison/Dictator)
5th) Bean (M.Bison/Dictator)
7th) Suga J (Ryu)
7th) Matt S (Charlie/Nash)

Full bracket here:

Match footage here:

Next It Was Tuesday is 05/17/2016. Same old info applies. Registration opens at 6PM, Tournament starts at 7:10PM. $10 (5 to house, 5 to pot). If you bring a PlayStation 4 set up we can use, I’ll wave the house fee. Facebook events page with all the info (or refer to the OP of this thread):

Just a bump n’ a reminder that it’s going down tomorrow night. 6PM registration. 7:10PM start.

Results for It Was Tuesday 05/17/2016

1st) Pavocado (R.Mika)
2nd) Panoptic (Charlie/Nash)
3rd) Sosage (M.Bison/Dictator)
4th) Beesu (Karin)
5th) NO RESPECT (Charlie/Nash)
5th) ilikemacaroni (M.Bison/Dictator)
7th) Juantanimo Bay (Zangief)
7th) Do Flamingo (R.Mika)

Full bracket here:

Match footage here:

Next It Was Tuesday is 05/24/2016. Same old info applies. Registration opens at 6PM, Tournament starts at 7:10PM. $10 (5 to house, 5 to pot). If you bring a PlayStation 4 set up we can use, I’ll wave the house fee. Facebook events page with all the info (or refer to the OP of this thread):

Just a reminder that it goes down tomorrow night. 6PM Registration Opens. 7:10PM Tournament starts. $10. 5 to house, 5 to pot. Bring me a PlayStation 4 set up and I’ll wave the house fee.

Facebook Event Page:

I forgot to update with last week’s results … It Was Tuesday goes down again tonight at Phoenix Games in Concord, CA. 6PM. $10 entry fee. Bring a PlayStation 4 set up and I’ll wave $5.

Results for It Was Tuesday 05/17/2016

1st) Panoptic (Nash/Charlie)
2nd) Professor Reginald (Ken/Ryu)
3rd) Ghostly (Cammy)
4th) Mark B (Birdie)
5th) Tyram (Karin)
5th) Juantonimo Bay (Zangief)
7th) Sosage (M.Bison/Dictator)
7th) Beesu (Karin)

Full bracket here:

Match footage here:

There’s a lot to update you guys n’ gals on.

First off, there’s a new site:

I tend to update that site first, then Facebook/Twitter, then finally I eventually make the rounds to SRK and EventHubs. So bookmark it and check it often.

Secondly, we’re adopting a league format with player rankings. It Was Tuesday will be broken up into “Seasons”, which are roughly two months, or eight weeks. This doesn’t change when we play or how we do our weeklies. It’s still Tuesday nights. It’s still at Phoenix Games. It’s still $10. It’s still double elimination.

All this means is that now there is an incentive to participate. The more you play, and the better you do, the higher you’ll rank. I’m trying to work out prizes for the top ranked players at the end of the season. All the details on how the ranking system works can be found here:

Summer Season begins July 7th. So make sure you vote early in the coming primary, then get your ass to Phoenix Games before 7PM.

Last week’s results! No footage this week, because the recorded fucked half of the files up.

1st) Panoptic (Charlie/Nash)
2nd) Beesu (Karin)
3rd) ilikemacaroni (M.Bison/Dictator)
4th) Quan Paul (Laura)
5th) El Ben (Karin)
5th) Sosage (M.Bison/Dictator)
7th) Tyram (Karin)
7th) NO RESPECT (Charlie/Nash)
9th) Thotty Pippin (Cammy)
9th) Bad RnG (Dhalsim)
9th) Pon (Rainbow Mika)
9th) Hawk ()

Update for June 7th’s It Was Tuesday! I’m trying to create some accommodations for those that need to vote after work/school. Start time is at 7:40 (7:30 is the registration cut off time), and you can register via the Facebook event page if you’re running extra late. More details on the official site:

Pro tips on voting and making it to It Was Tuesday on June 7th

The first session of It Was Tuesday’s Summer Session is complete. You can find full results, as well as Ranking Point information at the link below:

1st) Beesu (Karin) RP Earned: 700 RP total: 700
2nd) Panoptic (Charlie/Nash) RP Earned: 600 RP total: 600
3rd) I Like Macaroni (M.Bison/Dictator) RP Earned: 500 RP total: 500
4th) Quan Paul (Laura) RP Earned: 400 RP total: 400
5th) NO RESPECT (Charlie/Nash) RP Earned: 300 RP total: 300
5th) El Ben (Karin) RP Earned: 300 RP total: 300
7th) Do Flamingo (Cammy) RP Earned: 200 RP total: 200
7th) Bob Wolf 925 (Laura) RP Earned: 200 RP total: 200

It Was Tuesday goes down again tonight. Same time, same place, same game. :slight_smile: 6PM sign ups. 7:10PM start. Phoenix Games. Street Fighter V. $10 registration fee (5 to house, 5 to pot). We will NOT have a session next Tuesday, July 5th.

We have an impending 5 vs. 5 challenge with the Bay Area’s other Tuesday Street Fighter V Weekly, Sharkade. Details on where n’ when that will go down is being worked out now. BUT, if you want to rep team It Was Tuesday, you gotta earn them Rank Points. At least four of the five spots will be determined off of rank, so make sure you come out and compete!

I know I haven’t updated here lately, but that’s because you can catch all the latest info for It Was Tuesday at

You can find the latest rankings for Summer Season here:

You can also catch all of our footage here:

I hope everyone is having a good 4th of July weekend, and you’re all getting in some lab time with the new update and characters. I just want to remind everyone that It Was Tuesday is NOT going down on the 5th (tomorrow). I have some family obligations that are keeping me away from Phoenix Games that day. So think of it as a half-time break. It would be a good excuse to show some love to Sharkade in the South Bay, play Baldur’s Gate 2 with Mark B, or toss quarters in the Hyper Fighting machine.

We are back in session starting July 12th. This will also be the first session where we need to GTFO by 9pm. If you come to It Was Tuesday just to play casuals, I highly recommend participating in the tournament from now on.

We are NOT taking a break for EVO week. I expect you guys n’ gals going to EVO to grind your asses off from now until show time, and It Was Tuesday is the perfect place to get some sparring practice in before heading to Las Vegas. I also expect you all to come back the next Tuesday after EVO and show off whatever tech you exposed or x-copied at the event.

The last session of Summer Season is July 26th. We start a new season August 2nd. This means everyone goes back to 0 Rank Points and we start over.

Now go eat hot dogs and blow up a chunk of the Earth for America.

Now that my main is in the game I might start coming up… But unfortunately I am busy with school so I can’t make Weekdays.

If anything comes up on weekends, let me know. Or maybe I’ll show up during the August break…