It is critical that you pay attention! The Nova combo thread


:l: = Light
:m: = Medium
:h: = Heavy
:s: = Exchange
:qcf::atk::atk: = Gravimetric Blaster* (Air ok)
:dp::atk::atk: = Super Nova(Air ok)
:qcb: :atk::atk:= High Speed Tackle (Air ok)
AD = Airdash
ADF = Air Dash Forward
FLY/UNFLY = :qcb::s:

Nova slam=:f: +:h: otg
Centurion Rush=:dp:+:l: otg
*In any combo that finishes with :dp::atk::atk: Super Nova It is worth mentioning that you can instead use :qcf::atk::atk:Gravimetric Blaster at the cost of any red life for either more or less damage.
All projectile hypers should be mashed for full damage
Basic bnbs

[LEFT][SIZE=3]c.:l:,c:m:c,:h: ,:s: sjc j.[/SIZE]:m: [SIZE=3]j.[/SIZE]:m: [SIZE=3]j.[/SIZE]:h: [SIZE=3]j.:s:, [/SIZE]:dp:+:l: xx :dp::atk::atk: [SIZE=3]Super nova[/SIZE][/LEFT]


[SIZE=3].c.:l:,c:m:c,:h: ,:s: sjc j.[/SIZE]:m: [SIZE=3]j.[/SIZE]:m: [SIZE=3]j.[/SIZE]:h: [SIZE=3]j.:s:,[/SIZE]:f: +:h: ,:s: , j.:m:j.:h:xx :dp::atk::atk: [SIZE=3]Super nova[/SIZE]

Flight combo’s

j.:h:, :m:,:h:,:s:,:j.:m:,j.:h:,xx :qcb::s:(Fly),j.:m: ,j.:m:,j.:h:,j.:s:, :f::h:,:s:,j.:m:,j.:m:,j.:h:xx :dp:+:atk::atk:.Supernova

:qcb::atk: Nova Strike(crumple) ADF +j:h: :m: :h: :s: sjc[SIZE=3] j.:m:j.[/SIZE]:h: :qcb::s:(Fly) [SIZE=3]j[/SIZE]:m: j:h:j:s: :f::h:(otg) :s: sjc j:m: j:h: xx :dp::atk::atk: [SIZE=3]Super nova[/SIZE]
Damage: 730,500(fully mashed super)

c:l: c:m: :h:xx :dp::h: Centurion Rush> sjc >j:m: [SIZE=3]j.:m:j.[/SIZE]:h: :qcb::s:(Fly) [SIZE=3]j[/SIZE]:m: j:h:j:s: :f::h:(otg) :s: sjc[SIZE=3]j.[/SIZE]:m: [SIZE=3]j.[/SIZE]:m: [SIZE=3]j.[/SIZE]:h:xx :dp::atk::atk: [SIZE=3]Super nova[/SIZE]
[LEFT]Fly/unfly** combo’s**[/LEFT]
[LEFT]st.:l:, st.:m:, st.:h:,:s:, sj.:h:xx :qcb::s:(Fly), j.:h:xx :qcb::s:(unfly).:h:,st.:h:, :s:, sj.:h:, j.:s:, :f::h:, :s:, sj.:h:xx:dp::atk::atk: [SIZE=3]Super nova[/SIZE][/LEFT]
-Has two enders after j.:s: : :f::h:, :s:, sj.:h:xxSuper Nova, or :l:Centurion RushxxSuper Nova. The latter being easier to do for about 10K less damage, and less meter.
-Can be done from a crouching string as well, albeit a tad less damage, but still over 700K.
-Unmashed damage is 680K-690K.
-Builds 1 meter exactly.

j:h: cr:h: :s: sjc j:h:xx:qcb::s:(Fly),:h: :qcb::s:SIZE=3 :h: cr:h: :s: sjc [/SIZE]j:h:xx:qcb::s:(Fly),:h: :qcb::s:SIZE=3 :s: sjc :m: :m: :h:xx:qcf:+ :l: xx[/SIZE]:dp::atk::atk: [SIZE=3]Super nova[/SIZE]

Damage:792,700(mashed super)

video here [details=Spoiler] [media=youtube]a0suWnxxkhk[/media] [/details]

:f:+:h:,:uf:j.:l:,j.:m:,j.:h:,:qcb:+:s:(fly), j.:l:, j.:m:, j.:h:,:qcb:+:s:(unfly), j.:h:, st.:m:, st.:h:,st.:s:, sj.:h: xx:dp:+:atk::atk:Super Nova

:h:.Nova Strike,:h:,:s:, sjc j.:h:xx fly, j.:h:xx unfly, j.:h:, st.:h:,:s: sjc j.:m:, j.:h:xx :l: .Nova Strike, Airdash Down, j.:h:xx :m:. Grav Pulse xx Super Nova

760,200 w/o mashing

[LEFT]Nova Strike combo’s[/LEFT]

:qcb:+:h:,:s: sjc j.:m: j.:h:xx:qcb:+ :l:. Air dash Down,j.:h:,st.:h:,:s: sjc j.:m:j.:h:xx:qcb: +:l:, Airdash Down,j.:h: xx:qcf:+ :m:.xx:dp::atk::atk: [SIZE=3]Super nova[/SIZE]
Damage:780,500(fully mashed super)
Throw combo’s

Mid screen: Front or back throw, :dp:+:l: ,:m: ,:h: :s: sjc [SIZE=3]j.[/SIZE]:m: [SIZE=3]j.[/SIZE]:m: [SIZE=3]j.[/SIZE]:h: [SIZE=3]j.:s:,[/SIZE]:f: +:h: ,:s:sjc j.:h:xx:dp::atk::atk: [SIZE=3]Super nova[/SIZE]
Damage:487,300 (fully mashed super)

Advanced bnbs

j:h: :m: :h: :s: sjc :j:h:xx :qcb:+:s:(fly) j:h:xx :qcb:+:s:(unfly) j:h: (land) :s: xx:qcb:+ :l:.Air dash down j:h: (land) :s: sjc back j:h:[SIZE=3]xx:qcf:+ :l: xx[/SIZE]:dp::atk::atk: [SIZE=3]Super nova[/SIZE]

Air hit confirms

j. :m: , j. :m: , j. :h: land j. :m: , j. :m: , j. :h: land :m: , :h: , :s: sjc, :m: , :h: , :qcb:+:s: (fly) , :m: , :h: , :s: , :f:+:h: otg, :s: sjc, :h: xx :dp: :atk: :atk: supernova


Only really simple combos so far (and a couple 100% resets on Ghost Rider I guess…). Full-screen punish combo:
Corner or mid-screen

Human Rocket Punch (crumple), ADF x j. H, st. M, st. H, S, j.M, j.H, fly, j.M, j.H, j.S, F+H (OTG), S, j.M, j.H xx Super Nova

699,500 DMG without mashing, 730,500 was highest with mashing I got. For other practical use, without the HRP to start it off, it does 665,200 w/o mashed hyper.

Seemed to be more consistent with the air dash after crumple instead of just a j. H. The extra hits in flight put opponent above j. S range sometimes without it (?) somehow. With air dash, works on everyone, even RR~

Basic Day -4 flight combo, easy to pull off and I feel like more could be added to it for more damage. Does 625,300 without mashing super. 659,000 was the most I got with mashing.

cr. M, cr. H, S, j.MMH, flight, j.LMHS, f.H otg, S, j.H, Super Nova

he’re what i figured out:

c/s. L, c/s. M, s. H, Centurion Rush (H), sjc, j.M x2, j. H, flight, j. M, j. H, j. S, forward H (otg), S, j.M, j. M, j. H, Super Nova = 582,800 (no mash), 614,000 or more (with mash)

You can also do this (actually modified a mission combo for this :).

Human Rocket Punch H (crumple), Human Rocket Crunch H again while they’re crumpled (this will wall bounce), st. H, S, j.M, j.M, j.H, j.S, F+H (Nova Smash), S, j.M, j.M, j.H xx Super Nova.

With mashing 738,700.

Just playing around with him a bit in training mode and noticed this fly combo…
s.m > s.h > fly > f.h > unfly > j.l > land > s.m > s.h > launch
Silly combo, but it might spur some other ideas.

In XF3, you can combo into a M/H gravametric pulse then combo after it with a LMHS string. So like…
XF3 > s.m > s.h > M grav pulse > s.l > s.l > s.m > s.h > launch

Normally you can’t do s.l > s.m > s.h > f+h, but in any XF mode you can

s.m > s.h > s > sj.m > sj.m > sj.h > flight > f.l > f.m > f.h > qcb+m > sj.s > f+h > s > sj.h > dp+aa
I like this one cause the qcb+m sends them across the screen to a wall bounce, then your fall S attack will still get them.

c.m > s.h > s > sj.m > sj.m > sj.h > flight > f.l > f.m > f.h > qcb+l > fall with sj.l > sj.m > s.h > qcb+l > fall with sj.h
Interesting cause you can loop the sj.lmh > qcb+l 2x. It does 466,400 meterless damage.

Not really a combo but more of an unusual setup that can lead to a crazy reset…
do a qcb+h then do a tiger knee air qcb+h when you are cornered. Most times when you do this, your opponent flys to the other end of the screen for a wall bounce and you’ll be on the other end. If you time this combo correctly, you’ll go with your opponent and they don’t do the wall bounce. You can get a crazy crossup reset right here. Some wierd glitchy stuff is going on with this simple 2-hit.

EDIT: I be editing this post throughout the day and let people know anything interesting I find

Just coming in to say, Attention not Attnetion (I know it was a mistake. Just saying.)

yer I know I made the thread on my phone only to even notice abit too late

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Please edit the 2nd flight combo, centurion rush (h) does not connect with c. H only standing.

Throw combo:
Mid screen: Front or back throw, centurion rush (L) s. M, s. H, S, sjc, j. M, j. M, j. H, j. S, nova slam, S, j. H, super nova 487,300 (with mash)
Corner: front throw, nova slam, s. M, s. H, S, SJC, j. M, j. M, j. H, j. S, centurion rush (L), super nova = 481,900 (with mash)

On jumping a opponent

(J.l, j.m,j.h, land) x 2 magic sjc magic, otg, super nova

Sorry for the laziness on yhe notations, I’m on my cell phone

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tking Rocket punch works too!! soo good. thanks for this, timing is tricky, just have to be above the head, but not too far up… does 731,500 actually.


nova combos here


Right now I’m running Nova, Wesker, Ryu. I have a Nova combo that uses both assists. Does about 714k and it’s relatively easy to do. I’m sure there are more damaging combos, but maybe it’ll spark ideas.


made this just now

thanks that Black and Gold color is awesome!

hey guys, i made an account just to post in this thread so im pretty new :smiley: i made a video with nova that i wanted to share, let me know what you guys think!


Okie doke folks. In the lab with Nova, and so far, he’s godlike. Still trying out other combo’s, and more, but here is a small j.H fly loop(kinda sorta) that nets about 710K-ish(it fluctuates from 710-730K depending on the hits):

st.:l:, st.:m:, st.:h:,:s:, sj.:h:xxFly, j.:h:xxunfly j.:h:,st.:h:, :s:, sj.:h:, j.:s:, :f::h:, :s:, sj.:h:xxSuper Nova(mash)

Some notes on this combo:
-Works anywhere on screen
-Can work on the entire cast excluding Rocket Raccoon(I have a variation that works on him as well as everyone else).
-Has two enders after j.:s: : :f::h:, :s:, sj.:h:xxSuper Nova, or :l:Centurion RushxxSuper Nova. The latter being easier to do for about 10K less damage, and less meter.
-Can be done from a crouching string as well, albeit a tad less damage, but still over 700K.
-Unmashed damage is 680K-690K.
-Builds 1 meter exactly.

Gonna keep working on his combo’s some more. Can probably net closer to 800K(maybe not by himself, but it’s worth a shot)

Just tried this combo. I like this better than the one I posted even though it’s less damage because I get to hear Sadistic YA LIKE THAT over and over. I bet you’ll get more damage off this eventually. Looks good

Is there any way to start this off with a HRP without the hit decay messing it up?