IsoHunt is dead to me now... Where do I go?

Usenet is the best, but yeah if you have to use torrents go Demonoid.



Shit is fast as hell and they have everything that I watch.

eztv hands down for tv shows but i dont really watch tv so i im only grabbing high stakes poker from another site or spartacus from eztv. i use cheggit for pr0ns. use demonoid for music/movies. would use pirate bay more if they left comments like mininova did. thats what was so gdlk bout mininova, the comments. liked isohunt more than pirate bay. sucks to see them go.

I remember someone here gave this link. Its another torrent search engine. I think its pretty cool.

torrents dot to

I used to use isohunt to find a lot of uncommon things, especially “oddities” or specific things like packs of ITG2 steps/songs to bring with me to the arcade… It was great to cross-reference various trackers to find things. The new searching means is ok but to not be able to search purely by seeds is eh…

I also have several Demonoid invites, please feel free.

^can u pm me one of the demonoid invite? thanks.

Mind throwing one my way if you have any left? Thanks in advance.

EZ Torrent + TehParadox > Demon

I checked the Demonoid homepage and they currently have open registrations LOL. Go check it out.

I’d do direct downloads but I don’t want to wait 15 minutes for every fucking file.

Eztv invites? I never knew about that website and that shit looks soooo legit or is there another way to register?

You don’t register… you just click the like download button buddy.

Oh wow…man smh, I’ve been up doing papers for way to long, thanks

When mininova went I didnt want to use Isohunt, so i went to Kickasstorrents, quite good

I got a demonoid account thanks to kimterran. I’m just posting this so I stop getting PM’d by helpful SRKers. My gratitude to all of you. You guys never let me down.


Isohunt was my bible. It had good seeds and reviews about the torrent :sad:

What a greedy world we live in

Vuze (formerly Azureus) is a BitTorrent client that has a search engine feature

I never used it for that though loll

It has a great streaming feature for XBox and other devices. :tup:

I never used it for that though loll

It has a great streaming feature for XBox and other devices. :tup:

Yep i just activated my account. However, im not surprised it is like that now since isohunt is down for good. It is a way to get a number of the isohunt users to use demonoid. Im still pissed though.

Demonoid is pretty decent, for a semi-public tracker. The problem with certain private trackers is that they are more focused around specific file types (some audio [FLAC] only, others just movies, and some just games/applications). ISOhunt was decent, but I always had problems with finding decent quality stuff [thus, why I stick to private trackers for the most part]. I’m one of those weirdos that require 320kbps (Album-quality) or higher in his music. Nonetheless, that’s what makes Demonoid so awesome … I still rock out to some Pirate Bay from time to time. But I advise you, to try to stick to the ones that are Pirate Bay-recommended/uploaded if you’re going for the discography. Single albums, just be careful of what you download. If you’re one of those mindless idiots that simply opens the .torrent and clicks “Ok” - you’re just asking for viruses.