IsoHunt is dead to me now... Where do I go?

must be, i’m in thailand and i’m not having any issues with it.

How is direct downloads and streams the way to go, when they were available BEFORE torrents? I dunno about the rest of you, but I don’t mess around with megaupload too much because the quality of the files matter to me, and I’m not going to waste my time with it unless I know all the details. Demonoid is all I go to, and they have all the info right there, and feedback from users to assure me of what I’m getting.



for upload sites, mediafire is good


Thank you! That’s what I love about torrents. Will try out Demonoid!
EDIT: After I get invited in that is…

How do you even make use of megaupload for searching for files? I’ve downloaded plenty of porn via direct links (or was that megavideo?) but to actually search for shit? Yeahhhhh, someone mind filling me in?

PM me! I’d like to know how to get the download cap off!

damn first mininova and now isohunt… I was just gonna go search for tonight castle episode too… good thing I have a demonoid account

well EZTV is still the best way to find public tv torrents inho

anyone got any demonoid invites? Losing isohunt sucks…


yall can start by buying stuff you poor/lame asses :tup:

nice! thanks for the tip

PM me your email address, and I’ll send you and invite in the morning (site is down for maintenance right now)

You know we have a private torrent tracker thread. Lol.

When did this invite stuff start? I just showed there one day looking for A.T.O.M. season 2 torrents and registered, no problem. Granted, that was about a year ago…

you have eodes of Golden Girls!? :wow: pm me please!

Dunno, when I go there now it says invite only…


They open it up from time to time.

I got an invite from Demonoid. PM me if you want one.

Same here. PM me.

Share the knowledge my dude.

lol word, I just registered one day because (I heard they had mad torrents with like 40years of spidey and that type of stuff. Only found out later that demonoid was supposed to be all exclusive with invites and stuff.

TBH I rarely use it, music is braindead easy to find using google + megaupload/mediafire/rapidshare/etc keywords, or just go to And for TV and Movies it’s all about Usenet.

I have demonoid invites btw.

Demonoid is probably the best…