IsoHunt is dead to me now... Where do I go?

They got the shit sued out of them and now they just your typical search engine.

Where am I going to go for torrents of Golden Girls?!

FUUUUHHH!! Did it cut off your current downloads? or are they still going?

piratebay is still alive and well.

Wow, I just checked it out and damn is this lame. Going from a great torrent site to a search engine fails. I would start worrying about other torrent sites now.


bitgamer is invite only so yeah.

fuck that site… i’ve gotten 3 virus’ from that shit hole

lol @ using torrents. It’s all about megaupload links.

Because figuring out how to go about downloading a 3+ gig file from megaupload without buying premium is a sheer delight.

Wow that’s interesting to say the least, I was on that thing this morning :frowning:

yeah… mininova died a while ago

sad times

It’s pretty easy for me actually.

man , this is lame. i thought this day would never come. i was just on this site yesterday, and now it’s just crap now. time to actually buy cds ;/

Private trackers are the way to go.

leechers lair or demonoid might need invite though

Is it really that big of a deal? At least with Megaupload and etc you’re guaranteed a good d/l speed, as opposed to torrenting an old file with no seeds.

Wait is the ISOHunt issue only applicable to the US (and Canada)?

fuck man. so whats left?

btjunkie is all i know now.

sad times :sad:

Torrents have become a relic of the past, anyway. Direct Downloads and streams are the way to go.