Is XvSF Competitively Playable?

As some you may know, but most of you don’t, the Xmen Vs. Street Fighter scene is on the rise. Old cats are now playing the game serious again, and lots of new cats are picking it up.

I hear XvSF is gonna be huge at Evo this year, and potentially even bigger next year. There’s yearly nationals going down in Canada. Cities that I didnt’ even know had competitive scenes are picking this game up. The online community is also huge on this game.

Which makes me really really curious. Most people have adbandonned this game due to cheesy infinites. Yet it’s still growing. I’ve been playing the game for a mere two months, and I can tell you that infinites are not cheesy. They are part of the game and that you can deal with them. MVC2 has AHVB cheese, it has ROM and other cheese, it has guard break cheese. CVS2 has activate -> paint the fence cheese. KOF 98 has extra mode infinite LK cheese. Alpha 3 has CC cheese.

Big games like these all have a fair bit of cheese. Xmen just the same. So here’s a couple questions:

  1. what’s the difference between cheese in other games and XvSF?
  2. why is XvSF not being played to the same degree of these other games?
  3. are you gonna come out to evo/canadian nationals/online and learn one of the deepest fighting games ever made?

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Good thread :tup: Lets help promote this game and spread it out so everyone efforts dont go to waste to the rest of America.

the problem is xsf is busted beyond all hell. every single hit leads to a braindead infinite. i can teach a rookie dominant infinites in 5 minutes. throws are extremely overpowered, and for some reason, is very hard to tech. you can see a throw coming a mile away in xsf, and still not be able to tech, its so random. then you got dizzy BS, COUGH…storm…COUGH

dont get me wrong, i love my xsf. i used to be insanely good at the game playing with xsf legends like dogface since my teenage days when the game was new, but the game breaks so fast, even in low level play, that it becomes a terrible competitive game. the game will never come back to be a major fighter.

great game for combo exhibitions, insane creativity with the very loose combo engine, and casual. absolutely ass in tourney. dogface gonna hate me for saying that =( i still love the game tho for casual, always will.

xsf has a little following at ffa with the guidance of dogface and megamanDS, and some canadians. but nothing serious. i think we only had 20-25 people or so at evo this past year? correct me if im wrong, i cant remember.

^what SaBrE said^

and I rather play marvel vs capcom.

but theres a lot of games that have that 1 hit wrecks ya style of gameplay

ive seen alot of canadian xvsf match vids and the game seems really intense and fun

but seriously why isn’t A3 an Evo game?

Because of Kindevu.

Online play? tell me more…

thank god u were at evo sabre. or else i woulda been the worst player there.:wgrin:

haha thats what happens when you dont touch the game anymore hehe, fucker!

button mash: i dont know of any other game that has a tourney scene that has an easy infinite that you can learn in 5 minutes that is way too good. not even mvc2, and that game is absolutely nothing in comparison to xsf on bs factor, not even close

Heres some infinites i learned in less than 5 minutes:
Storm: FP throw into wall, jump fp throw again, [LA up, LA down, repeat]

Juggy: c.FP,, sp, fp, [j.fp repeat until dizzy] after dizzy, repeat until dead

Mag: [s.rk xx hypergrav]

come on man, u know I can go on.

Im sorry, but even though marvel is more random, and the game breaks almost randomly, and u can probably get alot further if u mash buttons, u simply cannot compare ANY game to XVSSF. Its just not the same. U get thrown in that game and ur dead. Another problem is the dizzy system. its not like marvel where u get dizzy and ur safe. On there u get dizzy and u sit there waiting for another infinite. I love xmen. I couldnt wait for them to get it back at CTF. I played in Newark every day for years. But as far as competitive play, I cant do it. I would like to see the game come back, but im not sure alot of people could handle it.

After infinites, this is easily the part about the game that bugs me the most. Doesn’t matter if you see the throw coming, it’s still got a good chance to land

against me anyway :frowning:

Heh, of the infinites mentioned, I would have thought Cyclops, Wolvie, and Sabertooth cheese would come into play. I’ll admit, I love me some XvSF Rogue and Akuma. And a Raging Demon that costs only one level but maintains all the sick damage and a free OTG afterwards? SWEET!

ur ass still bleeding from the evo rapings?

looks at cody AV

:rolleyes: :lol: :confused:

I think he’s talking about Kaillera.

see, I’m of the mind: don’t get hit by infinites. All infinites require you to make a mistake first. so if you’re hit by an infinite, it’s your fault.

I’ll even use your examples to highlight common mistakes people make.

Storm: FP throw into wall, jump fp throw again, [LA up, LA down, repeat]

  1. you were in the corner. That’s a huge mistake.
  2. you could have teched the throw.
  3. you could have teched the second throw.

this infinite capitalizes on the fact that you’ve made 3 mistakes. (being in the corner is the biggest one).

Juggy: c.FP,, sp, fp, [j.fp repeat until dizzy] after dizzy, repeat until dead

this infinite is even harder to land.

  1. you have to be in the corner
  2. you had to get hit be juggs’ slow as fuck f.FP. seriously. that move is so slow and so punishable that i hardly ever see jugg players landing this move/infinite. maybe once in 3 matches.

here, being cornered by juggs was a huge mistake. with jugg’s weight and poor maneuvarability, you had to have made a good 5-6 mistakes to end up in the corner.
being hit by jugg’s c.FP is just as bad.

mag’s s.RH xx hypergrav.

this is the easiest infinite to land that you’ve mentioned. the likeliest way that it’s gonna land is glitch throw from anywhere, or random hypergrav. you can also do it off of c.RH, but that’s 1) technical and 2) rollable. At any rate, you still had to have made a couple mistakes to get hit by it.

Basically though, I wanted to emphasize the fact that XvSF is like street fighter 2. Street Fighter 2 was about spacing more than anything else. once ryu put you in the corner, you were essentially fireball trapped til the end of the round. In xmen, once someone puts you in the corner, consider yourself infinited until your next character comes in.

Some of you might see Xmen as a game like 3rd strike, where you guess high/low wrong once, and instead of eating super you eat an infinite.

However, generally you need to be in the corner for this to work (wolvie, mags, storm, charlie and zangief are the only characters who can really infinite you from mid screen. I see xmen more like Street Fighter 2, where both players need to play defensively in a fight for control. Both players are trying to force the other player into the corner so they can land their infinite. There’s many ways to do this, and each “strategy” that you employ to take control of the match has a counter. Very much like Street Fighter 2.

you might think that a mag’s player who triangle jumps -> low roundhouse xx sj add c.short c.roundhouse xx [hypergravs s.roundhouse] xNs you is really gay. But there were probably a good 6 to 10 things you did wrong before being hit.

you probably weren’t spacing mags out/in enough, meaning that a triangle jump was a legitimate attack for mags.
you probably weren’t in a defensive position to defend against the attack (aka you just whiffed a move)
you failed to anti air his triangle jump LK or MK.
you failed to block his mixup properly.
you failed to roll his c.RH

getting hit by other infinites requires just as many mistakes.

Xmen is not a random game. It’s not a game of bullshit. there’s lot’s of cheese in it, but it’s no worse than yun players who parry -> jab strong fierce activate -> 70%.

Xmen is a game of attrition, between two players who are fighting for control. It’s a game of deep strategy and counter strategy. it’s a game of mistakes that requires perfect play, cause some mistakes just might cost you your character.

that said, xmen is more lenient than you guys give it credit for. sure if you get one character infinited it sucks, however, there’s still a second character. And if you claim 1 mistake cost you your character, then prove that you’re a better player and capitalize on two of your opponents mistakes and win the match.

I’ve seen lot’s of people tell me that infinites make the game really cheesy, and that anybody can learn how to do basic infinites in 5 minutes. However, I’ve never EVER seen anyone succeed on that knowledge alone. The best xmen players do not easily get hit by infinites.

You don’t need to throw with storm do the the lightning attack infinite… you can just use lightning attack like marvel and win a match…

XvSF is dead and should stay dead.

 Part of the problem of this game is that ppl think that rejump jab strong fierce infinites are kool and necessary to win. Wellllllll their not kool and they arent necessary. You wanna do an inifinte? Do some kool combo video shit, if not than im not gonna be impressed by any simple infinite that u can do. And Mag shit is not really much impressive anymore so keep that shit to urself.
 Then theres the ppl who know that u know how and can do a bullshit infinite on them but you choose not to in order to make the match more interesting, and what do they do in return? Hit u with an infinite cuz u grabbed them with wolverine 10 times and hit em wit bullshit air combos, I guess they find the 10 grabs embarrassing and some how make themselves feel better with baby infinites?
 Then theres the runaway storm ppl. Storm is such a cunt in this game. She can make just about any hit from anywhere on the screen into an infinite, re-dizzy sooo easily, and she can run away in here worse then mvc2.
 And like said before grabs in this game are soooooo fukin random, that wouldnt be soo bad if it wasnt for the infinites that followed them.
 I understand where ur trying to get at but this game is just not tourny worthy, its just tooo damn broken.

XMvsSF is a fun entry in the series, and the CLASSIC that marked the 1st of the Tag-Team games.

However I would not expect it to get much tournament attention, especially with MVC2 around with its superior character selection alone.

cody infinite doesnt take 5 minutes to learn. the point seemed to just fly right over your head! lol