Is this game moving forward, or is it stagnant?

Be honest, this game was shitty from launch, and the only people who really enjoyed it were the scrubs who abused all the broken shit.

I got pretty good, but decided to went back to CvS2 for a while. I am thinking of coming back to SFxT, but remembering how crappy this game was, in contrast to a real fighting game like CvS2, I am a bit hesistant.

So assuming this game has gotten better since the updates, is this game worth playing right now? Or does it still need major updates? I heard about some Rolento glitch? And tourneys using vanilla? WTF LOL

Anyways how’s the scene, reputation, community, and quality of this game overall recently?

I find it extremely enjoyable to play at a high level. There is alot more tension and depth in matches between skilled players than I’ve found in many other fighters.

Low level players, ie. the majority of the player base, have a much more difficult time wrapping their head around the combo and team mechanics in this game as opposed to SF4. The result is that low level play is a clusterfuck of random button pressing and jumping that usually results in neither player being able to kill the other within 99 seconds followed by both participants running to whatever message board they frequent and shitting on the game as much as they can.

The game has its problems, but overall I think it is very fun if you put in the time to play competitively. At this point my only real complaints are the undeniable weakness of a good portion of the cast, and (very related) the lack of reliable anti-air options for so many characters.

As far as community, it is similar to any other fighting game community. You have the underbelly of idiots and scrubs, with some quality players sprinkled about.

Also, yes, there is a glitch with Rolento’s knife that causes a crash when it connects with another projectile. No one is happy about this but there’s no use spending another thread complaining about it.

Its a fun game, but i dont think its a tourney level game. Especially when people ban gems, which i really enjoy. Ban on assist gems is great, but not all. Needs a serious balance tweak for some chars.

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Need a big patch pretty sure capcom will either talk about sfxt at e3 or evo,funny the one time capcom says they dont wanna make a super sfxt is the time we really need a super version lol

I like the way you think.

I’m thinking about getting back into this as well, but I have no idea where to start.

The team I usually use is Raven/Steve.

Is that team ok, or should I make some changes?

Play KOF

get out of here with that CvS2 crap. That game would be terrible if launched today, it wouldn’t even sell as much as sf3 online…that’s for sure.
If you don’t want to play SFxT, then gtfo, no one cares bro.

They never said they didn’t want to make or would never make a Super SFxT. They said if they did, it would be done by patches/updates and not on retail discs.

Cvs2 is a wonderful game, but the arcade version is terribly broken via roll cancels.

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I have a lot of fun with it. Come back to the dark side. :3

SfxT doesn’t really need that many patches IMO. They just need to take out that rolento bug and remove/nerf the auto-blk/tech gems, but other than that…most of the improvements can be done on the online side of things.

  1. most of the tekken characters that we thought would dominate the game, have been figured out(or close to)
  2. this game is really really balanced, given there’s a definite bottom tier, but that always comes with any fighting games. You often hear of: “oh gief is too cheap”, “nah hugo needs a nerf”, “ryu is too safe”, “raven/rolento can jab for days”, “rufus does too much damage”, “vega’s reach is too cheap”, “hei/kaz is too brain dead”, “jin is a frame advantage whore”. I feel that everyone has a broken thing they can abuse…compared to SF4 where everyone is basically a nerfed version of themselves.
  1. Play game
  2. Form opinion
  3. Profit

Alot of people in my area (NorCal) are still shitting on the game. I myself enjoy it though.

Kinda waiting on the DLC to be available though. :confused:

Waitin’ for Sakura. She’s mah girl.

True that! I love my Sakura. I also wanna try out Christie too.

lmao fucking seriously?

I appreciate your honest input. However, you missed the point that I was asking if this game has been patched and fixed to a worthy quality level of play. And no one was talking about bringing it online. I feel sorry for ya. Were you fence painted with SHOSHOSHO? CvS2 is leagues ahead of SFxT. Gems? We got grooves, and these grooves didn’t take our money as DLC. So please, we don’t need your naive input.

Anyways, I’ll probably get back to playing. What do you guys think this game will be like in the next year though? Imagine exactly a year from now, do you think it will become a much better game?

it highly depends on capcom, and capcom is so random that its impossible to tell

In theory, yes, I’d say that is a decent team.

After EVO, people will drop this game and tournament numbers will dwindle to the point where majors will start replacing SFxT with newer games.
12 DLC characters @ fall is too little, too late and won’t be enough to ‘revive’ the game.
I’d be surprised if SFxT made it into evo2013.