Is there really anything to fear in low tier?

Sounds good, Bebops. Thanks


Heh Thongboy I can’t wait to see your Twelve in action. Me and Tj are coming out for ECC I’ll be glad just to meet people and make some new friends, but if you wanna play some money matches I’d be down for that too.

dude any price I know TJ will whoop your ass and I know Mark will also. I dont care how long I’ve been a member, who do you think you are trying to talk shit. You dont know the in and outs of 3S. So what if everyone thinks Yun Genei Jin is the best? I think and personally know it isnt and it sounds your just like a pissed off groupie. Who goes along with the crowd and says whatever and trys to be a bad ass. I have never heard your name before, you just come out of know where and bitch all the time. and whats with this crying bullshit about the forums? SSMB is a great game and talking about tier is important, because people like you just diss low tier and think your tough shit because you use text book ken or chun li. You got to grow up man, have I ever bitched at you other then a simple few words about how stupid you were acting. Parrying is a great tool in 3S and after we beat your ass in 3S you can go “Jerk off” to the idea of how good parrying is

Quit hangin off of Thongboys dick man, callin us random parry scrubs … you have no idea. I can’t wait till you play TJ.

Umm… that’s the exact same thing that happens to SAI when someone blocks it, too. You waste bar. Both SAI and SAIII have setups that allow you to combo into them. The difference is that SAIII allows for the highest potential damage if you know how to use it. I’m not saying that SAI is bad, as watching Tad play easily proved otherwise. Overall, though, I still think that SAIII is easily the better of the two, and saying that Yun isn’t good without SAI… I just can’t understand that.

Random scrub? TJ may not have been to many tournaments yet, but he’s definitely got some mad skills at 3S, and he’s pretty much been the talk of the Pittsburgh fighting game scene since Tekkoshocon in April. Not to mention the fact that your name certainly isn’t being thrown around when discussing great players. I don’t want to be an ass, but your being a hypocrite isn’t doing much, either.

Random parrying. Since when… Toi_Yet, zeldaleft where are you guys when I need youz???

Since the videos you put out. Learn how to punish after a parry so you don’t need to waste time with the entire fucking c.Lk c.Lk s.MK Dudley chain. Your videos are painful to watch.

Yeah dude, and I’ve never told you that those videos were only matches of me FUCKING AROUND in 3S, I’m pretty sure I did. Ya know, I love when someone parrys something NOT to save their life in 3S its automatically random parrying, I parry because I can and I read my opponent, you might say I’m psychic, those are the types of comments I’ve been getting after tournies anyway. By the way, if anyone I played watched those vids they would laugh and say “why did you hold back so much?”

that video was us just fucking around. I dont feel like going through the stressful and gray hair pain staking task of making a match video again. I have way more important things to do like jerk off to the thought of parrying then make a match video to impress you.

Once again this makes me wish someone had taped the 3S tournament at ComiCon. Either that or TJ’s matches against Tad at Tekkoshocon. That was some good shit.


Me too fjf, I’m with ya 100% on that one, and I’m sure everyone else who was at the Tekkocon would be too. :tup:

WasFemto- FO SHIZZLE! :badboy::rofl:

Yay…I get to see ParryAll in person… Perry all is a beast. Online that is. Can’t wait to see you in action at NJ. :tup:

Thanks man. Your Yun is insane. It’ll be cool to meet all the guys that I play online in person.

edit Tantin, waht match videos have you been in? What combo videos have you made? You are good at flaming and criticizing others but what have you contributed?

As much as I hate to get dragged into this, I will post some thoughts.

TJ is a very good third strike player. He is missing some fundamentals in the game, such as throw breaks and he goes for parry just a tad too much, but the boy is a damned solid player. He adapts, he learn instantly from his mistakes, he has a knack for guessing right when it comes to parries and he is rather good at landing the parries when it counts.

I know that sounds sketchy, this coming from a random player out here in pittsburgh, but the kid will stand out once he hits a major tournament. We all know he isn’t favored to win, but he’s gonna put on one crazy show.

And by the time evo comes, I will have made him play every single player I know of here in the east coast and we will get him to the top of the food chain.

TJ, don’t make a large deal over shit talking on the srk forums. I believe everyone in the world has learned that. There is no reason to flame. For all we know, Tantin might kick the shit out of all of us or vice versa, however, what we can do is play a whole lot more, work on getting you hella better and then when we get to evo, you can play him in your money match and such. Also, prolly not the best idea to play against thongboy, he is good and will take your money.

For now, chill out a bit.

Tantin, TJ has talent. He can parry like a beast and I’ll be damned if he doesn’t punish afterwards. So don’t count him out. Just be aware that he will impact what little of a 3s scene there is left in america.

PS watching videos of different people in america playing 3s is pretty useless. You as the viewer can’t tell what mind games, tricks, and tactics are really being used there. Kinda pointless you know. But whatever, I am sure this post won’t solve a thing.

It’s cool Jake, I’m not making a big deal. Me and Tantin just so happened to dislike eachother since like combovideos started lol, I dont even remember why to tell the truth. Plus I wasn’t planning to play Thongboy for money, although I will play him in casuals if you don’t mind Thong, what do ya say?

To tell the truth, I don’t see the point of even attempting to release a combo video with people like James Chen, Mike Z, KYSG, Tekken-Five, Tekken-Zaibatsu and them around. Match videos? None yet, but that’s because the only person in Reno with a camera doesn’t bring it to weeklies.

I just decided about ten minutes ago to try and make ECC, so it’s still up in the air. If I can make it, sure thing.


Thongboy Is Mine.

I have to say that I love how this thread has turned out.

Personally I’ve always, always picked characters I like regardless of tiering (check the AV.) I play fighting games for FUN which is a concept that I think many people of the “High-Tier” philosophies have no concept of. I’m not trying to diss tiering or high-tier players, if that’s really what you’re about and it works for you then go for it. But the attitute that often comes with it as evidenced earlier in this thread is just plain ridiculous. To people of that mindset, anyone who doesn’t use top-tier characters, or anyone who dissagrees with or goes against things that are “high-tier” are just random scrubs, and they (the top-tier players) are Gods among them.

It’s attitudes like this that make me WANT to use low-tier characters, hell I’ve even been known to pick random in local tournaments, and my second favorite character in T5 is Mokujin. Sometimes I win sometimes I don’t, it doesn’t matter, the fun isn’t in the victory, it’s in the fight.

I won’t be at ECC, but I have to say I really like how you Pittsburgh fellows seem to be a tight group who support each other and know how to have a good time. I hope you guys kick ass up there. I only wish there was a solid group like that here in Richmond.