Is there really anything to fear in low tier?

Im new here at SRK but I have been reading posts and stuff prior to this. Anyway I have been newly introduced into the whole tier thing. I have been playing fighting games since I can remember, and I never once judged a character. If I didnt like him then I didnt like him. Two great examples are two good friends of mine, SFManiac43 (TJ) and ParryAll (Mark). Everyone says Ryu is Mid-Low tier but look at TJ’s Ryu, it is almost perfect and unbeatable. For the first time in my life I give my hats off to someone. (Mark) uses Q and Remy. People say they are very low tier, But when he plays as them, he brings out the best in them. He makes High Tier Ken look like a scrub. Anyway, is it really fair to judge someone becuase there low tier, and bash them. Im not saying that you guys bash em but for example, In tekken 5 I use High Tier’s like Feng Wei and Raven and Kazuya. But I use low tiers like Lei and Wang and Ganryu. I know that MVC2 is a game were tier does matter but dont you think you should give low tier credit? thanks for listening and post how you feel on it. yet again, parryall my hats off to you, your remy is awsome and your Q is jaw dropping. I use Dudley in 3S and I used to be good but now I blow, he is another low tier. anyway post back.

Yo, thanks for the Ryu compliments man. And yes dude, Parryall’s Q and Remy are SICK, I know from experience. But I agree with you that low tier can be underestimated and can actually whoop just as much ass as a high tier character. Nice thread by the way, haven’t seen too many of these types. :tup:

people say that reasons why ken is so good is because most of his moves are safe and same with ken. Yun I dont think is not good at all unless you have SA1. I could talk more on why ken and chun-li are “good” but just look low tier. Im not trying to bash on Yun because he is my 2nd favorite character in 3S. Just think though, people always use Yuns SA3. I just think SA1 is way better. more power to Yun players with SA1!

Tiers dont bother me, just depends on the fighting game I guess for me. Like CvS2 and MvC2, I dont like those games cause Ill I see is the same crap 209498359xs over and over again.

Kaz is mid tier somewhere with the rest of the cast. Argued to be High-Mid. I somewhat agree.

See above.

Lei is still in the shit tier, however. I’ve seen some beasts with him, but his stance tricks are beat by baiting, or using anything that tracks. If he’s not 50/50ing you, he’s not winning. If he can’t 50/50 you, he can’t to very much else.

You have to see one thing though. Would you rather enjoy the game and play as who you want to be, or play as someone that you know can win? it is very debateable to what you choose, but I go with who I like. I’ve seen some good tricks with Lei, and along with Wang. My Feng Wei is quite unique because Feng Wei players dont usally bait as much as I do and use speed like me. Lei is awsome in terms of character wise, though he might not deal lots of damage if you like the character your playing as then you will self disipline your self to do good with him. Im getting better with Lei and hope to beat most High Tiers with him. Its not always good to gamble with low tier.

I play as who I want. The fact that they’re higher(or lower, if you couldn’t tell that I’m a Gief user) in the tiers never bothers me. I can accept the BS most of the time. I use Wang, Lee, Baek, Bruce, Heihachi(long before the 2,2~1 stupidity), Mokujin, Roger Jr., and Ganryu. Not a single one of them are considered top tier, but I can even make Lee(who for some reason keeps getting shitted on in the tiers) get wins against tier whores here in Japan. The only times I truely lose are when I’m honestly outmatched. Luckily, there’s not as much gambling involved when I use these chars(except Mokujin).

That’s the thing, though. Lei is FORCED to gamble. Regardless of your mindset, there’s still very few ways you can actually play with most characters.

Sometimes it all depends on the game, thanks to parrys anything is possible in 3s, and thats not a bad thing, imo its good because the options given to you are so numorous, Will he block in wake up? high or low? attack? parry? attemp grab? ect.

In marvel, its harder to win with lower tier because…well…just because, you know what i speak of, maybe a few rounds against the same person, because of the unorthadox methods you might use, because you expect high tier vs high tier, when you whup out lower tier with new tactics, whats the opponent to do? hope his usual strategy works? maybe it will, maybe he will got rocked who knows, point being, in marvel you MAYBE can get away with it momentarally, in 3s you have a much higher chance, same goes for cvs2 thanks to roll cancel and #reload thanks to its balance…balance imo…

dude, just play the game dont worry about tiers, if your really good then you can beat anyone with any character. :tup:

Since when is Wang low tier?

That guy is a beast, he isnt even close to low tier.

Ganryu is also mid tier and can be quite effective in the right hands. He is not low tier. He has crazy mixups out of one of his throws, I believe its 7 different options he has.

He is just suseptible to being sidestepped.

…This sentance proves we can’t believe anything this person says, especially about any random scrub having a ‘Perfect’ ‘unbeatable’ Ryu.

Man Tantin, it seems you have something against me, I don’t know exactly what. If you are going to ECC, I will see you there.
:nunchuck: :annoy:

Joe specializes in Tekken, thats his main game not 3s. He doesn’t use Yun, he meant Genei Jin but said SAI.

On a related note though, there is a guy from Tennessee named Tad who rocks people with Yun’s You Hou.

edit his name is Tad Grigs, or Alphakami. TJ told me about him I haven’t played him personally. Anyways, Tantin, you interested in playing some money matches with me and Tj at ECC?

Thanks for the help mark but I wasent wrong I did mean SAI, what happens when some uses Genei Jin and Someone just blocks it? A waste of a supermove. with the You Hou you can combo that mother like no other. and I guess I will have to start playing 3S again, and show you guys whats up with the you hou lol. Tad is the freaking man with Yun and his Yun is a monster.

When I bolded Wang and Ganryu, that was in reference to what I also said about Kazuya, they’re up there(Wang a lot more than Ganryu, but it’s still all subjective). Do you really think I’d call my own chars low tier? =p Especially when I’m racking up wins with them?

And Ganny has a 6 option hit-throw, the 7th option is to not do anything(which in turn, doesn’t do anything)…=/

lol i wasent saying you were kaneda, it is awsome to see people use characters like wang and ganryu, i love them both and thanks also Devil Hanzo for the support. Tantin ARE YOU DONE!? cuz were all done listening to you, you cant be on the board for one minute without pissing everyone off? I challenge you to come down here, or we will come to you. Mark, TJ, and myself will play you to finally show you what pittsburgh tier fear is about

Good shit :tup:

Howaboutit Tantin? You down for some money matches?

Woah LowTier, good shit, he will get an “unexpected” challenge at ECC, don’t worry. Maybe after that he will have a different opinion of me.

Come down to Evo. I’ll take your money, right now, flying clear across the country for a tournament I don’t want to goto isn’t a priority in my life.

What we have here is a thread being made by someone who does not know what he’s talking about, and if you look at FGD, we have a /lot/ of those. And I’m fucking tired of it. I remember when we had threads in FGD that /weren’t/ about parrying/SSMB/Random Tier Bullshit/Mortal Kombat. I want the old SRK back. You can all make your own forum where you jack off to the idea of parrying

I’ll stand in for Tantin. How much are we playing for?