Is there anyway to make a lesbo go straight?

this chick is hot, is there anyway I can make her go non-lesbo

Shock therapy.

Anyway to make you go gay and love the cock? (This may be redundant, I don’t know you that well~)

Cock therapy.

Wouldn’t we need a picture first?

I should’ve expected as much lol

only if you suck my cock, and give me 4,000,000 dollars

Most ‘lesbos’ are double-dipping anyway…

Do you nigga, don’t cry to SRK about it…

So there’s the answer to your thread.

I.E. No. :3

Your standards are too high. I mean after all you both love girls, boobs, vag~ all that good stuff. Yet you want her to suddenly want to get with a dude. Is it like prying teeth to get you to do the same? Why do you assume it wouldn’t be for her? We’re kind of on the same wavelength here.

Besides, where am I going to get 4,000,000 dollars?

Those women are called bisexuals. They’re similar to lesbians, except they’re not.

So there’s your answer. Scissor with her and give her 4 million dollars.

I don’t understand why this is a meme

#1 Depends if she is the adventurous type and likes getting wasted.
#2 She finds you pitiful but feels charitable

Me neither.


No. Not a real lesbian.

Like Inverse said, what if a gay guy made a thread asking others how to turn you gay because he thought you were hot. Stupid question.

She just told you that so you’d go away.

I’m truly starting to wonder if this is a serious topic or not.

Mainly this.

surprise sex normally does the trick. go get em kid

If she turns right, make her go left by an equal amount.
If she turns left, make her go right by an equal amount.

And that’s how you make a lesbian go straight.

Bitches love dicks. Even if they don’t know it yet

This is actually pretty easy. Well, maybe you won’t turn gay, but you will definitely enjoy the feeling of something up your ass.

At 4 million bucks it’s probably cheaper to get yourself a sex change