Is the Ps2 version any good?

Is the PS2 version of this game like the arcade?
Or at least for practice?
Or it vary or have somethings removes?

Good for practice, but from what I know the ports of the game aren’t that good

Use it to get your combos down and test out new characters, or just to play at home with friends

it’s hard to rom and fast fly in PS2 coz of the controller… also, LA xx LS…

the controller will take more time then the arcade, but its fun just the same.

LA xx LS can be done (in the air) by pushing x(lk) and r1(pp) xx LS.

Are the characters sizes correct?
And in what speed is play?
Free, Turbo1,Turbo2?

character sizes… i am not sure anymore…it might just be that the ps2 characters are overly sharpened, which might just fool the eye, i dont know.

speed… free, turbo 1, turbo 2 i dont think turbo 1 in training mode and arcade turbo are the same so mabey there is 4.

Ok since no one knows anything in this thread so far…

PS2 is fine, other than sounding and looking a little more asstastic than it’s DC brother, everything that needs to be there is there.

There is SLIGHT timing diffs (I learned ROM on DC, went to PS2 no problem, learned IM infinite on PS2, went to DC no problem) but nothing major.

People say that point char’s can get caught (around 10% chance according to Viscant) when AC’ing but that does happen on arcade and DC as well (just not as frequently.)

PS2 is a fine port to practice on. It as Sent unblockable/all infinites/juggs glitch and anything else used in tourney marvel.

To the thread starter, you really, really, REALLY should have searched, this is a question that is asked all to often.

My bad, thanks alot

You say its pretty much perfect, others say its slower.:confused:

I have noticed 1 thing, SENTINEL!
So many tiny hings w/ Sent in the PS2 version.
1.) Storm’s infinite on Sent sometimes knocks him too far back (not on a wall)
2.) Some OTG’s don’t work on him (Psy’s inf, Mag’s nj inf)
3.) SJing out of HSF is alot harder.
4.) Sanford’s unfly combo no longer works on all chars (normal size chars)

Also Morrigans inf is incredibl hard to do on the PS2.

really, really REALLY?


The big differences that dont really matter:
Sometimes if you try to counter a character in the one leaving or both gets hit.

Some random glitches (I.E. magnus hp grab, assist, tempest freezes game)

I don’t really see much differnce for combos but Sanford combos ARE slightly over my head.

The controllers are dope. thnx to havin an pp and kk button. Now i have godly ad, wave dash, unlfy, and supers are easier too.

The differnce btwn ps2 and dc doesnt really that bad. I think it depends on your level of play

the thing that really makes crisp wave dashes on ps2 is not pp…its the dpad canceling.

I use an XArcade with the ps2 version at home and I haven’t found any real differences between it and the arcade. A few glitches work differently…mostly with Magneto’s Hp throw, which glitches with Colossus under Super Armor and Zangeif gone metal. Gameplay seems to be the same. Anything I can do on the arcade I can do on the ps2 version. It is alot more…sharp? Pixilated? But that hardly matters.

PS2 version sucks for the alpha counter glitch alone.

It NEVER happens on arcade/DC.

And ps2 port is just a weird speed. The biggest problem is the counter glitch, Cable gets a big boost with that shit.


thats odd considering it’s happened to me twice, it’s happened to Viscant, Skisonic, and other people that play marvel all the time.

I know you like to think you know a lot about marvel, but in this one case, you are wrong.

Hmm, this instance let’s assume I’m wrong - does that mean you still think PS2 is a good port because DC/arcade have a chance for a counter glitch [which is ‘lower’, according to you]?

Oh and I don’t think I know a lot about Marvel, I just think I’m better than 90% of this board. If you play enough, you pick up on the most common engine things.

Don’t be silly please. And don’t try to start something out of nothing.

Of course it happens tons more on PS2, of course the DC/arcade ports are tons better.

Don’t try and start silly stuff just because I correct you when you say it “never” happens on arcade/DC.

PS2 is a “ok” port. not a “Great” port.

Don’t try to start what? I’m just stating what’s true.

And if it does happen on arcade/DC, then that’s fine, though I’d never run into that problem or even know anyone that has, and it’d be nice to have one of those people [or a post from them] clarify whether or not it’d be common enough to actually recognize.

PS2 is a “weird” port. Obviously this wouldn’t be one the first choices, rather 3rd/4th or something. Is it playable? Sure. Is it a version you’d want to have in a tournament setting? No. So if the OP has no choice, then the PS2 version is indeed good - since it’s the only thing you can use.