Is the game really scrubby? I don't think so

I was watching the latest cross counter video with guest speaker Marn and saw a comment disputing how “scrubby” this game is. A lot of high level Marvel characters complain that any “scrub” can pick up this game and be good at it from day 1, but I think a lot of that is being overestimated.

Let’s take someone who’s never played Marvel before and consider these points.

Offense: A day 1 player will not know about advanced tactics like super jump canceling, special canceling, TriJumps, crossups, etc. A day 1 player wont move Magneto like Yipes or play a high/low mixup game like JWong.

Defense: A noob wont know how to block 10 things that are coming at them at once. They wont know which way to block during a mixup, nor will they have the eyes to catch a trijump that’s coming at them.

Team Synergy/Misc: A new player will automatically pick their favorite characters based upon who their favorite characters are on a comic book level, not a fighting game level. They wont consider assists or go into the lab to figure out what a good keep away team is or what a good rush down team is.

I think with the amount of information that we have on the internet right now, its easier for newcomers to learn where as 10 years ago we needed to figure everything out on our own or see it done in person. But even with that, there’s muscle memory, rhythm, timing, etc. Also, I don’t discount that Sentinel is broken as fuck, but I’ll bet on a JWong Sentinel over a Joe Schmoe Sentinel any day.

When these pro players talk about how “scrubby” this game is, I think they discount that they have a huge 10 year upper hand on VS series fighting games so of course, the more advanced tactics are going to come naturally to them. It’s just a bit annoying how a lot of them are already discounting this game and saying that any scrub can pick it up and easily win Everyone is given the same tools so obviously its up to the player to outmatch their opponent.

I can go more into detail but I think you guys get the point by now. What do you guys think?

I highly agree!
I think the issue is that alot of them wanted another mvc2 … but instead they have to learn a new game.
I do feel the damage is a bit high … but ffs its barely been out a week. I really wish they would stop with all the its a scrubby game bullshit! The same thing happened with SF4 … lots of crying and moaning … now its loved… But ffs moaning about high damage and still loving the damage lvls in hd remix confuses the fuck out of me.

agree. im completely new and i fucking SUCK. almost embarrassing.

Starting a new thread for this topic is just begging for massive flamebaiting and trollery… But uhh… I guess to offer my opinion, combos are easier to execute, but execution is only minor factor in this equation, so… yeah.

fighting games generally are like a longer version of chess (long being grinding your muscle memory into pulling out a three move tactic) that’s what those guys have been doing, so all fighting games are a chess game for execution tight players [that are lucky enough to know all the tricks]

if this game turns out to be well balanced strategically then they aren’t going to want to know the game exists. fighting game pro’s are more about the war of excecution than the war of strategy, and if this isn’t true then what’s wrong?

They’re not using the word “scrub” in the literal sense. Obviously if you can’t do a quarter circle you’re going to get demolished.

What they mean is that the skill gap between average players and top players will be too small, because MvC3 is too “random.”

Random has nothing to do with it, MvC2 is random as hell, possibly even moreso than 3 because double snaps are much weaker in 3 and there’s no (known) 300% combos. The complaints are almost entirely centered around how easy it is to complete a combo after landing it.

I really wish people would stop using this analogy. It’s fucking terribly inaccurate.

of course someone who is completely new to FGs will be terrible at this game…

it isn’t hard to pick it up and play at a decent levelif you’ve played other fighters, though. (and do decent in them)

really? explain

Congrats. You have an opinion. But really, this didn’t need its own thread. If everyone on here made a thread just to voice their own opinions…

I think this is a BIG issue with the game, the fact that all these well known, high level players are so quick to dismiss the game. If they’re mad because the skill gap between low and high level players has been lessened, then what does that say about them being a “high level” gamer? Isn’t that what competition is all about? Striving hard to increase the gap between you and your opponent no matter what the circumstance?

Also, if this game wasn’t noob friendly, the VS scene wouldn’t grow. What Capcom did with SF4 was the best thing that ever happened to the scene. Look at how big its grown since then, MvC3 will make it grow even more and we’ll see new faces. Marn said the easiness of the game will increase the number of top players, but says it like its a bad thing. Why does that have to be a bad thing?

Ironically, MvC3 is still far less newb friendly than SSF4 is. In SSF4 flowchart kens mashing DPs through block strings could have a surprising amount of success versus a large amount of people. Even if they didn’t win a match, they’d usually feel competitive.

Those same flowchart kens are now picking ryu/akuma/xxx teams and getting eaten for free by people playing rushdown chars and sent. Not just getting beaten, but getting absolutely crushed.

MvC3 is way more demoralizing to new people than most of the fighting games that come out nowadays.

Oh look, another 2010 person trying their best to fit in with the vets…

Yes I’m a '10er too, but I don’t pose and act all elitist. Shut the fuck up, there’s nothing wrong with this thread.


thats the video btw…

marn says: this game sucks

People are just not opening their mind to the game, hope the opinions of the top players don’t blind any other players to try the game and instead try to dig deep into it, like Justin said he was enjoying. We are humans before players, so our mood changes. Maybe one day MVC3 sucks, but then for the next 5 years it’s the most amazing and complex game ever.

Super and hyper will be out before then. Plus SF x T will shut everything down

Marn says a lot of shit. The dude is high or drunk half the time man and is just a general trash talker. He’s also gone on record saying he doesn’t even like fighting games but its easy money, which I doubt is true otherwise he wouldn’t be using Dudley, who he thinks “sucks.”

Seriously, don’t listen to Marn for intelligible things man. He says things because he thinks it is fun to say them, not because he believes them.

Marn might be good, but I think he’s a sleazeball. Not good for the fighting game community.

Even do I won’t like it, there would probably be a hyper or super edition, or lots and lots of DLC patches and Characters, but that’s another topic I guess. SF x T will not shut down MVC3, there’s always a “VS” game in major tournaments, and by this I mean MVC or atleast TVC style of the series.